9 Facts to Remember While Making India Packing List

India is not your quintessential travel destination. The country, with its sights and sounds, opens up a plethora of experiences – something which you will not find anywhere in the world. Starting from Himalayan outback at the North to beautiful cliffs that seem to be plunging in the sea in the south, India is a dynamic country.

Its people, its culture and heritage, and its lip-smacking gastronomy are so diverse that it might take eons to complete the India tour. So, how will you pack for a country that is so vast and diverse? Fret not, this India packing list can come to your rescue.

The list includes some essentials that will make your India trip comfortable and hassle-free.   

Kerala's Landscape at South India

India Girl
India Girl

1. Take a Sturdy Travel Backpack and Luggage

A sturdy travel backpack can make or break your trip to anywhere in the world, especially in India. And, that’s the reason why it is included in the India packing list. If you are staying at a budget hotel, chances are you will have to carry your luggage to your room. Sturdy luggage and backpack that can carry your essential, without worrying about the broken buckle or worn out strap, is a sure investment.

Instead of buying cheap, try to buy those cases that offer a lifetime warranty. Also, Indian roads quite bumpy, so investing in something that has durable wheels is recommended. 


2. Power Adapter

In India, the official power voltage is 220 volts, alternating at 50 cycles (Hertz) per second. If you are coming from a nation with 110-120 volt electricity, then you will need a suitable power adapter to charge your electronics. Also, you will require a plug adapter and voltage converter in case your appliance does not possess dual voltage.

Do not plug in your 110 volts appliances to higher voltage sockets. It can blow the fuse or burn the circuit of the appliance, completely ruining your precious gadget. Take care, do your due research, and get a suitable adapter for your expensive appliances like mobile and camera. 

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3. Travel Insurance for India

We all know travel insurance is important. And therefore it is included in this India packing list. The travel insurance ensures that you go on an adventure, without worrying about emergency or stolen goods.

The good travel insurance also covers you against the unexpected medical crisis. A small medical emergency can completely exhaust your travel budget, so probably getting insurance could be beneficial in the long run. Apart from this, the insurance would cover loss of luggage, death or disability, and unexpected cancellation of the trip.  

Take a Sturdy Travel Backpack
Take a Sturdy Travel Backpack

Pack Pairs of Flip-flops & Appropriate Clothing
Pack Pairs of Flip-flops & Appropriate Clothing

4. Clothes and Shoe Essentials

Although India is not extremely conservative, it is always recommended to carry modest clothing that covers your shoulders, neck, and knees. Also, before packing your clothes and shoes, make a list of places you are going to visit in India. The country is vast, with dynamic climatic conditions. So, pack clothes and shoes accordingly.

For mountainous terrains, you will need a warm fleece jacket that protects you from the cold. Additionally, you will need appropriate shoes, socks, mittens, and a cap. For southern regions, you can pack light airy clothes. Usually, natural fabric apparel is recommended for India travel. For footwear, pack a pair of flip flops or crocs.


5. Insect Repellant and Sunscreen - a Must

Indian sun and mosquitoes are harsh. Beware of them, and carry adequate protection against them. A sunscreen with higher SPF and UVA protection is recommended. Although Indian sunscreens are good, testing a new product in a foreign land might not be a wise decision. Instead, stick to the regular sunscreen you use back home or talk to your dermatologist to get the right sunscreen that suits your skin type. Try packing effective bug repellents to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito. Instead of getting bitten by bugs, it is always better to proactively fight mosquitoes.

6. ORS Packets and Activated Charcoal Capsules - for Preventing Stomach Disorders

These are essentials and can help in preventing bad cases of Delhi Belly. Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) are packed with vital electrolytes, sugar, and salt. It helps in keeping the body hydrated during bouts of diarrhea.      

These are essential and do not take much of the luggage space. Do not forget packing them, on your India trip.       

7. Female Urination Device - Important for Women

Well, this item must be included in the India packing list of every female traveler. Lack of clean public toilets, although the situation is improving, this device is essential. The disposable variants are easier to carry and are more hygienic. You can avoid severe bouts of urinary infection and other diseases.  Due to its convenient design and sanitary factors, many female backpackers, as well as trekkers, prefer to carry such equipment.      

Bringing Water Bottle & Quick-dry Towel
Bringing Water Bottle & Quick-dry Towel

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8. Quick-dry Towel - Your Savior

Imagine spending an extraordinary amount of time to dry your towels in the hot and humid climate of India. Instead carry a pair of microfiber or quick-dry towels, as the name suggests dries up fast. Made from synthetic materials, these towels are soft and super water absorbent. And the best part, they are extremely light.    

9. Personal Water Filter - for Responsible Travelers

Bringing a portable water filter is always recommended for responsible traveling. Plastic is a major source of pollution in Asian countries like India and Nepal, and bottled water contribute a huge percentage of a plastic landfill in these nations. Carry your water and filter it according to need with these personal filters. You would be contributing towards the responsible tourism, and reduce your carbon footprint.

India is a vibrant nation with massive cultural heritage. If you are planning on visiting this nation, then this India packing list can surely come very handy. Remember, India is a developing economy and lots of international brands are available here. So, there is a high chance that you might find them in India as well. Do your research before packing, so that you have a comfortably light bag.

Here are a few things you might get in India:

Scarf and sarong

Crocs and sandals

Costume jewelry

Toiletries including soaps, lotions, lip balm, and other items 

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