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Sariska Tiger Reserve Tour from Jaipur: 10 Things to Know

Want time out of the busy city life? In the quiet of jungles listening to the chirping of birds? How about spending vacations with the striped ones and the spotted ones in their own home? Exciting and rejuvenating from the thought of it, right? We all need a break from the mundane every now and then. It is better to listen to the soul and seek solace in the greens or the lap of Mother Nature for a change, away from the monotony of everyday grind.

There are many National parks and Wildlife reserves in India, all buzzing with life very different. Sariska is another well-known National Park located in Alwar district, in royal Rajasthan reserved for the striped variety and others in the middle of the dense forests.

Sariska Tiger Reserve, apart from housing Bengal Tigers, is also home to leopard, jungle cat, langur, crocodiles, antelopes, striped hyenas, monitor lizards, caracal, deer, nilgai, wild boar, different species of rare birds and lots of peacocks. These thick forests located in Aravalli range are dry deciduous forests, grasslands, sub-thorn arid forests, and rocky terrain all combined to provide an ideal abode for a large variety of animals.

The forests have some medicinal herbs like guggul etc. used for making ayurvedic medicines. Earlier hunting grounds of the Maharaja of Alwar, these forests were declared a wildlife reserve in the year 1955 and Tiger reserve in 1978. The famous Tigress T-9 is based in STR. This tiger reserve is often combed by photographers, wildlife documentary makers, and wildlife enthusiasts for a glimpse of T-9.

Sariska Tiger Reserve is 120 km from Jaipur and is reachable by Rajasthan Road transport buses. Weekdays are less crowded; hence it is best to avoid weekends chucking the local traffic. Private cabs are a convenient and fastest way to ply between Jaipur and Sariska. Another way is by boarding a train from Jaipur to Alwar and hailing a taxi from Alwar to Sariska. This is the cheapest option, may not be the fastest though. There are many things to remember and check-listed for a smooth trip to STR.

Ranthambore Tiger
Wild Tiger in Sariska Tiger Reserve

1. Summer is the best time to plan your Sariska Tiger Reserve tour from Jaipur. The otherwise elusive cat is easier to spot near water bodies. Even though wildlife visit in the sanctuary is closed from July to September, pilgrims can visit Pandupol Hanuman Mandir (temple) throughout the year. The reserve remains open between November and March when the weather is pleasant and ideal for tourism.

2. The reserve is best explored by Jeep. Jeeps are booked at the Forest Reception Office located on Jaipur road. For convenience, advance online booking for safari is recommended. Open Jeeps and canters are two options available for booking.

3. If you are in a group, 20 seater canter is a preferred option. The reserve allows own vehicles inside on Saturdays. Private vehicles are allowed only on the main track and not for off-roading.

4. Located deep in the woods is Pandupol Hanuman Temple, around 20 km from the main entrance. The temple is linked to Mahabharata time. Old temples and historic sites like Kankwari Fort, Neelkanth Mahadeva temple, Jain temple, and Bhartrihari temple are located inside the sanctuary and attract a lot of tourists from everywhere. Kankwari fort is accessible only by jeep safari.

5. A passionate and knowledgeable guide takes the fun of exploring several notches up. Please choose a guide that matches your enthusiasm levels and holds good knowledge about the jungles and its wildlife as well as the historical stories about monuments, temples, and other buildings on the premises.

Ranthambore National Park Tiger
Having an Exciting Exploration by Jeep

6. There are ample opportunities for photography enthusiasts in this place. Please do not forget to take your cameras along.

7. Sariska Sanctuary is not divided into sectors that give a freehand to guides to move around and spot tigers easily unless of course, the big cat wishes so. Chances of sightings thus improve even though Sariska has lesser number of tigers.

8. Kankwari Lake and Siliserh Lake are good places to spot wildlife and some rare bird species. Boating and water sports are also conducted in Siliserh Lake. During winters, however, Neelkanth Temple and Mansarovar dam near Tehla Gate attract most of the migratory birds.

9. Shyamsa Cave is a hidden treasure for history enthusiasts. It is an iconic place for enjoying cave paintings from the bygone era.

10. There are many different star level hotels inside and near the park. Sariska Palace is a palace converted to a hotel. An epitome of luxury, stay here for a royal feel and to soak into character, nestled in most natural settings to enjoy the best of both worlds. Guests can take safari from the palace and penetrate the jungle king style. RTDC also has budget accommodation and is conveniently located next to the entry gate.

Safari Timings: 6.30 AM – 10.30 AM and 3 PM – 6 PM


1. Jeep Safari: Rs.800 per person for Indians and Rs. 1300 per person for foreigners.
2. Canter Safari: Rs.450 per person for Indians and Rs.900 per person for foreigners
Entry to the park is prohibited before sunrise and after sunset.

Sariska Tiger reserve is full of things to do and one day or just one safari may not suffice the entertainment it must provide. If you’re planning Sariska Tiger Reserve tour from Jaipur, better plan a night stay at a hotel inside the sanctuary and continue the fun from where you left it a day before.

The place has historic monuments, religious places, archeological marvels, ruins, forts, palaces, and hotels to explore along with the ever-enchanting wildlife. The sanctuary is a lifetime experience not to be missed. This weekend getaway is a sure-shot way to spend quality time with the family in most pristine settings and getting rejuvenated for the weeks ahead. Get going and pack your bags.

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