Central State Library, Chandigarh - Visit the Hub of Knowledge

In the past, library was only considered as a place to keep books and some related information. However, things have drastically changed over the years, and the public library now serves as a service institution. The concept of turning the public library into an institution focuses to utilize every resource to the user’s benefit. The Central State Library in Chandigarh has a similar function and it highly focuses on making the availability of knowledge easy for the crowd. The library has many departments and each one focuses on contributing knowledge and awareness in some way or the other.

The Central State Library was created in the year 1955 under the First Five Year Plan. This institution was covered by the Government of India scheme for ‘Promotion of Art and Culture’. However, it was handed to the Chandigarh Administration after the state of Punjab was reorganized. The library is divided into two main sections called the Service Point and Special Services.

Service Point

This section of the library is dedicated to different departments and consists of over eight subdivisions.

Acquisition Section

This section works on handling the task behind the scene. The major job of the people involved in this section is classification, and cataloging the documents. Any library requires two sections to run successfully, the back office work and work involving the readers. The acquisition section handles the classification behind the desk to provide the numerical numbers for the slightest task required.

Reference Section

This section of the Central State Library works on building a healthy relationship between the regular and the new clients of the institution. They are thoroughly involved with the readers and help them to gain maximum utilization of their visit at every step. They assist the clients to understand the importance and use of resources in the right way. The reference section can be divided into two categories, direct and indirect.

Circulation Section

The circulation department of the Central State Library is considered the hub of all the sections. Every department pays a daily visit to this section for some work or the other. This section is always bustling with book lenders, people inquiring, returning books, and many other activities.

Periodical and Newspaper Section

Since this section is responsible to provide important information, recreation, and inspiration to the crowd, it has an explosion of knowledge. All the educational sectors including, art, science, and humanities, requires a direct supply of the current information from periodical literature rather than any books. This section of the library delivers special services to the non-members. Due to which 50 % of the library associate like visiting this division for information.

Binding Section

This section can be better described as the repair section of the Central state library in Chandigarh. Old books need to be regularly repaired to make it look presentable, and the Binding Section handles that work gracefully. No reader is interested in reading a shabby, unmaintained book, so similar paperback edition needs to be bound first before the circulation takes place.

Administrative Section

 This section has a task to maintain the budget for the library; they have people to handle the expenditure, salary, and many other matters that include the infrastructure and physical stock of the library. The establishment of this place is handled well with skilled professionals and enthusiastic team members.

Special Services

This department of the library consists of various sub-divisions and each one has a different function. Some of the special services are as follows:

Reprographic Service

This section turned out to be the best for readers as well as for the institution. The Reprographic division is added to the Central State Library in the year 1989. It provides a Photostat service to the readers at nominal prices.

Bibliographic Service

It is the systemic way of arranging the books in alphabetical order or based on the name of an author. The aim of the Bibliographic Section is to make the task of searching the book simplified and easy for the readers. The organized way of books and other resources in the library can be of great use for the institution and for the readers as a whole.

Documentation Service

The documentation section is given the task to document even the minutest details related to the exchange of books. As mentioned earlier in this write-up that the Central State Library is the explosion of information that makes the task of the organization even more difficult. To maintain an organized library, various manual and mechanized methods are introduced. These methods are given to provide accurate information to library users.

Reading Room Service

Everyone enjoys reading a good book in a peaceful environment. Some special provisions have been made for the people who want to get their own book into the library. The calm and serene surrounding is a pleasure to the readers. It is also open for students looking for a silent place to study; the reading room service is highly appreciated by people who love the undisturbed environment. This place is a complete blend of peace and harmony for book lovers.  

Apart from these special services, you will also come across Mobile service, CDs and Cassettes, study circle; counseling sells, library at doorstep service and education media center.

The Central state Library is oozing with information and knowledge. This cozy place is also considered as the beehive of intellectual activities. The library receives regular visitors like students, bureaucrats, doctors, engineers, children flocks and many people from different sectors and professions. They visit the library to acquire knowledge and information from tons of books available. The Central State Library also gives special attention to the northern sector and villages of Chandigarh to promote development and awareness. The Chandigarh administration made sure that people have easy access to books; hence, they introduced the network of two branches that is the reading room and a mobile van.

Due to these incredible organizational services to improve the accessibility of knowledge and awareness of the latest events, the Central State Library is a must-visit place in many tourist lists. This exceptional library deserves a visit for all the right reasons.

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