10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the places where the food is simply amazing and the traditional essence just titillates your senses. Pink City has a lot to offer when it comes to heritage and food culture. Besides the love for spicy non-vegetarian delicacies, the city offers a lot of options for the modern vegan food lovers. The quintessential food of Jaipur has been a treat for the appetite of the foodies and has given a new meaning to the vegan foodies from around the world who are visiting Jaipur.

Vegetarian Restaurant Jaipur

With the increased number of vegan food lovers, these best vegetarian restaurants in Jaipur offer some delightful and condiment flavors for the taste buds. Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Jaipur that can even make the non-vegetarian cuisine seem a little dull:

1. Citrus Cafe

This bright best vegan restaurant in Jaipur with its wide collection of buffet options of Chinese, Continental, and Indian dishes with a traditional Rajasthan dish in the menu invites a lot of customers. Your taste buds will surely cheer up after tasting the food which is also suitable for the vegan-friendly people. The ambience of the cafe is delightful and the food adds up to it. The hospitality of the restaurant staff is good. This restaurant is opposite to Shastri Nagar Bus Stand in Jaipur.

2. Peacock Restaurant at Hotel Pearl Palace

This rooftop restaurant is housed in the Hotel Pearl Palace serving Indian and non-Indian selections. With the theme of the national bird of India - The Peacock restaurant is designed in an intricate and serene way. As you enter the restaurant, the ambience and the tranquil vibes feel settling down in the mind and body. While having a sip of tea or taking a bite, you can admire the old Hattori Fort that can be seen only meters away from the restaurant. The menu includes Italian, European, Chinese, and Asian dishes. The dishes offered include vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options according to the choice of the customers.

3. Art Cafe

Located opposite to the Hawa Mahal Road, Art Cafe is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly cafe that prepares the dishes right in front of the guests. The cafe has an artistic setting that sets a comfortable and cosy mood for its customers making them feel like home. The vegan dishes in the restaurant include nachos, Mexican bean tacos, poha, sprouts and apple salad, soups, burgers, Mexcian salads, soups, sandwiches, Thia noodles, and pancakes.  The variety cuisines include Lacto, pizza, Indian, organic, raw, fast food, salad bar, Mexican, European, Asian, European, and gluten-free delicacies.

4. Good

Good is an innovative vegan company that has an outlet in Jaipur. It is the first vegan restaurant in Jaipur that derives its name from the first rescued goat named Guddu. The goat was rescued from being slaughtered for meat. This restaurant serves high-quality, delicious, and cruelty-free food. The cuisines in the restaurant include vegan, fast food, Indian, American, take-out and vegan. Plant-based meat alternatives are being served with the burgers and fried crispy strips that are made from pea protein, soy, gram, and other ingredients. Vegan achaari tikka is also offered at Gooddu.

5. Bistro Quaint

A modern restaurant serving western-style dishes using seasonal and local ingredients, Bistro Quaint offers vegan-friendly, ovo, pizza, organic, and European cuisines. The menu also includes pancakes, pizza, open-face sandwiches, and shakshuka. The specialty of the restaurant is that it works on a zero-waste model of wasting no food, which makes it one of the best vegan restaurant in Jaipur. Fast service and friendly staff are also an addition to its popularity.

6. Baluchi

Baluchi is an elegant restaurant with sophisticated and exquisite interior decor that attracts customers from everywhere. The soothing ambience and the relishing food options on the menu make it for a delightful dinner for customers. The vegan and gluten-free options available in the restaurant are attracting even non-vegetarian food lovers. The live ghazal and the folk dance of Rajasthan are presented while the customers enjoy their food, which adds up to the attractiveness and popularity of Baluchi.

7. Step Out Cafe

This cafe gives a homely feeling to the visitors through its bright lighting, colourful and amazing ambience. It is one of the best cafes in Jaipur and has achieved this status within a year of operation. It is a vegetarian cafe at the Hostel Hotel which serves vegan-friendly food. It has a special vegan menu that includes drinks with soya milk, cookies, falafel burgers, salad, and tortillas. The food here is healthy and it boasts of preparing the best falafels in the city.

8. Jal Mahal

This best vegan restaurant in Jaipur features intricately exquisite architecture and presents itself as a royal restaurant. The lighting setting and the delicious food make a perfect mix attracting foreign tourists and visitors from all over India. The live music performance and excellent food choices also blend in with the overall setting of the restaurant. The vegan and gluten-free options are available besides other delicacies. The cuisines in Jal Mahal basically focus on the Indian and Asian flavors.

9. Anokhi Cafe

A serene and cool cafe with a modern and fashionable organic vibe, Anokhi Cafe offers a perfect place to come if you’re craving for a well-dressed salad or a thickly filled sandwich. This well-established cafe serves healthy and tasty fresh food with an international flavor. Indian food is not offered by the restaurant but as far as possible the place offers food that is made from seasonal organic produce that is locally grown at the Anokhi farm. The various facilities such as parking and wheelchair accessibility are available in the restaurant.

10. Kokum Bistro

A stylish cafe located at the elephant stand in Amer, Jaipur, Kokum Bistro serves authentic South and North Indian food with international flavor combinations to serve the customers with a diverse customer base. The cuisines offered by the restaurant include vegan-friendly, Lacto, Indian, international, fast food, gluten-free and honey. A diverse customer base is also a major strength of the restaurant.

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