Top 7 Bars and Restaurants in Jaipur

Good food is an essential ingredient of any trip to Jaipur. Experimenting with yummilicious local food is what the best trips are made up of. A passionate traveler spends days together to gather information about the best local food and an authentic place to find it. After all, the stomach is the gateway to a happy heart. Truest saying, we have heard in a while is Kevin Kwan saying that there is nothing in the world that good food can’t fix. True to the core, for some of us, food is not just about quenching the hunger, it is a super bonding agent, super time spending activity, and a super teasing of senses.

When in the land of royals, why not eat royal and feel royal. In Jaipur, there are many palaces and Havelis (big Indian mansions) turned into hotels and restaurants. They have retained their flavor by serving menus from imperial courts, handpicked by Maharajas’ main chefs. Many dishes have already become passe’ as the global tastes changed. However, it is easy to get to feast on some of those lost days of culinary glory and relish the regal dishes cooked overnight on dimly lit chulhas (earthen ovens) following closely guarded recipes. Here we discuss top 7 bars and restaurants in Jaipur, as a go-to-guide for foodaholic (foodie and alcohol aesthete):

Delicious Food in Jaipur
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Resplendent Meal
Resplendent Meal

1. The Rajput Room and Suvarna Mahal

An inseparable part of Rambagh Palace, the restaurants are a treat to all the senses. From being the super luxurious home to Maharaja Sawai Mansingh II and his queen, the famous Maharani Gayatri Devi, the palace is now a Taj group’s property.

Retained splendor stands witness to the glorious past. The Rajput Room is an all-day multi-cuisine restaurant with master chefs dishing out sumptuous meals, whereas Suvarna Mahal is known for its Royal Indian spread. Suvarna Mahal in its Renaissance style decor represents the rich Indian heritage. The recipes come from princely provinces of Avadh, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, and Punjab. It has had the honor to host most illustrious personalities like Lord Louis Mountbatten, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Prince Charles amongst a host of celebrated dignitaries. It has a been-there-done-that quality.

2. The Royal Root

Located in Crowne Plaza, The Royal Root is one of the best restaurants in Jaipur specialising in Avadhi, Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Rajasthani, and North-Indian cuisine. The restaurant also stands out in its choice of colors for decor. Blush pink and sea green colors with wooden polished interiors give a fresh feel to the place. A well-equipped bar hosts the finest beverages to match the resplendent meal spread. Customers root for its Paan Ice-cream.

3. Hawk View Restro and Bar

If you love the idea of super-luxury dining by the side of cool breeze from the serene lake and under starry skies, in the dim candle lights, then this is the one for you. A restaurant with a view, this is the best place to swipe her off her feet and hear the three magical, romantic words. Exquisite royal flavor with a contemporary twist is the genre of this two-storied fine dine restaurant. You just can't give this a miss.

4. Hi-Life the Rooftop Grill

Nestled between Aravali hills is a rooftop poolside Barbeque and Grill restaurant by Ramada, with a mesmerizing view. Bright tasteful interiors lend this place a dash of energy and youthfulness. Live barbeque and grill rolls out melt-in-mouth kebabs, a choice of scrumptious salads, juicy hotdogs, aromatic sizzlers, and drool-worthy biryani. Head to this place right away once you are in Jaipur.

5. Jal Mahal - Trident Hotel, Jaipur

This is an all-under-one-roof restaurant with an expansive spread of Asian, continental delicacies. The menu is expansive and also hosts Rajasthani Lal Maas (Spiced spring Lamb) that saw the kings’ private dining halls in those times and was an honorary dish for the dignitaries the kings entertained. However, do not forget to eat tandoori chicken. It is one of the best in the whole country.  

6. Steam and Polo Bar Lounge

Located in Taj’s Rambagh Palace, Steam is an undisputedly best lounge bar in Jaipur. Mediterranean cuisine, the restored Steam Engine, and a recreated Victorian Station are the major attractions. However, the fine select liquor is clearly the winner. Polo Bar, on the contrary, offers rare whiskeys, single malts and signature cocktails for the cognoscenti. One can live the fineness of human existence here.

7. Saffron Restaurant and Bar

Authentic Indian fine restaurant and bar from Marriott Hotels, Tarbooz-e-Margarita is a cocktail from their trendy bar is a huge hit here. The ambience is yet another thing that is an attraction. Both Veg and Non-veg are served with genuine hospitality. However, a meal has to end with its signature ‘Mirch ka halwa’. The tables can be pre-booked to be decorated as per request, with your names on it. Quite enticing isn’t it?

Jaipur has been the land of Maharajas who lent their fine tastes in everything including food. The food here is fine and delicate, from the true-blue connoisseur who brought in best recipes the world had to offer. They were instrumental in refining the tastes and developing a culture of good food to the city. Added to that is the availability of most authentic spices, pushing the culinary expertise levels up. Adding wonder to Jaipur cuisine in its very own methods of cooking.

Many non-vegetarian and vegetarian delicacies are cooked under the earth in its own heat. Slow cooking keeps the flavors intact and imparts aroma and taste of earth which is such a heady mix that you would want to return for more.

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