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Most Popular Things to Do in the Red Sea in Egypt

The Red Sea in Egypt offers a pleasant respite from the noisy streets of Cairo and the impressive but hot and humid archaeological sites of the Nile Valley. The sea breeze, sandy beaches and turquoise waves help one to unwind and relax. The coastline stretches 1,200 kilometers to the east coast and draws thousand to the Red Sea.
Red Sea, Egypt
Red Sea in Egypt

The coast was not developed until the 1990s, but now many buildings stretch along the shoreline. The main town is Hurghada which has its own airport and offers several good resort hotels. Other smaller resorts are Al Gouna to the north and Marsa’Alam further south.

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1. Diving and Snorkeling

The underwater attractions are the best part of visiting the Red Sea Coast. The canyons underwater appearing from the Great Rift Valley attract divers to explore the leftovers of shipwrecks and the colorful walls that are home to the diverse marine life and corals that grow on its amazing surface.

The Giftun Islands are a popular excursion from Hurghada, and offer snorkeling, diving and sunbathing. Offshore reefs provide spectacular drop-offs for experienced divers. Closer to shore, the coral reef snorkeling is superb. The place is a diver’s paradise and even if you are not an experienced diver, you can still enjoy the Red Sea’s waters. Between dives, you can relax on the deck. The prices start from $ 70.

2. Quad Bike Safari

On the south of Hurghada and lies the huge Eastern Desert. Quard Bike safaris are a great way of exploring the landscape as you speed through the shifting sands across the magnificent desert. Prices start from $19.

Quad Bike Safari, Red Sea
Quad Bike Safari

Bababa Boating, Red Sea
Bababa Boating, Water Sport

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3. Visit a Bedouin Village

While on the quad bike safari, you can visit the Bedouin village to familiarize yourself with locals; the nomadic people and their traditions who have made the desert their home for centuries. This village is made for the tourists. El Quesir has a Bedouin market on Fridays and in deserts, in Marsa Alam, you can see Bedouins in their natural habitat.

4. Water Sports in the Red Sea in Egypt

Water sports enthusiasts will love the Red Sea Coast. Windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, banana boating, leave tourists spoilt for choice. Al Gouna offers kite surfing, which has caught tourist interest greatly, (37.8 km from Hurghada, by road and takes 30 min) which has excellent flat-water conditions with constant and steady winds. There are kite course packages to suit every budget.

5. Visit Desert Monasteries

The religious sites known as Coptic orthodox monastery or the Saint Anthony’s Monastery is the oldest resting place for saints and is deemed as an active monastery from the 4th century AD and has around 120 resident monks. It is self-contained with gardens, mill, bakery and 5 churches as well as the cave where the saint lived. It is at a distance of 334 km (208 mi) from Cairo near the Monastery of Saint Paul. A visit here will take you to the church of St Paul. You can see the caves where St. Paul lived. Though cast in solitude as more somber than St Anthony’s Monastery, include this church in your itinerary.

6. Al Dahar

Al Dahar, Egypt
The Old Town of Al Dahar
In the north of Hurgadha, lies the old Town of Al Dahar, where you’ll find the city’s most authentic restaurants and shops. Al Dahar was originally a fishing village and has the old harbor, markets and lined traditional shops. The other El Dahar souk is a great place to buy food, spices and perfumes. The place is crammed with shops selling leather, copper, papyrus, spices, and shisha pipes and people bargaining and haggling over prices is a common sight. Late evening or night this typical lane alive with people taking evening strolls along the harbors and enjoying the cool breeze.

Best Places to Eat in the Red Sea in Egypt

El Halaka is a great dining choice. Their fresh seafood right in the heart of the fish market dishes the best Egyptian flavors. The Nubian Café and Restaurant on the marina offers a brilliant sea facing ambiance coupled with tasty Egyptian cooking. Whatever you do don’t miss the Koshary street food while here. See also Top 10 Egypt Street Food

The weather ranges from warm to hot and the months of July, August and September are the hottest in the Red Sea in Egypt. There are regular sandstorms from February to April. Wear sunglasses, and liberally use sunscreen. Keep yourself hydrated during the day. The temperature drops during the night, and you might need a shrug. Bargain with the vendors and taxi. They will quote outrageously and you will have to be equally outrageous and confident in bargaining. Be careful in your transactions and check your money, as many tourists are given lesser denomination notes that look similar to the higher denomination ones.

How to Reach the Red Sea in Egypt?

To go to Hurgadha from Cairo
By Air: It takes 3 hours and the fare starts from $77
By Bus: It takes 5 hours and is the cheapest, starting from $3.5
By Taxi: Takes 4hrs 50 min and costs $52