Pushkar Lake

Pushkar city is the ‘rose garden’ of Rajasthan, India. The essence of roses in this city has the most significant demand worldwide, so it is exported in various countries. Along with this, multiple fascinating tourist points are making the town famous in world tourism. Pushkar Lake is one of such captivating tourist attractions in the city. Let’s explore what makes ‘Pushkar Lake’ a fascinating tourist point.


In Hindu devotees, Pushkar Lake is known as ‘Tirath Raj,’ i.e., the king of all holy sites. It is found in the early years of the 4th century BC. It is a natural lake in a semicircle shape and has a depth of around 8-10m (26-33 ft.).

Ghats of Pushkar Lake:

Initially, the lake was surrounded by 12 ghats. But now there are 52 ghats (which mean stone steps at the edge of the lake that used for bathing and worship purpose) around the Lake. Every ghat has its unique identity and significance. Folk says water of every ghat holds different curative properties.

Among these 52, two ghats have more importance. One is ‘Gau Ghat,’ and the other is ‘Bramha Ghat.’ Also, there are approximately 500 temples around Pushkar Lake. It is believed that all sins will cleanse and skin diseases will cure by dipping in the Pushkar Lake. The full-moon day of November-October is a highly auspicious day to take a bath in this Lake.

Another Attraction:

Pushkar Lake is one of the sacred lakes in India, and Hindu believers relate this site to the lord Bramha, a creator-god. India has several temples of their religious lords and saints. But very few temples are dedicated to Lord Bramha. That’s the reason Lord Bramha’s temple is another identity of Pushkar Lake. It is the most prominent temple for Hindu pilgrims, which is situated near the Lake.

Bramha Temple:

This temple was built in the 14th century, but the partial part has been rebuilt later. Temple architecture is created by using stone slabs and marble. It has artistic creativity of silver coins that make the temple look alluring. The red spire of the temple is its unique identity. The inner sanctum of the temple has a four-faced idol of Lord Bramha, which is made up of marble. Also, the temple has a marble statue of the Sun god. This statue is featuring the Sun as an ancient warrior. Visiting the temple will give you positive vibes and inner peace.

1. Location:

Pushkar Lake is located in the Pushkar city, Ajmer district, Rajasthan, India.

2. How to Reach?

Pushkar is located in Ajmer district at the distance of 6.2 miles in a northwest direction, well connected by various modes of transport.
•  Jaipur is the nearest airport to Pushkar, which is at approx. 3 hours from the town.
•  RSRTC buses connect Pushkar to many major cities like Ajmer, Jaipur, Delhi, and Udaipur.
•  Pushkar is located in the mountain, and hence trains are not frequent. The train connects nearby areas of Ajmer to all major cities.

Pushkar is not such a big town, and hence, once you reach in Pushkar, you can explore the city by walk. You can arrive at the Pushkar lake by step within 10 minutes. Here are the distance and duration from various locations of Pushkar. To explore and visit other temples in Pushkar, walking is a perfect way.

Mode of Transport
Pushkar Station
Pushkar Lake
By walk
792 meters
9 min
Pushkar Lake
By walk
246 meters
2 min

3. Visiting Time:

Open for all day. You can visit this lake between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

4. Best Time to Visit:

Pushkar fair is one of the attractions of Pushkar city. You can enjoy various scenes and traditions during this period. This fair held in the period of October-November. So, this is the best time to visit this place.

5. Entry Fee:

No entrance fee to visit Pushkar Lake.

Nearby locations:

There are many visitor’s points near Pushkar Lake, such as:

• Mahadeva Temple
• Merta Temple
• Naga Pahar
• Rose Garden
• Sarafa Bazaar
• Kishangarh Fort
• Man Mahal
• Savitri Mata Temple.

Explore these holy places in Pushkar to take blessings and to feel the spiritual energy of this city. By visiting Pushkar Lake, you can contact the divinity of the place. As mentioned above, there are several places to visit near Pushkar Lake. You can save your day to witness the bright culture and divine spirituality of Rajasthan.

So, without wasting a minute, plan your trip for Rajasthan. Visit the tremendous spiritual destinations with your family, do a lot of shopping in Sarafa Bazaar, enjoy the beauty of the rose garden with your love and witness the royalty of the state. Rajasthan is waving at you and set all ready to welcome you!