5 Unforgettable Places to Visit in Orchha

Mysterious Meaning of Orchha

Orchha is the famous capital of one of the powerful kingdoms of Central India; it is located in the Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh state and there are many fun places to visit in Orchha. This place can be explained as a good amalgamation of attractive locations and spirituality. Coming to the mysterious meaning of this town that many people aren’t aware of, the word Orchha means ‘hidden’, this city was founded by Rudra Pratap Singh in the 16th century, who was famously known as the Bundela Rajput Chieftain. This town offers amazing sightseeing locations because it is situated by the side of the Betwa River.


Tourism is the main attraction of this town and it is still known as the capital city of the Bundela rulers. This town is dipped and soaked in history and the places of this town have popular forts, temples and palaces of Orchha that offer great attraction for tourists. These structures are mainly built during the 16th and 17th centuries, and apart from the places built with bricks and stones, you will also love to explore the surrounding forests and greenery.

Best Time to Visit

To put it precisely, you can visit this tourist destination at any time of the year. This place receives visitors all around the year; however, you can plan your trip between Septembers to Februarys. This time of the year is the best time to visit the temples and palaces of Orchha because of the moderate and pleasant climate of the region.

Famous Fort, Temples and Palaces in Orchha

To make sure you can easily explore the beauty of ancient structures in Orchha, you must know a few details about the prehistoric temples and palaces of Orchha. The history and ancient royal culture are sprinkled in every nook and corner of this famous city. This place has successfully retained the historic touch in every palace and temple. Apart from famous places to explore, there are many other surrounding locations with stunning greenery and lush trail to compel any tourist to pay a second visit.

1. Chaturbhuj Temple

This temple, built by the Bundela Rajput King, is a must-go place to visit in Orchha. The architecture was done in the 17th century, and on looking at the beautiful structure you will instantly fall in love with the creative minds behind the temple. The legends have it, that this temple was built on a particular site by the king to see god Krishna from the palace’s balcony.

2. Orchha Fort

Orchha Fort is another famous place to visit in Orchha and it is highly suggested for tourists because of the interesting view of the Betwa River. This place is situated very close to the island on the river and it has some of the interesting locations to visit. You will enjoy exploring the Jahangir Mahal, Raj Mahal, and Rai Parveen Mahal. All the three palaces in this fort will give an in-depth view of the brilliant architecture of the olden days. Most of the structures in these palaces are done beautifully. Out of these three, the Rai Parveen Mahal is now completely ruined but in the olden days, it was as beautiful as the rest of the palaces in the fort.

3. Chhatris

There are 14 beautiful Chhatris built beside the River Betwa and the first look at these elevated, dome-shaped pavilions will give you the idea of the craftsmanship of the artists. The word Chhatris literally means ‘umbrella’ or canopy. The main reason to build Chhatris was constructed to glorify the ruler’s contribution to his kingdom. If you love exploring peculiar structures, then you will admire the spaces filled with Chattris. These mini structures are also known as the symbol of the grandeur and rich culture of the Dinman Hardaul’s palace.

4. Dinman Hardaul’s Palace

This palace was built to honor the sacrifice of prince Hardaul who gave his life to prove the love and value he had for his elder brother Jhujhar. The elder brother of prince Hardaul doubted him to be romantically involved with his partner, so he gave his life to prove his innocence. On looking at the intricate details of the palace you will know how the past artisans possessed talent and creativity. You will love the surrounding beauty of this location. Don’t forget your camera to capture the splendor of the palace.

5. Laxminarayan Temple

Among the famous temples and monuments of Orchha, Laxminarayan temple reflects a whole new level of art and creativity of the olden days, which makes it a popular place to visit in Orchha. This temple was built in 1662 and displays some of the excellent architecture. The construction was done by blending ideas of temples and forts. The deity worshiped in this temple is Goddess Laxmi.

Other Attractions in Orchha

Since this town is famous as a tourist destination, there are many brilliant activities to try and places to visit in Orchha. Here are some of the activities and attractions you can try:

•  Rani Mahal

•  Phool Bagh

•  Try Ayurvedic Massage

•  Explore the nature trail

•  Visit the wildlife sanctuary

•  Explore Sunder Maher

•  Go for river rafting and Boating in Betwa River

•  Jahangir Mahal

Shopping in Orchha

Haggling in this town is very much advisable. This place doesn’t have any specialties, but you can buy some souvenirs, handicrafts, gemstones, beaded chains, etc easily. There are many places where you can find small stalls and shops near the tourist attraction.

Facts about Orchha
The name of this town has an interesting history behind it. Here are some of the facts you might not be aware of.
•    Orchha stands for ‘hidden’ and the name was given by the chief of Bundela Raja Rudra Pratab
•    Very few people are aware of this fact, but this place also has a hidden pulse of emotional rift and romance.
•    People looking for some spiritual richness in their lives will love to visit Orchha because it is said to radiate with sacred tranquility

How to Reach Orchha?

Orchha is well connected by road with all the major cities like Jhansi, Lalitpur, Gwalior, Isagarh, Damoh, Jabalpur, and Bhind. The easy transportation facilities by road make this destination to be one of the most preferred by the tourists. When it’s about the air routes to Orchha, you have the Gwalior airport which is around 2 hours 50 minutes away from Orchha. Also, people who like to take the nearest railway to the city can prefer the Jhansi Railway Station because the spot is well-connected with most of the major cities like Mysore, Puri, Jaipur, New Delhi, Lucknow, etc.