The Mall Road, Shimla – The Nerve Centre of Shimla’s Social Life

The Mall Road, Shimla is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shimla that wraps almost everything in the heart of the city. Lined up beautifully with a myriad of restaurants, cafes, shops, bank, ATMs, shops, post offices and tourist offices, the Mall Road is a colourful amalgamation of almost everything in the busiest commercial area of Shimla.

The Mall Road, Shimla – A Quick Glance

Famous for: Shopping, eateries, banking and commercial activities
Visiting time: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Duration of visit: Up to the visitor’s preference and purpose
Must buy: Locally hand-woven woollen apparel, shawls, handicraft items, trinkets and jewellery, traditional Himachali cap

Being a public attraction, there is no entry fee for the Mall Road in Shimla.

The Mall Road, Shimla – A Mini World All by Itself

The Mall Road in Shimla lies right at the centre of the city and is full of action and activity. Buzzing with a number of shops, cafes, theatres, restaurants, souvenir shops, banks and offices, and several other places to visit, the Mall Road is a complete package by itself. The region has to offer something or the other to one and all varying in preferences, requirement and mood.

The restaurants and cafes serve a wide range of cuisine ranging from Punjabi and South Indian to Chinese and Continental dishes. The Gaiety Theatre is where all kinds of cultural activities take place in Shimla. A large number of emporiums, showrooms and storehouses are found here selling a variety of souvenirs and essentials including everything from shawls to woollen caps, to books, pottery, handicraft items, jewellery and many more to explore.

The Mall Road extends from Barnes Court in the east to the Viceregal Lodge in the west offering a plethora of options to choose from for both the tourists as well as for the local residents.

Places to Visit in and around the Mall Road

The Mall Road offers you a wide range of options from entertainment to food to official work all at the same place. There are few more including the following:

a)  Scandal Point – It is at the extreme end of the Mall road that gives a spectacular sight of the mountain ranges. The Mall Road meets Ridge Road on the west side at the Scandal Point. A huge statue of the great freedom fighter, Lala Lajpat Rai, is erected here. The place got its name from the incident when the Maharaja of Patiala eloped with the daughter of a British Viceroy right at this place leaving a trail of commotion and chaos behind. Later, the area was named as “Scandal Point”.

b)  General Post Office – This post office of Shimla located in the Mall Road has a unique system of delivering the mails by Tonga. The General Post Office is located right next to the Scandal Point.  

c)  Kali Bari Temple – Considered as one of the holiest places in Shimla, Kali Bari Temple is an ancient temple where Goddess Kali is worshipped as Shyamala in a wooden idol frame. Tourists and devotees flock at the temple for a dose of spirituality and religion.

d)  Christ Church – This church is the second oldest church of Northern India. Built in 1857, the church is neo-Gothic style served Simla, which is a large Anglican British community. The church stands out as a top landmark of Shimla and its silhouette is noticeable for many kilometres around the vicinity of Shimla city. Christ Church reflects as an enduring legacy of the British Raj.

e)  Gaiety Theatre – Another of the landmarks in the Mall Road, Shimla, Gaiety Theatre is famous for the popular film personalities that have performed here. The theatre was renovated, though the original structure wasn’t altered to preserve the heritage and natural beauty of the place.

Shopping at the Mall Road, Shimla

A walk down the Mall Road wouldn’t be complete without a shopping spree. There are a number of knickknacks to pick from and the shops are many ranging from excellent showrooms, departmental stores, and roadside shops.

The Himachal Emporium offers exclusive handicraft products including pottery items, jewellery, and woollen clothes. Blankets and shawls are also found in a wide variety. Tibetan carpets and Pashmina shawls that are sold in the local stores and tents are also found in almost every shops.

Don’t forget to pick up gloves, socks and sweaters which are exclusively found only here in the Mall Road, Shimla.

Famous for some colourful and vibrant Himachali caps all around the globe, those are among the most sought after things in the Mall Road. These caps are affordable and comfortable and come in a lot of colours and designs with embroidery on them, and make amazing options for souvenirs.

You can also find small souvenirs and knick-knacks here, and a plethora of clothes that are decorated with mirror work, beads and sequins. The best thing of shopping at Mall Road is that you can buy local and branded clothes, without being bothered by the continuous honking and movement of vehicles.

Best Time to Visit the Mall Road

Visiting the Mall Road in evening is the best experience when the relaxing breeze blows on your face over the mountain tops. Watch time passing by as you take a stroll in the evening in the region. Do not forget to carry a light sweater or shawl, as it may turn cold by the time you return.

The Mall Road is one of the best experiences to treat yourself with when visiting Shimla. The hustle bustle and the exotic availability of almost everything makes it all the more exciting and a must visit for all.

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