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Delhi to Mumbai by Air and Train: Fare, Routes, and Other Details

Travelling from the capital city of the country, Delhi to the commercial capital of the country, Mumbai, is always a new experience. The blend of two leading centers of the country, this journey of travel is a wave of the best possible trains and air-trips in the country.

India Gate Delhi
Night View of India Gate, Delhi

Gateway of India, Mumbai
Gateway of India, Landmark of Mumbai

★ The ‘Air-Way’ from Delhi to Mumbai:

The third most active route in terms of travelling in an aircraft, in a day is from Delhi to Mumbai. Precisely, one of the busiest air routes and has the most expensive airfares as compared to the other air stops.

The airport that panders to the air services from New Delhi to Mumbai is Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is the only commercial airport and it is located at a distance of 15 km (9.3mi) from the center of New Delhi and heading in the southwest direction. The New Delhi Airport has three terminals.

The flights which cover the air route from New Delhi to Mumbai are both the domestic flights and international flights. The company which offers the most frequency of flights is IndiGo. Some of the other major domestic airlines which cater to these flight services are Air India, Air Asia, Go Air, Spice Jet, KLM, etc. Also, the international airlines which provide flight services are British Airways, Emirates, and Cathay Pacific.

The climatic conditions are almost similar in both the cities of New Delhi and Mumbai. However, the flight might experience some turbulence in the monsoon period, especially in the months from June - September, when Mumbai might face erratic and heavy rainfall, which might lead to some minuscule sight clarity which can be fixed.


Normally, most of the flights have a non-stop, direct and straight heading journey from New Delhi to Mumbai. These direct flights will have the total time of the journey as 2 hours and 16 minutes to complete the aerial distance of 1148 km (713mi).

However, there are many indirect routes, where the flight will halt at intermediate stops and then proceed towards Mumbai. These indirect flights may halt at various city airports such as Jaipur airport, Indore airport or Ahmedabad airport while completing the flight journey. So, the time which the direct flights take of nearly two and a half hours can be extended anywhere from three to twelve hours, which completely depends on the type of flight route planned by the traveler.


While travelling by flight from New Delhi to Mumbai, the flight tickets will exactly shoot up as both the cities are the most important centers of the country. The airlines which provide reasonable price range and best deals for the airfare are Go Air and Air Asia.
The average price of a flight ticket while travelling to Mumbai from New Delhi is INS 5800. The flight tickets are comparatively cheap when the tickets are booked from mobile applications as they have some offers every now and then.

Usually, the flight tickets which are booked in advance have the lesser fare. The price of the airfare depends on the date of the journey and the time-lapse from which the ticket is booked from the day of the journey.

When booked prior to 3 months from the journey date, the ticket price range maybe from INS 2500 to INS 4000 for the economy. When booked prior to a month from the journey date, the fare may range from INS 3500 to INS 5800 for the economy.

When the booking is done in 15-20 days from the journey date, it will be around INS 5000 to INS 7500. And, when booked in less than 5 days or immediately one or two days before, the price of the air ticket may range from INS 6000 to INS 10000.

The airfare for direct flights is aforesaid in the price variations mentioned. For non-direct flights, the prices are much more expensive. During festivities such as Diwali, Christmas or New Year, the prices of the flight ticket heavily shoot up to INS 15,000 and more.

For the most economical fare, one must avoid travelling on Sunday night or Monday morning and preferably choose a flight on Tuesday or Wednesday.

★ About commuting through ‘Rail-Way’ from Delhi to Mumbai:

A total of 35 trains traverse from New Delhi to Mumbai on a weekly basis. The distance between New Delhi to Mumbai by the railway journey is around 1348km (838mi).

Delhi Station
AC Three Tier in Delhi Station

Mumbai Train Station
Mumbai Train Station

The railway journey from New Delhi to Mumbai is a slower but memorable one. So, on an everyday basis, 5 trains course the journey. New Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin, and Delhi Sarai Rohilla are the three stations that have trains running the long journey from Delhi to Mumbai.

The trains might halt at different stations in Mumbai which include Vasai, Borivali, Andheri, Bandra Terminus, Bombay Central or Panvel.

The most popular train is Rajdhani Express which travels from Delhi but may reach to different areas in Mumbai Andheri or Bandra to Panvel side depending on the type. It is also the fastest train and covers the journey in 16 hours and 5 minutes and leaves from Delhi at 04:30 PM.

Various other trains are Yuva Express, Garib Rath Express, Pune Duronto Express, Paschim Express etc.

The first train of the day that leaves for Mumbai is the 04014 Hazrat Nizamuddin Pune Express which leaves at 12:10 AM and reaches Mumbai at 03:25 AM on the next day. The last train from Delhi to Mumbai is 09004 New Delhi Mumbai Central Superfast Express which departs at 11:40 PM and reaches at 02:18 AM.  


The basic route followed by the super-fast trains while leading the journey would be to take the train from Uttar Pradesh to Rajasthan, followed by Gujarat, enters into Maharashtra. The other route would be from Delhi to Jaipur side and then Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The longest route could be including the course of the journey from Madhya Pradesh.


The price range of the railway ticket from New Delhi to Mumbai may depend on the type of seat chosen by the traveler and the train chosen. Rajdhani has tickets in the range starting from INS 2500 for A/C three-tier and it increases further for A/C two-tier and then for A/C three-tier. There is a separate fare for the 3 meals in the Rajdhani. Travelers have the option to remove it.

For, second sitting and sleeper, the cost will not exceed the range from INS 1500 to INS 2000. However, the alteration in the prices may be subjected to festival seasons and last minute or tatkal bookings.

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