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From Mumbai to Jaipur: Which Way is the Cheapest and Fastest?

The ‘Pink City’ known for its rich architectural heritages, is one of the most ideal tourist locations for all age groups. Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, serves as the classic spot for beginning the journey, as many people from the commercial center of the country, prefer this city of forts, palaces, and the royalty imbibed in their archaic and historic aura.

There are 3 major modes of transport involved depending on the pace desired by the travelers and the budget factor. Irrespective of the mode of transport chosen, the journey from Mumbai to Jaipur will always be an eventful journey, filled with joy and excitement.

Mumbai to Jaipur by Airways

The journey to reach Jaipur from Mumbai by airways will take the shortest time and be the most convenient mode of transport. The aerial distance between Mumbai and Jaipur is 914 kilometers (567.9 miles).

Mumbai has Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport and both the terminals T1 and T2 have flights for Jaipur. The major airlines to Jaipur are IndiGo, Go Air, SpiceJet, and Air India. There are both direct and indirect flights from Mumbai to Jaipur. The direct flights cover the journey in the time range from 1 hour and 50 minutes to 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The indirect flights have a long journey from Mumbai to Jaipur will have a stop-over at Ahmedabad, Delhi which will increase the number of hours in travel time. So, as compared to direct flights which take not more than 2 hours and 15 minutes, indirect flights will have a longer time frame from 4 hours to 8 hours.

The airport where the flight lands is Jaipur International Airport, located in Sanganer, which is at a distance of 40 minutes from the center of Jaipur city.

The price of the air ticket is the question mark on the budget. On prior booking, the fare may be economically affordable. So, when the booking is done by keeping a lapse of more than 30 days, the price of the air ticket will be ₹ 2,600 and around that range. However, as the lapse becomes lesser, the airfare will increase. Prior to 15 days, the range will be ₹ 3,995 - ₹ 6,000. For a journey within 7 days or less, the price will be from ₹ 6,200 to ₹ 8,000. All the aforesaid values are for direct flights.

Indirect flights have a higher cost when compared with direct flights. The prices are also subjected to increase depending on the festive time of the year, in which circumstances, there is a massive elevation in the ranges.

Mumbai to Jaipur by Railways

The journey from Mumbai to Jaipur is precisely a long one, covering a distance of more than 1,100 kilometers (683.5 miles). There is a definite number of 12 trains which run on a weekly basis. However, only two trains are covering the journey on a daily basis.

The first one is 12955 Mumbai Central Jaipur SuperFast Express which completes the journey in 17 hours and 55 minutes covering a distance of 1,160 kilometers (720.8 miles).

The second train is 19707 Amrapur Aravali Express, which travels from Bandra Terminus to Shri Ganganagar. It reaches Jaipur in 22 hours and 25 minutes by covering a distance of 1,107 kilometers (687.9 miles).

Some other popular trains are 12216 Dee Garibrath, which takes a travel time of 18 hours and 20 minutes and covers a distance of 1,129 kilometers (701.5 miles) but travels on selected days of Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

The price of train tickets may range from ₹ 495 to ₹ 4,215, depending on the choice of the seat from a sleeper coach to A/C three-tier, A/C two-tier or A/C single tier.

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Mumbai to Jaipur by Roadways

Jaipur is at a distance of 1,155 kilometers (717.7 miles) via roadways from Mumbai. A number of buses travel from various points in Mumbai. The travel time of the journey would be a minimum of 20 hours and 17 minutes. However, the number of hours may vary depending on the halt period, any intermediate traffic, immense weather conditions and the number of stops in the journey and the type of route taken.

There major operators catering to the journey from Mumbai to Jaipur are basically agencies or companies of private travels. The major operators as private tour buses are Gujarat Travels, Shrinath Patel Travels, Rishabh Travels, and Chirag Travel. Shrinath Patel Travels takes a different route to Jaipur by crossing Udaipur.

A total of 7-8 buses travel directly from Mumbai to Jaipur. There are buses with indirect routes from places in Gujarat or Pune. The price of the bus ticket may vary from ₹ 1,000 to ₹ 3,500 depending on the type of seat selected, whether sleeper, semi-sleeper and without and with A/C options.

Which one is better?

Normally, the air journey is smooth sailing lest some weather disturbance happens to reflect to extreme monsoon turbulence. Comparing all the three modes of transport, the most obvious fact persists that the airway, that is, the journey by flight is extremely convenient and when booked in advance, falls in the economically feasible belt.

In contrast, the train journey is cheaper and moderately fast. The pace depends on the classification as to fast or super-fast express.

Lastly, the bus as a mode of transport is tedious, takes the maximum time and prices are higher than the train fare or at par with the range. However, a bus journey is full of sight-seeing, so monotony is not the factor. Ultimately, it is the traveler’s choice, to go for any mode of transport which perfectly suits their time frame and money parameters with a balance of comfort.

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