9 Popular Kerala Handicrafts You Should Bring Home

Kerala handicrafts are eco-friendly and handmade. Excellent craftsmen and artisans work hard to preserve these traditional handicrafts. These handicrafts are also an important source of income for the locals of Kerala.

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1.  Pottery Items

Kerala is famous for its pottery items. The government of Kerala also encourages such local art. They even take the initiative to educate the local craftsmen with new techniques for improving the art. The skilled craftsmen of Kerala skilfully moulds the clay to create different items such as terracotta masks, jars, vases, urns etc. These Kerala handicrafts increase the decor of one’s house, rendering a rustic look to the environment.

2.  Textiles

Textile industry of Kerala is a budding sector. The different handloom sarees attract the attention of the tourists. The white Karaikudi sarees with gold border is a popular attraction. Balampuram saree is also popular for its zari border, which gives it a rich ivory look. The weavers from Kuthampully village make the exceptional sarees known as the Kathampully sarees. These are famous for its perfectly smooth texture.

3.  Lacquerware

These Kerala handicrafts are made of wood and given a lacquer coat before the final product is presented. The art pieces are also decorated with precious metals. Ernakulum is famous for its lacquer art pieces.  

4.  Coconut-derived Products

Kerala is well known for its coconut plantations and is equally known for its eco-friendly coconut-derived handicrafts. The by-products of a coconut are also used for the creation of different types of handicrafts. These products are easily available in Kollam and Calicut. Skilled artisans use coconut shells to make vases, toys, hookah, bowls etc. The coconut coir is also used to make rug, bags, mats, baskets, fans etc.

5.  Banana Fibre Handicrafts

These are popular eco-friendly Kerala handicrafts. The fibres are extracted from the trunk of the banana plants and then used to make products like bags, mats, wall hangings etc.

6.  Mural Paintings

Mural paintings is an ancient form of art that still exists in Kerala. This form of painting depicts Hindu mythology and legends. The paint used for these paintings are derived from minerals and vegetables. This art is from 9th to 12th century and this surely adds some ancient touch to the decor of a particular place.

7.  Screw Pine Products

Some eight hundred years old, this art produces different products with the leaves of the screw pine plant. The different weaved products are bags, mats, wall hangings etc.

8.  Kathakali Mask

The colourful Kathakali masks from Kerala can occupy a central position on your house walls. These masks are a special traditional touch of Kerala. The Kathakali dance form of Kerala is a traditional dance form of this beautiful land and the dancers beautifully decorate themselves for the dance. These masks carry the rich tradition of Kerala as these are the replica of the dancers’ faces.

9.  Woodcraft

Skilled artisans of Kerala are well known for their woodcraft. These Kerala handicrafts are popular souvenirs for the tourists and visitors. Artisans carve the wood pieces into beautiful small houseboat and other different shapes. These are beautiful pieces that will always carry memories of Kerala.