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Kali Masjid, Aurangabad

India is home to a diverse cultural landscape, with popular and few offbeat tourist attractions evenly spread on its terrains. The Kali Masjid, Aurangabad is one such location that must be on the bucket list of the travelers looking for an adventure. According to some texts, this enormous mosque was constructed in the early 17th century and was commissioned by the Wazir (minister) of the Nizam Shah of Ahmadnagar – Malik Ambar (Malik Amber in some texts). However, some historical documents point out that Jamshed Khan, a Sufi mystic, constructed the building in during the mid-16th century.

Whoever might be responsible for building the monument, one thing is for sure – the Kali Masjid is surely a beautiful place. Here is a brief overview of the monument and some interesting facts about this structure.

Keynotes on Kali Masjid, Aurangabad

Address: Sanjay Nagar, Court Road, Shah Bazar, Jalna - 431001

Opening time: 5:00 am – 11:00 pm

Entry fee: Free

Famous for: Architecture

Visit duration: Two hours

Best time to visit: October to March is suitable for the trip 

How to reach:  Hire a cab from main city center to reach the venue

Overview of Kali Masjid, Aurangabad

Built in the Juna Bazar area of the old city, the mosque is built from black stones – giving this structure its distinct black edifice. The recently renovated mosque complex has an enormous verandah surrounded by three arches. The extensive stonework in the mosque enhances the beauty of the structure.

The monument is still used by the local Muslim community, and you would find people gathering at the masjid for Friday prayers. Interested tourists are always welcome to participate in the Friday prayers, along with locals. The peaceful recitations of Friday prayers humming through the mosque premise easily transfer the visitors to a different period in history.

The Architecture of the Kali Masjid

The Aurangabad Kali Masjid is a beautiful monument made from black stones, reflects some of the important elements of Indo-Islamic architecture with Indian elements thrown here and there. A fine example of the Nizam Shahi religious monument, the mosque is adorned with beautiful galleries, intricately carved pillars, and a stunning dome. The interior of the mosque is arranged in the fashion of a hypostyle hall which holds the principle dome above it.

Extensive stonework, decorating the hallway and the arches, add to the beauty of the already pretty structure. The principle dome, housed at the center of the monument, is decorated with an ornamented top and a base decorated with lotus flowers. Apart from this, the hall is decorated with corner finials displaying fluted or lobed domes.

Another addition to the masjid, the magnificent hammam, has multi-faceted pendentive openings creating space for chambers. The paved courtyard opens up to a Sarai, once used by weary travelers. Interestingly, the mosque is located inside a walled compound. The arched gateways decorated with stunning jali screens are inspired by Indian architectural trends.  

Some Important Things to Do at the Kali Masjid, Aurangabad

1. Exploring the stunning architecture of the monument

The entire monument showcases is an interesting example of the Nizam Shahi religious monument. Although some historians attribute the monument to a much older time, still the architecture of the Kali Masjid is very beautiful.

2. Participating in in the prayer sessions

Visitors interested in participating at the weekly Friday gathering should approach the masjid authorities. The prospect of offering the namaz in an ancient monument is a thrilling experience for many.

Important Etiquettes before Entering the Masjid

Before entering the mosques, there are certain things visitors should follow. This is an important religious center, and travelers should maintain the sanctity of the place. Here are some of the important masjid etiquettes:

1. Shoes must be kept outside    

Visitors must enter the masjid bare feet. Most of the masjids have designated stalls for shoes.

2. Dresses that cover the body

Before heading towards a masjid, it is essential to dress accordingly. Both men and women must follow certain dress codes diligently. Improper dresses are considered offensive among the Islamic community. As a general rule, wear a modest dress that covers the body – especially shoulder, legs, and head.

3. Keeping peace and order

Being a sacred place, visitors are expected to maintain the sanctity of the mosque. Avoid making loud noises, or littering at the masjid grounds.

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