Bhangarh Fort - The Most Haunted Place in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the state in India that boasts beautiful palaces, mansions, and forts, has attracted attention for one fort, ‘Bhangarh.’ This fort is well known for spooky things that have occurred several times. Bhangarh Fort is situated on the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravali mountain range, which is located in the Alwar district. It is a significant site to visit for those who are fond of paranormal things!


Bhangarh fort was built by a king of Amer, Bhagwan Das of Kacchawaha Rajput clan, for one of his son Madho Singh I in 1631. This 16th-century fort is believed to be haunted by ghosts and spirits. People in nearby villages claim to have heard various sounds like weeping, a woman shouting, the sound of music, and ghoongroos (anklet bells). No one dares to enter the palace after and before sunset. People who dared to do so have never returned alive. Due to several such cases, the Archaeological Survey of India restricts anyone from entering the fort between sunrise and sunset.

Mysterious Stories:

There are many stories about how the palace got haunted; two of them are pretty famous. The king wanted to build a palace for his son, and he found a place that is right for it. A Sadhu (ascetic) Guru Balu Nath used to meditate there. The king asked for his permission to build a palace in that place. He permitted the king but on one condition. The condition is, a shadow of the fort must not touch his spot of meditation, and the fort shall become roofless forever. The descendant of the king ignored his warning and raised the palace. The abandoned ruins tell the remaining story about how the king forgot the condition.

Another tells a tale of a heartbroken wizard who desired princess of Bhangarh, Ratnawati. After the princess has refused his proposal, he decided to trick her with witchcraft. He spotted maid buying a perfume for princesses, and he cast a spell on the fragrance. So, as soon as she touches, the scent will fall in love with him. Princess sensed this and threw the perfume, failing the love spell. It is said that the perfume turned to a boulder and rolled to the wizard, killing him. While taking the last breath, he cursed the whole city an ill-fate. Some even await the return of the reincarnated princess and break the curse. The fort still holds the eerie feeling of the unfortunate incidents.


Bhangarh Fort had been built as grand, beautiful, and artistically just as every Rajput forts in those were built. The premises only make you imagine how beautiful it must have been once. Entertainment rooms in the fort are a mesmerizing sight to eyes when artists would have been performing. This fort built with stone and bricks has stood for centuries as it watched the world passed by. The fort has four entrances that named as Lahori Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Phulbari Gate, and Delhi Gate. When entered from the main gate, many temples of Hindu deities can be seen. Along with brick and stones, yellow stones were also used to build these temples.

Not to Miss:

Gopinath Temple is a mesmerizing tourist attraction. In the spot, a few temples are dedicated to Lord Hanuman, while some are dedicated to Lord Shiva. These temples are built from marble stones. Also, the fort has many palaces and havelis that must have belonged to ministers who stayed in the fort. Some of them are Purohit Ji ki Haveli (priest’s mansion) and Nachan ki haveli (Mansion for royal dancers).

Additionally, the fort has a priest’s quarters, royal palace, and market square. These are located at the end of the fort. Also, there is one pond that gives scenic beauty to the fort with its natural streams of water.

•  Best time to visit: October to March

•  Visiting time: All days of the week between 6:00 am – 6:00 pm. (Don’t visit here before sunrise and after sunset.)

•  No entry fees: To carry a video camera or mobile phone in the fort, the ticket price is nearly Rs25.

•  How to reach?

Bhangarh Fort is situated between Delhi and Jaipur. For foreign tourists, it is more convenient to reach Bhangarh from Delhi. Jaipur International Airport is the nearest airport from Bhangarh. And Bandikul Junction is the nearest railway station. You can take a flight for Jaipur International Airport or you have to board ‘Ajmer Shatabdi’ (it runs daily) from New Delhi railway station to get to the Bandikul Junction. Once you reached one of the places, you can choose the following options to reach Bhangarh:

1)  From Jaipur, one can take State transport bus or choose to hire taxi or cab. RSRTC buses to travel in Rajasthan. Follow the route map as following

•  Take a bus from airport to Rambagh.
Time: 35 min
Distance: 5.6 Miles
Fare: INR 16-INR 40

•  Then take bus to Bassi from Rambagh.
Time: 1h 54m
Distance: 17.2 Miles
Fare: INR 22- INR 40

•  From Bassi you can hire a taxi or can choose local transport vehicles such as private buses, or rent a car for Bhangarh Fort
Time: 55 min.
Distance: 36.1 Miles
Fare: INR 80 – INR 850

2)    From Bandikul Junction, you will have to get taxi or cab to reach Bhangarh.

Time: 48 min
Distance: 22.05 Miles
Fare: INR 440- INR550

If you want to experience the thrill, then there is no other better place than Bhangarh Fort. And it is not just about the adventure, it is about secrets that this fort has preserved through centuries. It is all about excitement.