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Do Not Miss These Fun Facts about Egypt before Planning Your Trip

What is it that you really know about Egypt? Apart from the fact that it is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, this fact in itself is just the tip of an iceberg in front of all the wonders that are hidden. By area, Egypt is the 29th largest country in the world. The pyramids are the most attractive feature of this country but you will be surprised to know that there are much more to explore than you can imagine. This post lists down some of the fun and interesting facts about Egypt that most of the people are unaware of. The facts are research-based and it will help you strengthen your knowledge before you hit the country.

Fun Facts about Egypt

Before you hit the Egyptian bazaars, before you walk towards the Pyramids of Giza, before you interact with people in the local market, before you try the delicious traditional Egyptian food, check out these facts because it will help you connect more with the surrounding. We carefully selected the 20 must-know fun facts about Egypt for you.

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1. Did you know that the original name of Egypt is Junhuriyah Misr al-Arabiya and “the Arab Republic of Egypt” in English? The natives also call is Misr, also an alternate name for Cairo.

2. Egypt has over 92.1million people and counting, it ranked as the largest Arab country in the world leaving Saudi Arabia and Iraq behind.

3. It will be surprised that the Egyptian mummies were found with traces of cocaine and nicotine.

4. Egypt’s economy is largely dependent on tourism, the major economic activity makes up around 12% of the workforce for the country.

5. Where the virtues of the area are concerned, Egypt is the 29th largest country with an area of approximately 1,001,450 square miles.

6. Pyramids in Egypt are inspired by sun rays. The ancient Egyptians also had a theory about the structure, they believed that the soul of the kings ascended to the sun god along with the sun rays.

Ancient Pyramids in Egypt
Ancient Pyramids in Egypt

7. The tricolor flag of Egypt also has a theory behind it; the red, white, and black color represents three struggles of the country. The red represents the struggle before the independence against the colonialists. White is from the 1952 revolution, and black signifies the oppression of the Egyptian under British rule.

8. As for social media, Egypt ranked 21st in the country for internet usage with around 20.14 million people as users and counting. The social network has largely contributed to the successful Egyptian Revolution in 2011.

9. The Egyptian represents ancient origin back from the time of pharaohs.

10. Everyone is fascinated by mummies, but did you know that Egyptians mummifies both humans and animals because they believed that it would help them to pass on to the afterlife easily. This must be one of the best fun facts about Egypt.

11. Ancient Egypt had over 14,000 gods and goddesses, some of which are still worshipped by the natives who form the minority population of Egypt.

12. The country mostly comprises of 90% Sunni Muslims and the remaining 10 % are filled in by Christians.

13. The earliest peace treaties were raised by Egypt called the Kadesh Peace Treaty. It was formed and negotiated in 1259 B.C. with the Hittite Empire, a copy of the treaty was shared with the United Nations in 1970 and it is kept in the entrance in the Security Council Chambers.

14. Ancient Egypt was the one to produce the first prosthetic limb in the world between 950 and 710 B.C. The limb was produced from composed leather, wood, and thread.

15. The 365 days calendar was invented by the Egyptians (See 8 Facts about People in Egypt); it was used to predict the yearly flooding of the famous Nile River.

16. Egypt might be home to one of the oldest dresses in the world, which would be around 5,000 years old.

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17. Still debatable, the fact that most of the people believe that the pyramids were built by slaves, however, there is a glitch in this statement. The kings hired paid laborers to build the pyramids and those who died while constructions were buried new the sacred pyramid.

18. Cairo is known as the largest city in Africa and the Middle East as a whole with a population of around 20 million and counting.

Nightview of Cairo
Beautiful Nightview of Cairo City

19. Super fun facts about Egypt, do you know every city in Egypt has a favorite God of their own in ancient Egypt.

20. Everybody knows about the Nile and it is the world’s longest river. However, did you know that Egypt has the largest dam in the world called the Aswan High Dam?

These facts are selected after analyzing the geographic, history, culture and military strength of Egypt. They are definitely more to this country than you can wrap your brain around. How can you experience such wonders? By visiting this brilliant country and checking out these interesting facts about Egypt yourself.

Egypt is interesting and fun all the same time. The economy is constantly trying to get the struggle out of the country. Egypt has its two valuable resources oil and gas exported to other countries, which improves the economy. Other means of exportation goods include textiles, livestock, chemical products and more. Tourism is another major part that contributes a lot to the economy. The famous attractions are always flocked by tourists and it still never gets old.

If you are still giving a thought to visiting Egypt, then read the facts again, doesn’t the place radiate with an unmatched beauty? It does, Egypt will make up one of the most interest tours of your life.

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