Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur

Located in the northwest of Udaipur, Fateh Sagar Lake is an epitome of “Venice in the East”, where scatters numerous shimmering lakes. Accompanied by three distinctive islands, two parks and one solar observatory. The main water resource of the lake comes from Madar Tank, which is situated at a high altitude of 15 km from Udaipur city. The lake plays an important role in regulating the dry climate and meeting the needs of residential water. It is also a popular tourism attraction in Udaipur. Boating is the best way to view the scenery and appreciate the beautiful natural scenery of lakes, listening to leisure Indian music, which will bring ease and relaxation to every visitor.    

Why is it named Fateh Sagar Lake?

At the beginning, Fateh Sagar Lake was a medium-sized perennial reservoir built in 1678 AD by Maharana Jai Singh, the former governor of Mewar State. Later, the reservoir was destroyed by storm. After being rebuilt by Maharana Fateh Singh, this reservoir was named after its constructor. Although mainly used for irrigation, the water in it has become the second major source of drinking water in Udaipur. Nowadays, unfortunately, nutrient leaching from catchment areas and agricultural activities at the edge of lakes affect the nutrient level of the water in this lake; the influx of silt also reduces the lake’s capacity to hold water.

Three Islands in Fateh Sagar Lake

There are three islands with features in Fateh Sagar Lake. Along the east bank of the lake is a pleasant lakeside trail, a straight masonry dam of about 800-meter-long, which extends to the largest island of the three islands - Jag Mandir, which was later developed into a public park named Nehru Garden. The second island is called Jag Niwas, in the north of the lake, where established Solar Observatory of Udaipur. The smallest island on the western side near the shore has a fountain. Occupied by barren farmland, vegetation is scare around the lake. However, several species of plants were found along the undulating and hillocks around this lake.               

What to do in Fateh Sagar Lake?

With clear water, pleasant environment, no artificial traces, Fateh Sagar Lake is like a masterpiece of nature. Drifting in the lake, against the breeze, tourists can harvest relaxation and refreshment. It is a paradise for tourists to experience mysterious Udaipur from diverse perspectives. Following are some recommended activities to do in Fateh Sagar Lake.

Taste local cuisines and buy characteristics souvenirs
Fateh Sagar Lake is a popular tourism attraction in Udaipur. Near the lake, there are a lot of stores selling souvenirs, attracting many tourists and local residents coming. It is a good choice to buy some gifts and bring them back for friends and relatives. With low price, all souvenirs are of local features. Besides, tourists can also have a taste of the local cuisines, such as pani puri(fried dough mixed with mashed potatoes, beans, onions and flour and dipped in curry sauce), Biryani(fried rice with vegetables, chicken and mutton), Tandoori Chicken (roasted chicken after marinated), Dosa, Thali and other cuisines. Some foreign tourists come especially for the delicious food.
Enjoy unforgettable boat tour
Around Fateh Sagar Lake, tourists can take boats or cruises to float on the beautiful lake, listening to Indian music, appreciating the scenery under the moonlight, and watching the happy Indians on the boats. Around Fateh Sagar Lake, you will be surrounded by the atmosphere of romantic and elegance. The tranquil and peace here will help one to find real happiness and real self.   

Appreciate city of thousands of lakes in pink sunset
To solve the problem of perennial drought and water shortage in Rajasthan, several lakes were built, including Fateh Sagar Lake. Therefore, Udaipur also gained the reputation of “City off thousands of lakes”. Accompanied by sparking waters and white architecture under pink sunset, it presents a unique mystery for visitors. At that moment, it seems that time pauses, drawing an unparalleled painting. Lake Pichola locates in the nearby, therefore, when you travel around Fateh Sagar Lake, it is also easy to witness the beauty of Water Palace and Lake Palace.


It is recommended for tourists who prefer self-driving tours to visit the lake during slack seasons. One is that there are less people compared with peak season, the other is that traveling during slack season will consume less. Besides, please check out the traffic situation around Fateh Sagar Lake before going, and make plan B for emergency. If getting stuck in traffic jam, remember to pay more attention to traffic control measures. October to coming March is the best time to visit it, when the climate there is moderate, warm and sunny.

How to get to Fateh Sagar Lake

Starting from Rameshwar Ghat or Lal Ghat in the south of City Palace, passengers can take boats to tour Fateh Sagar Lake. Along the tour, it is also convenient to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Lake Pichola, which is near to Fateh Sagar Lake.  

Entry fee

Boarding at Rameshwar Ghat: 200 Rupees from 10:00-14:00; 500 Rupees from 15:00-17:00 (including the entry fee of City Palace).

Boarding at Lal Ghat: 200 Rupees all day


Rameshwar Ghat: 10:00-17:00

Lal Ghat: 9:30-17:00

How much time to spend
1-3 hours

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