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Aswan High Dam

This dam is one of the most popular sites in the northern borders which falls in between Egypt and Sudan. The dam is involved with having the reservoir that forms Lake Nasser and the dam fed by the incredible River Nile. You will be surprised to know that during the 1960s, the construction of this damn costs a whopping of $1bn.

There are incredible facts about this dam and one such fact is that it provides water resources to irrigation land of over 33,600km² (12,973 sq. mi). This isn’t all, the irrigation land is not mentioned in a generic way because the dam serves the purpose for Egypt as well as Sudan. If you are wondering how is this relevant than you ought to know that in 1959 Egypt and Sudan reached an agreement that Egypt will provide a portion of water to Sudan for their irrigation.

Brief History

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Aswan High Dam

The Aswan Dam was built under the supervision of Sir William Willcocks in 1898. The Aswan Dam was finally completed in 1902 and was given various renovations between 1902 and 1912, 1929 and 1933 to serve the purpose of saving the villages from the flood by elevating the Nile.  However, the low dam wasn’t good enough to control the constant flooding. This brought the idea of constructing a high dam in place and the suggestion was placed, and funding was received by the World Bank. However, the US and the UK cut off all the funding, after which the Soviet Union in 1958, and the Aswan High Dam began.

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Things to See in Aswan High Dam

If you are visiting the location for the first time, there are various things to see, starting with some archeological locations to small natural snippets. You will not be bored to regret visiting Aswan High dam, because there are ample things to see around.

The Unfinished Obelisk

This place is not very far from the Aswan High Dam and this abandoned place is a good site for photography. It is also a great place for people who enjoy exploring ancient Egyptian architecture.

Nubian Museum

Not mentioned in most of the travel destination’s list, but this museum has a rich history assembled under one roof, you get to explore artefacts, and interesting documents to give you a glimpse of an interesting past and lost culture.

Elephantine Island

Elephantine Island Aswan
Elephantine Island
Not everyone keeps this largest Island in the Nile in their bucket list but it is a great place away from the city crowd. You will love exploring the Nubian Village, explore the wall paintings, and a quick bite or two with the locals.

Advantages and Purpose of the Aswan High Dam

• This dam was the decision after the cities went through flood from the flow of River Nile
• The dam was built to regulate the use of water and save the cities from the flow of River.
• It is also because the river floods every year causing all the precious water go into waste through drains
• It provides water for irrigation to huge portions of land in Egypt and in Sudan
• The construction of the dam has highly improved the navigation across the Nile for the various fishing industry and tourism
• This also serves as the source of electricity for half of Egypt through 12 power turbines.
• The reservoirs serve as a great source of water supply during floods and other water crisis

Controversies over the Years

The project of Aswan High Dam has been through various controversies since the very start. The UK and US backing out their financial support, and the dam also faced various oppositions and huddles for environmental issues.  Various authorities raised issues related to aquatic life, and not just this, the site of the dam unwontedly submerged many historic sites of great importance and caused the relocation of around 100,00 inhabitants.

Important Highlights

Entrance fee to High Dam: 30 LE per person, which is mostly stamped on the ticket
Opening Hour: open 24*7

Travel Tips

•  June, July and August are some of the hottest months with temperatures of over 42°.
•  December and January and the coldest months, with temperature as low as 10°.
•  Aswan is a dry area, with the average rainfall of 0 days per month, which means you don’t have to pack the umbrella.
•  Carry sun block cream as a protection against sun
•  Take your own water bottle with you

How to Reach the Aswan High Dam?

Closest Bus Stop- Aswan Bus Stop
Closest Train Station- Aswan Railway Station

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Train, Bus from Cairo to Aswan (Roughly 920km) - 15h 18 min - 321.15- 688.57 (Egyptian Pounds) / $20.42- $43.78
Taxi from Cairo to Aswan (851.1km/hr) - 11h 11min- 1499.69- 1928.18 (Egyptian Pounds)/$95.36- $122.61
Drive from Cairo to Aswan (851.1km/hr) - 11h 11min- 449.91- 685.57 (Egyptian Pounds)/ $28.61- $43.59

These details about the Aswan High Dam make this place worthy to be on your itinerary for Egypt. This is one of the most underrated places but has incredible beauty for people who love unusual tourist’s sites.  

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