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Special Drinks in Egypt to Make Your Evening Fun

Egypt is an extremely hot country located at some unusual setting on the crossroads between Asia and Africa. Due to the fact that Islam is the official religion of Egypt, the consumption of alcohol is forbidden in the country. However, there are several drinks in Egypt to try out, and most of them are non-alcoholic and exotic drinks. Egypt also has a wide access to a number of varieties of fresh fruits contributing to the Egyptian drinks served in different eateries, cafes, and restaurants.

Let’s find out some of the most popular drinks of Egypt. Warning alert: YOU MIGHT DROOL and get thirsty!

a. Tea

Tea is more than just a drink in Egypt, as the natives are pretty much fond of their tea. The custom ran into the Egyptian culture from the Arabians and it reflects their identities, lifestyle, food culture, and personalities in terms of presentation of a beverage. They make sure to have their tea with passion. They have multiple variations of the tea they serve – the most famous ones being Shay bil na’na or a mint tea that is commonly and preferably served at every Egyptian household.

Tea is usually the breakfast partner. Read More - Egyptian Breakfast Menus

b. Mowz bil-Laban/Jawafa bil-Laban

Bananas are available in Egypt in abundance, and no prize for guessing that this simple fruit is often used to make exotic smoothies, especially during summers. Mowz bil-Laban or Jawafa bil-Laban is a famous Egyptian drink that is made with banana and guava respectively. The fruits are blended together with milk and sugar (optional) to come up with this delicious savory. In case of the drink with guava, the seeds are taken out before making the smoothie.

c. Qasab

Qasab or sugarcane juice is a delicacy one must try while checking out drinks in Egypt.  It is a popular Egyptian household staple and is served as a common drink in the country. It is a unique Egyptian delicacy that is served chilled to beat the scorching summers. Sugarcane plantation is common in Southern Egypt, as the weather and soil favours for its growth.

d. Karkade

Tea is one favorite drink for the Egyptians, and they keep on experimenting with several variations. Served here is Karkade or Hibiscus Iced Tea that has been popular among the pharaohs. This drink is served traditionally during weddings or other cultural functions or grand celebrations. The drink is known to soothe nerves and is immensely popular among the locals. Dried hibiscus flowers are used to prepare the beverage.

e. Sahlab

 This one is a must try when it comes to selection of drinks in Egypt. This hot beverage needs an extreme rare Orchid mixed with ground orchis mascula, coconut, sugar, sesame seeds, milk with nuts and raisins as toppings. Every other coffee shop in Egypt serves the drink hot along with some chopped pistachios and cinnamons for garnishing.

f. Qamar al-din

This is an apricot juice which is prepared from dried apricot paste and is served as a traditional beverage mostly during the holy month of Ramadan to break the day-long fast. Due to the health contributing features of apricot, the drink is known to give instant energy, strength, and nerve calming effects. The literal meaning of the name is “moon of religion” and is a favorite drink served all across the Middle East, especially Syria and Egypt.

g. Tamrhindi

If you are looking for something that stands out in terms of taste, try Tamrhindi in Egypt. This exclusive drink in Egypt is made purely from tamarind juice. Sounds delectable, doesn’t it? Tamarind is a staple food item in the country, and hence the drink is found in every household, cafes, restaurants, and juice vendor in Egypt. The drink is prepared in the same way as hibiscus juice, though this one is served cold. Yet another Iftari drink, this is served especially during the Ramadan month along with the apricot juice.

h. Sobia

Sobia is a hugely popular and mouth-watering beverage served in Egypt. Made with coconut milk, this one is a real thirst quencher when served chilled and sweet. You may get this as bottled package, as well as freshly prepared at the juice vendors or cafes. This drink too is a savior during the Ramadan month during the fast breaking sessions.

i. Fayrouz

One of the most unique drinks served in Egypt is Fayrouz. It is a unique beverage mixed of malt, real fruit, and sparkling water and is served cool. This refreshing drink has several flavors including Apple, Peach, Pear, and Pineapple, and no preservatives or artificial flavors are used while making this unique preparation. The taste is different from any other drink, and carries a special natural taste that lingers on your taste-buds even after a long time of consuming it.

j. Strawberry or Mango Juice

What is common throughout the year, and available at every nook and corner of Egypt is strawberry or mango juices. This staple beverage is also served in any wedding function or cultural gathering. Mainly because of the convenience of the availability of the fruits, and the ease of the preparation, the juice is a popular one. Served best when chilled, it is among the most refreshing beverages in the country.

k. Kharoob

Quite similar to the Tamrhindi, Kharoob is best served when chilled. This preparation is quite similar to the tamarind drink, but a bit musky and dark. This is best found in Alexandria and a must try for anyone travelling to Egypt.

l. Watermelon Juice / Cantaloupe Juice

Mostly found during the seasons of melons, this drink is served best on a hot summer noon to quench your thirst as well as to treat your taste-buds. Another of the delicacies of Egypt, this beverage tastes best when served chilled, and with some chunks of watermelons.

m. Qahwa

Talking about hot beverages, nothing can beat the traditional Qahwa or the famous Turkish style coffee. Served with an enormous portion of sugar, there are variations of this beverage in terms of its sweetness. Saada is when you want it without any sugar, Riha is a little bit of sugar, Masbut is a notch more in sweetness, and if you want it served at its best, go blindly for Ziada.

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