Ananta Vasudeva Temple in Bhubaneswar – An In-depth Exploration

Temples in Bhubaneswar are quite popular among the devotees, one such shrine is the Ananta Vasudeva temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. This temple was constructed in the 13th century by queen Chandrika. She was greatly respected and belonged to the Eastern Ganga Dynasty. To get a relevant idea about the temple, here are some of the important details before you visit.

Important details

Location: Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Timings: 6:30 am- 7:00 pm

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Established in: 13th Century

The religious importance of Ananta Vasudeva temple

The well-known and most worshipped god of Hindus is known as Lord Krishna, and he is deeply associated with the temple. This temple is known to be a perfect platform for the Lord Krishna, better known as the avatar of Lord Vishnu. The temple is a brilliant example of harmony and peace, apart from the main idol of the temple, there are other idols like Balarama, Subhadra, and Krishna that are also worshipped by the devotees. The idols of Subhadra can be seen holding lotus and jewel in her hand.

This temple is one of the most visited temples; it receives countless pilgrims from around the world. The dedication of the devotees can be witnessed for the god of love and power known as Krishna.

Main idol

The main idol of this temple is Lord Krishna, who is worshipped by the devotees here for more than a decade now. People from around the world visit this temple throughout the year to absorb the spiritual vibe of this place.

Presiding deity and other shrines in the temple

The presiding deity of Lord Krishna is the main idol as mentioned. There are many shrines surrounding the temple that is also considered extremely sacred. This temple is famous to resemble other temples like the Lingraj temple, and the Lord Vishnu’s sculpture. The entire complex around the temple is filled with miniature shrines.

Festivals celebrated

Janamashtami is the famous festival celebrated for the lord of this temple that is Krishna. The Ananta Vasudeva temple in Bhubaneswar is dedicated to celebrating the birthday of Lord Krishna on a large scale along with a famous Janamashtami fair. This fair is arranged in the premises of the temple and devotees from all around the world assemble to experience the spiritual vibe of this place through bhajans (spiritual songs) and praying to the lord.

During Janamashtami, the temple is said to be decorated tastefully with lights and flowers. People who visited once are said to be attracted every year for this special celebration. Because of the oozing crowd and ancient belief, this temple is more popular as compared to other temples in this area.

How to reach the temple

After some of these informative details about the Ananta Vasudeva temple, if you want to know some of the best routes to reach this place, then here they are. This place is well connected with all the major transportation routes. You will easily find airways, railways, and roadways to this famous destination.

By air

Taking the air route to this place can be easy and fast, the regular airlines are available to most of the major metropolitan cities in India. The Indian Airline Office is in a close distance to the bus stop in the Raj Path area.

By Rail

The railway routes are also quite easy, there are several main lines in this town which is said to be strong and regularly taken by the travelers. Some of the lines are Kolkata to Chennai, Howrah and Bangalore line, and Guwahati to Bangalore line. Apart from these lines, you can also get help from the Coromandel express.

By Road

To take the roadways, you will find many taxi routes available in the area. There are many public and private buses to Bhubaneswar recently, and all this happens because the capital city Odisha is well connected.

Undoubtedly, Bhubaneswar has some of the brilliant places to give you uncountable memories for your visit to the spiritual temples. If you love photography, don’t forget to carry it to capture the brilliant architecture of the Ananta Vasudeva temple and many other surrounding shrines in the complex.

Exploring this location will require you to follow some of the important temple etiquettes. You must cover your head, and open your shoes before entering the temple. Since the temple is open throughout the year for the pilgrim, you can visit any time of the year.

Surrounding Attractions

The complex in this area is not limited to only Ananta Vasudeva temple; the surrounding temples are equally beautiful. The structure and architecture of some of these miniature shrines will spellbind you completely. Here are a few temples in the surrounding area that you must visit.

Lingaraj Temple:

The Lingaraj temple is said to be the biggest in the area and it is dedicated to the lord of power, Shiva. The structure and the ancient traditions in this temple will reflect the story of the bygone era. This temple is also known as the heritage site in the entire eastern area.

Mukteswar Temple:

This temple is said to be the major specimen of architectural business, and it is a perfect example of sculpture beauty along with architectural work. This temple is likely to be as high as 35 feet, and it is also dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Brahmeswar Temple:

This temple is defined as one of the earliest temples in the entire complex and you will be able to see the brilliant use of the beads made of iron. The beautiful construction is said to mesmerized people at the very first glance. The Brahmeshwar temple is also known as a Pacha Ratha.

Rajarani Temple:

This temple is very famous for having sculptures of women portrayed in different poses and moods. It is pretty different from the rest of the temple in the complex. The temple is built back in 1100 AD.

Udaigiri and Khandagiri Caves:

These caves are known as one of the best attractions in the area. Both the location is further segregated with many other attractions, like Gupta Ganga, Radha, Kund, and Shyam Kund.