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Essel World, Mumbai

The largest amusement park in India and the best amusement park in the country, Essel World Mumbai is located in Gorai Island, Mumbai. This amusement park is designed on international patterns occupying a large space of land, attracting numerous visitors from across the country and from various parts of the world. Essel World is the place you would like to visit if you are a fan and an admirer of thrill, fun, and excitement.

The Overview of Essel World

Built in 1986 by Subhash Chandra of the Essel Group, for the past 33 years, this amusement park has set a standard in the amusement park industry. Located in 42 acres of land, this park boasts of over 71 attractions that are designed for entertainment purposes for all age groups. Approximately 1.8 million people visit Essel World Mumbai every year. It is a favorite spot for school and corporate picnics for fun and frolic in addition to ensuring the safety of the visitors. The Water kingdom by Essel World is also one of the largest Theme Water Parks in Asia.

The Essel World Mumbai is quite popular for its colossal infrastructure designed according to the international schemes and standards and is located off city limits on a small island. Ice skating rink, Monsters in the Mist, Top Spin, Shot N Drop, discotheque, and bowling alleys are some of the prime attractions for the visitors. Almost 10,000 visitors visit every day. The amusement park is open 365 days a year and has several rides that cater to all age groups. A mixture of entertainment, happiness, thrill, and fun, this amusement park has entertained over 20 million visitors to date that includes leisure trips, gatherings, school trips or an impromptu visit by locals and tourists.

The Rides

The several rides have been categorized as family rides, adult rides, and children rides. The Fuji Aqua Dive is one of the most adventurous rides for families. It is a rollercoaster ride that will make your heart skip a beat when it will slow down from a 50ft high steep track into a pool of water.

There is another giant ride where the seats are placed on the lap of the monster with tentacles and the thrill of getting caught in its tentacles will surely give you goosebumps. This ride spins the chair in the air at a mind-boggling speed that sends a rush of adrenaline to your spine and takes your breath away in the excitement and sometimes fear.

Other rides such as Monsters in the Mist- a haunted house where you will encounter several effigies of ghosts and scary noises coming from all directions, Zipper Dripper, Mirror Maze, Crazy Cups, and Highway Cars are some of the best family rides at Essel World Mumbai. Slower ride options are also available.

There are eight rides in the adult ride section that are electrifying, exciting and will rush up your adrenaline. Some of the exhilarating heights include the Hoola Loop, Super Telecombat, Slippery Sultan, Rock N Roll, and Slam Bob. These rides will leave you teary-eyed with excitement and thrill. Rocking at a high speed, spinning in the middle of the air, you would have no idea what is happening around. And once you overcome the starting shockers, you will enjoy every moment on the ride.

Children's rides are equally enjoyable and require a certain height or adult supervision. These rides are less scary, suitable for children and Essel World Mumbai has 12 fun rides for the children. Big Apple, Nataraj Caterpillar, Junior Go Karting, and Play Pot are the most popular rides for children. There are Children Boats that make the children feel like Popeye, The Sailorman! The Natraj Mini Telecombat is also much loved by children. It's a lot of fun for children to sit in the fighter planes while firing and attacking each other.

After enjoying all the rides if you feel like satisfying your taste buds, you can head to any of the several food courts and do some shopping. There are many restaurants such as Happy Singh da Dhaba, Taipan, Mumbai Masala, Southern Treat, and Domino’s that is in the vicinity of Essel World.

Food & Shopping

The park provides a holistic experience and is a perfect destination that makes for major crowd pullers. There are various packages for the visitors ranging from INR 290 to INR 1,500 depending on the ticket type for different categories of rides. You can go to the ticket counter or nowadays you can book your tickets online from the website for ease. Essel World Mumbai remains open all days between 1:00 am to 7:00 pm. On weekends and during school holidays, the closing timings are between 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. The parking timings for the visitors changes as per the decision of the management.

Best Time to Visit

October to March is the best time to visit Essel World and you can reach the park by road and by rail. If you’re thinking of going by car, you can take the Western Express Highway but make sure to drive via the Mira-Bhayander Road. Also, you can take a bus that goes to Gorai Creek and from there you can board one of the Essel World ferries that will directly take you to the park. And by rail, you can board the local train going to Malad and Borivali Station because from here you can disembark and take any public transport and take a ferry to Essel World at Gorai Creek.

Essel World Mumbai is a perfect tourist destination for tourists who visit Mumbai from all over the world. Extravagantly designed and organized with several features, this place never stops amusing people and provides the entertainment that every tourist is searching for. If you are looking for a fun-filled experience with family, friends or loved ones, Essel World is the place to be because having fun is essential in this world where everyone is busy and stressed out! And even though you’re growing up you should never stop having fun along the way.

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