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Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park is a power package of fun, as well as an adventure that can also be a treat for many wildlife lovers and photographers. Safari, temples, tigers, and many things to explore here. Also known as the home of Bengal Tigers, which is located on the slopes of Aravalli. This place is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and nature lovers. The lush environs of this park attract tourists to enjoy wildlife with thrill.

Sariska National Park is one of the most visited National Park in Rajasthan, which is situated in the Alwar district. 66 miles far from Jaipur, this Park is spread in the area of 334 square miles. It is offering shelter to various animals. Being famous for Tiger Reserve Project and Tiger population, you can see Royal Bengal Tigers here. Whole Park is partitioned in different fields of deciduous forests, steep precipices, and rough scenes to make this place more comfortable for animals. Enjoy a picturesque view of nature, forest, and many other adventurous things.

Best Time to Visit:

Every place has a perfect time to explore its glory and to know more about it. Sariska National Park also has a specific time to visit and to explore a wide variety of flora and fauna. Except for the period from July to September and major national holidays, you can visit this Park between October to February.

October to February is a perfect time to visit Sariska National Park, which offers the most desirable climatic conditions. This duration is ideal for safari as well as wildlife spotting in the Park. This winter period pleasant and favorable for various activities such as wildlife safaris as well as wildlife sighting.

Tiger in Sariska National Park

Sika Deers
Sika Deers

Entry Fees and Timings

You need to pay Rs 470 to visit this Park, and there will be other charges for Safari, vehicle, or any other things. In summer, you can visit this park between 6:00 am to 10:00 am and 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm. In winters, you can visit in between 6:30 am to 10:30 am and 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

How to Reach

Sariska National Park is well connected to major cities like Delhi and Jaipur. You can reach easily from these cities. Different modes of transportation are available from these locations. Here are the hassle-free ways to arrive at Sariska National Park:

By Air:

Sanganeer Airport, Jaipur is the nearest airport from Sariska National Park. By travelling around 69 miles, you can reach there. You can also reach there from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, just by around 84 miles. By taking the bus, train, or taxi, you will arrive at Park conveniently.

By Train:

Sariska National Park is only at the distance of around 23 miles from Alwar Junction Railway Station. You can also reach from Jaipur and Delhi by taking a train for Sariska National Park. Taxi or the regular bus services are available to reach your destination.

By Road:

This is the most convenient and economical way to reach Sariska by bus. You can take a private or shared taxi to reach that place conveniently. Well-maintained National and State Highways make your travelling more comfortable and hassle-free.

Things to Do

•  Explore Flora

If you visit this park at the best time, then you can see numerous species of flora. In the vast area of desert, Sariska National Park is the only forest in the entire western Aravali hills. This park is enriched with flora. Because of climatic and geographical conditions, in this sanctuary, you will find a dry deciduous type of vegetation. With the maximum amount of Dhok tree, you can see different kinds of plants, trees, and shrubs. You will get a chance to see some unique species of plant life like kadaya, gol, ber, khair, cheela, surwal, goria, mango, jamun, Bargad, gugal, bahera, kair, adusta, jhar ber, and bamboo. After a dry and dusty season of summer, you can see greenery in the further seasons.

•  Explore Fauna

Sariska National Park has abundant wildlife where you can see various animal species in natural habitat. This Park is famous for Tiger Population. You can not only easily watch Tigers here but also can explore many other animals. This park amazed tourists with animals like hyenas, deer, chinkaras, leopards, sambhar, jungle cats, chausinghas, antelopes, wild boars, porcupine, and mongoose. You can watch over 225 species of birds like a woodpecker, horned owl, tree pie, grey partridge, sand grouse, crested serpent eagle, bush quail, and many more.

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Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari in Sariska National Park

•  Wildlife Safari

Sariska National Park has many things to explore. You can visit various places of this park by taking incredible safaris, which can make your trip most memorable and thrilling. You can take Jeep Safari and Canter Safari.

Jeep Safari: A jeep safari is the best way to explore the park, and it is especially suggested for those who love photography. Capture the pictures of royal tiger and other species of animals to add in your collection. Jeep Safari allows six persons at a time, and it will take approximately 3 hours to visit the whole Park.

Canter Safari: It is another option for Park Safari. Canter is an open van that allows 20 people at a time. Canter Safari is best to watch animals from a minimum distance, and you can travel in all zones of Park. You will enjoy the ride of Canter and also can make your trip most thrilling and adventurous

All these are the things which you can see, experience, or do in this Park. But out of Sariska National Park, there are many things which you can explore in Sariska town. You can also visit places like Paratapgarh Fort, Kalighati, Bhartrihari Temple, Siliserh Lake, and Naldeshwar Shrine. Here you can enjoy various things and witness the glory of this place. Visit Sariska National Park and other sites in Sariska to make your trip memorable and unforgettable.

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