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10 Spectacular Spots to Catch Sunset in Mumbai

Mumbai, pieces of islands surrounded by the Arabian Sea, is the economic capital of India. With the sea throwing back at various points in the city, Mumbaikars take pride in the mesmerizing evenings they can have at the shores. The sunset in Mumbai, in particular, is a beautiful sight, with vivid colors blazing and hiding the sun.

Obviously, a sea-facing apartment in this city of glamour is like an unrequited dream. However, the view of the sea merging with the sun is an answer to the pleasure one seeks every day. So, here’s a list of all the best spots to catch sunset in Mumbai.

1. Gateway of India

Always bustling with people from any corner of the world, the Gateway of India is a historical masterpiece, created to memorialize the visit of British King-Emperor George V and Queen-Empress Mary. Always confused with ‘India Gate’ at New Delhi, the Gateway of India gives the well-suited welcome to visitors at any time of day, especially the sunset, with the simmering waves of the sea.

Gateway of India
Gorgeous Sunset View of Gateway of India

This place has given vintage memories of the setting sun, relishing the view while sipping the hot tea or biting on chilled kulfis, usually served by the local vendors.

2. Marine Drive - Queen's Necklace

The most popular corner of the city, Marine Drive, is the ideal place to get to after a day of hard labor. With the constant breeze hitting on the face and a familiar scent of the sea, one can spend hours watching the sun sink into the waves, amid all the prominent skyscrapers of the city. At the end of the Marine Drive, is the liveliest point, Nariman Point, which gives a complete view of the Queen’s Necklace.

The activity club here provides mild adventure sports like parasailing. Many times, a few people enjoy the sunset in Mumbai, with parasailing, to get an impassioned experience. The view of Marine Drive even gets more enticing, after dusk as night seeps in and covers the sun. The entire line of Marine Drive shines with the glittering street lights over the seashore.

3. Girgaon Chowpatty

Just at the other side of Marine Drive, Girgaon Chowpatty is an upbeat attraction of the city. Sometimes, the better plan is that people walk through the Marine Drive pavement and reach the Girgaon Chowpatty by sunset.

Sunset at Girgaon Chowpatty
Enjoy Beautiful Sunset at Girgaon Chowpatty

It has a lot of street food outlets serving the authentic ‘chaat’ in the city, Pav Bhaji, Chinese and South Indian dishes along with fruit milkshakes. One can simply enjoy the view of the sunset with the delicacies.

4. Bandra Bandstand

Bandstand is the final destination at the end of the Bandra Promenade, which is a long sprinting lane parallel to the sea. Bandstand has the Bandra Fort along with a bed of rocks lying in a bumpy fashion, touching the shore.

The best view of sunset in Mumbai is through the fort. The after-effects of the sunset can be evident on the marveling structure of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. One can simply hang out at the vibrant Bandstand with their friends and enamor the natural beauty of the sun fading over the horizon into the sea and the man-made beauty of the Bandra Worli Sea Link.

5. Worli Sea Face

On the tapering side of the Bandra Worli Sea Link, is the Worli Sea Face. The most attractive part about witnessing the sunset on Worli Sea Face is the color of the sky. Sunset, at Worli Sea Face, is a journey from the yellowish-orange color of the sky to the brownish-orange shade. One can simply sit over the rocks and seep the pleasure of the sunset into their mind, or take a quick stroll over the area with the company of the breeze oozing over the salty sea.

6. Vasai Fort and Suruchi Beach

On the outskirts of Mumbai, Vasai, which is easily accessed by local trains, with a number of serene beaches and the Portuguese remnant piece of architecture - Bassein Fort, is located.

The Suruchi Beach, with some proximity to the Vasai (Bassein) Fort, is an impeccable rest to the wandering eyes of fatigue. Vasai Fort also gives an intimidating view of the gracious settled sun and its gradual tapering movement towards the sea. At the heights from the Vasai Fort and with wavy palm trees at Suruchi Beach, the sunset will somehow surpass the mere feeling of the ball of fire embracing the subtle romantic and subtle wild ocean.

7. Juhu Beach

The most renowned beach of the city, Juhu Beach, attracts numerous travelers and localities to decipher reasons why it is actually so famous.

While lazily walking through the beach, amidst the wee hours of dusk, one may find children making sand dunes, vendors selling the basic ‘barf-goals’ and ‘chaat’, karate and aerobics class of a group of students, oldies jogging with their dogs and group of people relaxing at various corners.

The basic elements of liveliness on the beach, licking the ‘barf gola’ and in the color of the sky with evading sun-rays, Juhu beach, offers the moments when the foot imprints about the legs dipped in the mild waves and the hands capturing with the cellphone exactly what falls on the eyes- the journey of the radiating sun sluggishly disappear.

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8. Versova Beach

A little away from Versova metro station, is Versova Beach and Fort. Secluded from the main attractions of the city, this beach gives one of the best evenings, as the sun sluggishly touches the sea. The eyes get a treat with the prominent orange shades mingling with the blue patches in the sky over the gleaming waters. Versova Fort and beach give a warm, relaxed and calm aura with the sunset in Mumbai.

9. Gorai Beach

In close proximity to Global Vipassana Pagoda, Gorai beach is a spectacular place for the sunset views. From having a calm, peaceful atmosphere and having an ambience like beaches of Goa, Gorai Beach provides the eyes with the serene bliss needed at the hours of dusk.

10. Aksa Beach

Isolated from the center of the city, Aksa Beach is a local attraction in Malvani village, in Malad. So, from a boy strolling his dog to the old couple taking a small walk to enjoy the bliss of sunset and a group of friends or tourists scouring for the weekend infatuation, the beach is the splendid getaway for memorizing the mesmerizing sunset in Mumbai within the strong currents of the sea.

With the number of vendors selling out ‘chaat’ and ‘masala corn’, devouring on this basic junk food with a constant gaze at the orange mass submerge within the blue core, is the way of evening plans are made right.