10 Popular Rajasthani Sweets You Should Try

When it comes to Rajasthani cuisine, there is a misconception that it consists of a variety of hot and spicy dishes. Only a few among the dwellers of this beautiful state are aware of the fact there is no shortage of sweet dishes in Rajasthan as well. The truth is that delicious recipes of Rajasthan are as splendid as the state itself. Here are ten best mouth-watering Rajasthani Sweets that can make one fall in love for sugar instantly. Read more about Delhi Sweets

1. Ghevar

It is known as “King of sweets” in Rajasthan. It is exotic, heavenly and sinfully tasty at the same time. There is no occasion complete without the indulging of this delectable dessert. This disc-shaped sweet cake made with refined wheat flour and soaked in sugar syrup when savour with cold rabri will give “out of the world” feeling. Best time to taste this dish is during monsoon, i.e. between July to September. One of the rare festivals of Rajasthan Teej is celebrated during this season which symbolizes the harmony of clouds and rain.

2. Dilkushar

One of the famous sweet dishes of Rajasthan. It is also known as “Besan ki chakki” (Besan) Roasted gram flour and a substantial amount of mawa, sugar syrup is poured over the gram flour mixture and allowed it to set, that makes it complete the festive sweet dish. Apart from Besan and Mawa, Dilkushar has an essence of cardamom powder, almonds and dollops of ghee that makes anyone can fall in love with this soft and chewy yet tasty dessert.

Rajasthan Dessert
Rajasthan Dessert

Sweet Drinks

3. Chenna Malpua

Popularly known as “delicate darling” of sweet dishes. This fresh and tempting dessert of Rajasthan fits perfectly in all the occasion through its prepared daily, but it’s a significant hit during the festive season. With its pancake-like structure, this delicious sweet dish is enhanced by garnishing with almonds, pistachios or by pouring rabri on top of it. This paneer-based dish melts in your effortlessly, and that makes it one the most popular sweet dish.

4. Doodhiya Kheench

Also known as “wheat porridge” of Rajasthan is believed to be originated in Udaipur. This dish will hook you up till its last bite, and it is precise that your taste buds are craving for. Numerous flavours of it will make our mind to guess the ingredients added in it with every new twisting flavour. Few servings in the cold in a bowl can make you crave for more. It is readily available in all the seasons of the state.

5. Sohan Halwa

How can one avoid their eyes from that sweet, shiny nutty piece lying on a plate? This “Traditional dessert” was popular during the Mughal era. With its chewy texture and breaks with a crackle in its every bite, this cylindrical piece of heaven is available at restaurants, sweet shops in the state.

6. Mawa Kachori

This sweet snacky is stuffed with pastry of aromatic mixture of Mawa and loads of nuts. Delicious sweet is originated in Jodhpur, since then it becomes the signature dessert of the city. This Kachori made from maida (all-purpose flour), Mawa and ghee and are filled with a lot of dry fruits, crushed cardamom and almonds make this dish too much to resist.

7. Churma Ladoo

Considered as one of the most remarkable Rajasthani sweet. These sweet balls specially made of wheat flour, milk, jaggery, and cardamom powder. In various occasions of the state, one can find this dessert. This stereotypical dessert is usually part of the meal at multiple restaurants in the city. One can enjoy this sweetness with spicy dal bati, which blends a perfect meal.

8. Moong Dal Halwa

The word “Halwa” reminds of two things one is comfort and other is motherly love. One says no one can cook Halwa better than our mothers can. The effort and love they put it is what make this dish complete, and that’s the reason we can never get bored with this sweet dish. Moong dal halwa is savoured almost everywhere in Rajasthan and it is also listed in the most famous Rajasthani Sweets. Any simple occasion, whether it is home or away this delicious dish is an integral part of the cuisine.

9. Balushahi

It is the most popular Rajasthani sweet dish in North India, including Rajasthan. These delicious flaky dishes are deep-fried and soaked in sugar syrup makes them super heavy in diet and filled with a lot of calories. Balushshi is similar to a glazed doughnut, but it differs in texture and taste. These tender sweet dishes are most famous in functions and wedding receptions. Best time to taste this delicious sweet dish is October till November. Diwali (Festival of lights) is one of the occasions where these desserts are much savoured in every house of the city.


Imarti Sweet Food

10. Imarti

With the look like a funnel cake, this is one of the most common deserts in the Rajasthan. Easy to prepare and readily available in almost every small and big cities of the state. A perfection of deep fry and loaded with sweet syrup. It will be dry outside and juicy inside, which makes one cannot stop themselves from tasting this tempting dish.

These are ten most delicious, mouth-watering Rajasthani Sweets. So next time when you visit Rajasthan do not forget to take back these delectable desserts back with you for your loved ones.

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