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Best Routes for India to Nepal by Road

Nepal is an amazing destination, surrounded by towering mountains, gorgeous valleys, and colorful culture. One of the popular Asian tourist destinations, the country is frequently visited by tourists looking for adventure or spiritual enlightenment – after all the Gautama Buddha was born here. Many travelers coming to India include Nepal into their trip, due to the proximity of the two nations and easily attainable Nepalese Visa on arrival.

Although there are several Indian and International flight operators, running regular services between Nepal and India. However, to explore the stunning natural beauty of the region visitors must embark on India to Nepal by road trip. Indian citizens are not required Nepalese Visa to enter the country, however, they have to carry valid identification proof. It must be noted that UID or Aadhar Card is not a mandatory proof of identification.

For international tourists, visa on arrival is available at the multiple border checkpoints as well as the Kathmandu airport. Tourists have to submit a copy of their passport along with photographs and Visa Fee.               

Different Routes to Cover India to Nepal by Road

Route 1: Delhi to Kathmandu

Although, from Delhi, tourists can opt for a direct flight to Kathmandu the trip might be a bit expensive. A cheaper option is the overland journey, covered via train and buses. From Delhi, tourists can board a train to Gorakhpur and cover the rest of the journey on a bus. The Vaishali Express Delhi would reach the Gorakhpur the next day. From Gorakhpur, travelers can board a local bus or jeep to Sunauli (Nepalese border). Apply for Visa on arrival, complete the immigration formalities, and then enter Nepal. From there, visitors can once again get on a bus to Kathmandu. The entire trip would take close to two and a half days.   

Another option is covering the entire stretch on buses. A few years back, Delhi Transport Corporation launched an India to Nepal direct bus service, which is thirty hours long.

Route 2: Varanasi to Kathmandu

However, adventurous many travelers journey from Varanasi to Kathmandu on a train and bus combination. However, they can also embark on an only bus journey. This usually takes less time in comparison to the overland journey from Delhi. For budget travelers, Varanasi to Kathmandu trip is considered the most suitable option. From Varanasi, travelers have to opt for a train to Gorakhpur. Chauri Chaura Express or Kashi Express runs a regular service from Varanasi to Gorakhpur. From there the route would be similar to Delhi Kathmandu's journey.    

Route 3: Kolkata to Kathmandu

For India to Nepal by road from Kolkata to Kathmandu, visitors can either head towards the Raxaul Border Crossing or the Panitanki. For the previous option, travelers have to travel to Patna and then hop on a train to Raxaul Border Crossing.

For the other option, travelers have to travel to Siliguri in West Bengal. Regular jeeps or busses to Panitank are available. Although the border crossing is open throughout the day, the immigration office closes by ten in the night. Travelers arriving at the Panitank border crossing would have to stay at the border crossing overnight to pass through the immigration. After getting clearance from immigration, visitors can board a bus to either Kathmandu or Pokhara. The famous Chitwan National Park falls on the route, nature lovers should make a stop here to explore the fascinating flora and fauna of the region.      

Route 4: Banbasa Border Crossing

The most westerly crossing between India and Nepal is located at the Banbasa Border Crossing. Accessible through Delhi, this entire trip via Banbasa Border Crossing to Kathmandu would take around fifteen to sixteen hours. Apart from Delhi, Banbasa is accessible from Rudrapur, Haldwani, or Bareilly in Uttarakhand. The particular leg of India to Nepal by road trip usually takes around three hours.   

After crossing the borders, visitors have to head towards Bhimdatta (previously known as Mahendra Nagar). At Bhimdatta, they can board the buses or jeep to Pokhara or Kathmandu. Bhimdatta is very close to the Bardia National Park and a popular venue for nature lovers. The national park comes highly recommended for tiered tourists.   

Other Recommended Border Crossings

There are two other border checkpoints on the Indian-Nepalese border. They are from Gauriphanta - Dhanghadi, and Jamunaha - Nepalganj on either side of the border. These checkpoints are open to tourists but are very difficult to reach and often avoided by tourists. Visitors are rarely allowed cross Biratnagar, Janakpur, and Ilam border crossings. These are non-official checkpoints on the Indian-Nepalese border.  

Covering the India to Nepal by road is an adventurous journey, but the entire trip might be a laborious. The overland journey is ideal for tourists on a shoestring budget. With a little bit of early planning and some research work, anyone can cover the distance without any hassle.            

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