Kanyakumari Shakti Peeth Temple

The Bhagawathy Temple in Kanyakumari is one of the very famous temples in India. It is considered to be sacred for numerous reasons and it is visited by the tourists and pilgrims from around the world throughout the year. The Kanyakumari Shakti Peeth Temple is dedicated to Goddess Shree Bhagavathy, also known as the virgin Goddess. There are many rituals and stories associated with the Kanyakumari temple, and you must know about some of them to get a perfect background before you finally visit the temple.

Kanyakumari Shakti Peeth Temple is over 3,000 years old and it holds an important place in the past, present and for the upcoming generations. Apart from its historical importance, this place also has a stunning scenic beauty. The temple is situated in a place which is the Cape Comorin on the convergence of the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal. Many tourists love visiting this temple also because of this brilliant location.

Quick Glance

Location: Temple Road, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu 629702

Timing: 4:30 AM to 12:30 PM; 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Deity: Goddess Shree Bhagavathy

Entry: Free

Camera: Not Allowed

Best time to visit: It’s better to visit the temple during winter months, months between December and February next year is particularly the pleasant months of the year in this region.

Direction: the temple is around 22km (13mi) away and 3km (1.8mi) away from Colachel. Both of these destinations are well-connected to all the major cities in Tamil Nadu. You will easily find buses and other transport facilities in the temple.

Popular Beliefs

The temple is a symbol of spirituality and belief; you will often find the devotees offering something or the other to the Goddess.
The worshippers who visit the Kanyakumari Shakti Peeth Temple offer new sarees to the Goddess and light Diya (Lamps) as an act of worship.
Unmarried women visit the temple to get the blessings and to wish for a good husband, while the married women visit to wish for a successful married life.
Another act of worship that people of this temple follow is that they take a dip into the sea. They believe that the act of Tarpan will attain salvation for their ancestors and the loved ones who are no longer in this world.

Arti Timing Daily

You must attend the Arti at least once during your entire visit. The timing may vary sometime, but it more or less remains the same.
  Yeganda Deeparathanai 8:25 PM
  Sribali 8:15 PM
  Abhishegam 5:00 AM
  Abhishegam 10:00 AM
  Deeparathanai 6:00 AM
  Sayaratchai Deeparathanai 6:30 PM
  Deeparathanai 11:30 AM

Stories Associated with Bhagavathy Temple

There are famous stories associated with the temple. Kanyakumari is well-known due to the virgin Goddess who performed penance in this place. Lord Shiva broke the promise of marrying the virgin goddess and didn’t show up at the venue to tie the knot. Hence, the goddess shifted her attention from marriage to killing the Asura (demon) for a higher purpose. Because the demon can only be killed by a virgin goddess, these stories and the temple is mentioned in the Indian Mythology and scriptures Mahabharata, Ramayana, Yajurveda, and also in the Sangam era work Manimekalai and Purananooru.

Another story associated with the Kanyakumari Shakti Peeth Temple is that when Sati was carried by Lord Shiva all over the Aryavarta, Lord Vishnu turned Sati into pieces with the help of his Sudarshan Chakra. Parts of her body fell in different places of the world, and are known as 51 Shakti Peethas of the Goddess, some even claim that there are 52 Shakti Peethas, but people worship and wish to the virgin goddess regardless of any claim.

The Kanyakumari temple is said to have the back spine and right shoulder from Sati’s Corpse which created the incredible Kundalini Shakti in this place.

About the Brilliant Architecture

Kanyakumari is a very beautiful town facing the seaside, the convergence of the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south, and the Arabian Sea in the West display a brilliant view for the temple. The deity of the Devi is displayed as a young girl performing penance, it is the famous attraction in the temple, and the idol is carved with blue color stones.

Festivals in the Temple

  Kalabham festival is when the idol is smeared in Sandal paste. This mostly happens in July- August, on the last Friday of the month of Karkidaka or Aadi.
  Chitra Pournima Festival is celebrated on the Full moon day, mostly in the month of May
  Vaisakha festival is a 10-day festival celebrated between May–June. There are many rituals performed during this festival.
  A nine-day Navarathri festival is celebrated in September to October. It’s a brilliant opportunity for the music artists to display their artistic skills in the Navarathri Mandapam.

Surrounding Attractions

Here are some of the famous attractions to visit surrounding the temple.
1.    Padmanabhapuram Palace
2.    Vivekananda Rock Memorial
3.    Thanumalayan Temple
4.    Thiruvalluvar Statue
5.    Thanumalayan Temple
6.    Vattakottai Fort

Temple Etiquettes

Another important thing while visiting the holy places in India is the temple etiquette, if you don’t already know, then here are some very basic and must follow details you should know before visiting the temple.
•    Don’t forget to remove your shoes
•    Cover your head
•    Wear loose and covered clothes
•    Keep your camera away
•    Greet the goddess
•    Accept the gifts
•    Make a wish
•    Participate in the Arti (the daily temple ritual)
On visiting the Kanyakumari Shakti Peeth Temple, you will experience a spiritual vibe much different from any other temples. The surrounding, Arti bells, the smell of the incense stick and worshipping devotees around you will change the perspective of your belief. Follow the temple etiquette to escape any unwanted trouble in the religious place, and carry a scarf to cover your head as a gesture of respect. Make sure you have dressed appropriately while visiting the temple and carry your own water bottle to escape dehydration.

Have a trip of your lifetime at this beautiful religious temple and experience the spirituality in every step of the way. The spiritual aura of the place and the mesmerizing nature’s sight adds up a brilliant view of the location and architecture of this temple. If not for spiritual reasons, you must visit this beautiful place as a tourist spot at least.

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