Top 7 Rajasthan Handicrafts Worth Collecting

Rajasthan is not just famous for historical heritage and excellent architectural masterpieces, but it is also renowned for its colorful markets. All colorful, rushed, and vibrant markets of Rajasthan are full of hand-printed materials, leatherwork, gems, painting, furniture, earthenware and various metal crafts. Numerous markets across the world seek the Rajasthani handlooms and handicrafts. Right from stunning pottery to multi-colored juttis and textile, Rajasthan markets has everything for you. Visit the lively and vivacious market of Rajasthan and add beautiful crafts in your collection. Here are the Top 7 handicrafts you must collect.


Jewelry is the most beautiful and most demanded handcraft of Rajasthan. This princely state is known for its adornments industry. Also, considered as one of the world's most significant habitats for hand-cutting of jewels. You can collect different colorful and beautifully crafted gold and silver jewelry here. All valuable and semi-valuable stones such as Garnets, Agate, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Lapis lazuli, Carnelian, and many others.

You can collect many typical Rajasthani Jewelry like Adah (unique jewellery worn by Rajputs), Rakhdi (head trimming), Baju Bandh (armlet), Tussi (neckband), Gokhrus (wrist trinkets), and Pajebs (anklets). Along with silver adornments, here you can get jewelry with the handcrafted work of Lac, Kundan and Minakari, enamelled gold gems, precious stones and emerald-cutting.

Where to get: You can buy jewelry from Johari bazaar in Jaipur.

Jewellery, India
Agate Jewelry

Textile India
Textile with Good Quality

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Textile is one of the most famous handicrafts of Rajasthan. Bandhani or Bandhej are most popular and gorgeous handcrafts which portray the rich culture of Rajasthan. Every specific city has a unique style of handcraft that worth collecting. You can buy various famous handcrafted textiles such as block printing, tie-dye work, color-riot, embroidery, and applique including Lahariya, Mothda, Ekdali, and Shikari.

If you are planning to give a beautiful and satisfying gift to someone, then Rajasthan handicrafts are a perfect choice to buy.

Where to get: The perfect time to buy these beautiful hand designed textiles is during fairs and festivals. You can enjoy colorful festivals and also can collect Rajasthan handcraft in bazaars of Nakki Lake, Pushkar, Baneshwar, Janmashtami, and during Teej.


Rajasthan handcrafts have many attractive and eye-catching things which can enhance the look of your home. If you love to decorate your home, then ethnic carpets with different patterns like charkona, shall, mehrab, and shikar are a perfect choice. Enhance the look of your home interior by adding beautifully crafted things of Rajasthan.

Where to get: Jaipur is the best place to buy these beautiful and colorful carpets. You can also buy these premium Carpets form small towns like Tonk, Manaharpura, Chaksu, and Barmer. Bikaner and Ajmer are also perfect for purchasing magnificent carpets.

Indian Carpet
Rajasthan Handmade Carpets

Rajasthani Painting
Rajasthani Painting

Blue Pottery

Rajasthan handcrafts is started from blue pottery which is one of the famous artwork. This beautiful handcrafted pottery enhances or livens up the beauty of a home. Blue potteries are the part of the decorative interior of mosques, tombs, and palaces. The beauty of this pottery is in the material which is used to make them like quartz, sodium sulphate, raw glaze, and Multani mitti. This can also be the most elegant gift for someone who loves to collect old things or to decorate home.

Where to get: You can buy blue-glassy pottery at most of the tourist places in Rajasthan. But few places like Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Alwar, and Bikaner are the pioneer centers to get this eye-catching pottery.

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Rajasthani paintings are one of the most attractive and beautiful handcraft types worth collecting. These vibrant and elegant paintings will make your place most beautiful and lively. You can see the royal and romantic life of Mughal’s in these paintings, and it also includes murals, frescoes and miniature paintings. The Phad and Pichwai paintings are the most exclusive and famous paintings which are crafted on a rectangular piece of cloth and shows the life of Pabuji and Devnarayan who are well-known folk heroes.

Where to get: Every particular Rajasthani handicraft is available in a specific market where you can get in variety. For paintings, you have to visit Hathi Pol bazar in Udaipur.

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Puppets, Toys, and Stuffed Dolls

Puppets or Kathputli are the heart of Rajasthan handicraft and the main attraction of the local and foreign tourists. All toys and stiffed dolls are crafted from wood, clay, and stones. These dolls, puppets, and toys are crafted with glitters and jewels. You can buy these handmade colorful and attractive toys for home decoration or gift for kids.

Where to get: Sawai-Madhopur, Udaipur, and Bari are the hotspot to buy these Rajasthan handicrafts. You can also get these crafts in various markets in Rajasthan at reasonable rates and with excellent finishing.

Stuffed Dolls, Rajasthan
Stuffed Dolls, Rajasthan

Mojaris India
Rajasthani Mojaris

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Mojaris or Juttis (Footwear)

Without this beautifully crafted footwear, you can’t complete the shopping of Rajasthan handicrafts. These Mojaris or Juttis are made up of pure leather which adds a tinge of royalty in any apparel. You can get the footwear in variety of patterns, shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. Juttis are most very popular as a Rajasthan handicraft which available in many models and ranges.

Where to get: To buy the most attractive and comfortable Juttis and Mojaris, you need to visit Mochi Bazar or Coblet Market in Jodhpur, which is the core-center for Rajasthani footwear.

These are the top 7 Rajasthan handicrafts that worth collecting. By visiting appropriate markets and places, you can buy excellent handcrafted pieces. Visit Rajasthan and add many antique and striking things in your collection.