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Egypt Weather in April

Egypt weather in April is not so nice. Wind often blows, which carry sand and gravel, bringing unpleasant experience to travelers. The temperature is moderate but with very large difference between day and night, generally fluctuating between 17℃(62.6 ℉) and 30℃(86℉). In April, it almost has no rains and the climate is dry, with a 1mm (0.04in) monthly rainfall.
The coldest cities in Egypt in April:
Alexandria: 19℃(66.2℉); El Arish: 19℃(66.2℉)

The hottest cities in Egypt in April:
Tanta: 28.5℃(83.3℉); Asyut: 27℃(80.6℉)

Averages for Egypt Weather in April

High Temperature
30°C (86°F)
Low Temperature
17°C (62.6°F)
1 mm (0.04 in)
05:13 ~ 05:45
18:13~ 18:32

April Temperatures in Egypt

What to Wear

It is suggested that tourists wear very thin clothes during the day, such as short sleeves and T-shirts, but at night they should pay attention to keeping warm and put on clothes such as trench coat and jacket. In addition, visitors should protect themselves from strong ultraviolet radiation and sandy wind, for instance, female could wear a scarf and males wear a cap.

Tip: Egypt regards Islam as the state religion. Tourists should respect the religion and customs of the country. When visiting temples or mosques, they should not wear exposed clothes, but long sleeves and trousers.

April Travel Guide – Where to Go & Tips
Tourism Rate:

It is not a nice time to travel to Egypt in April because of frequent wind. If people still want to go to Egypt in April, they can choose to visit indoor attractions such as Citadel of Saladin and Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Located in the Mediterranean climate zone, cities like Alexandria is less affected by sand and dust. The coastal area is the most prosperous modern business district in Alexandria. There are many restaurants and cafes here. Tourists can enjoy the Arab grabbing rice and barbecue. They can also have a cup of fresh juice or local-style coffee to spend the afternoon. There are also many small shops there, where people can buy some Arabian souvenirs. On both sides of Beach Avenue are the Summer Palace and Katebe Castle built on the original site of Alexander Lighthouse, with the famous Alexander Library in the middle. While some other historical relics are scattered in the city and need to be searched by tourists one by one.

There is a famous festival - the Day of Beneficial Wind - in April, too. It is on April 9. For Egyptians, it is a time for family reunion and spring outing. From morning till night, many tourist attractions in Egypt are full of tourists, singing and laughing. In addition to enjoying the natural scenery, visitors can also enjoy the colorful performances of folk art groups. Tourists who can sing and dance can join in to have fun.

April Weather of Major Egypt Cities
Temperature Sunrise / Sunset Humidity
High Low
24°C/ 75.2°F 14°C / 57.2°F 05:45/ 18:21 66
8°C / 46°F -1°C / 30°F 07:20/ 18:07 84
3°C / 37°F 9°C / 48°F 07:56/ 18:38 79
11°C / 52°F 6°C / 43°F 07:45/ 18:30 83
18°C / 64°F 10°C / 50°F 07:08/ 18:13 72
Beni Suef
12°C / 54°F 5°C / 41°F 07:23/ 18:22 73
9°C / 48°F
2°C / 36°F 07:41/ 18:34 79
8°C / 46°F 1°C / 34°F 06:51/ 17:35 75
-13°C / 9°F -24°C / -11°F 06:58/ 16:36 72
Hurghada -5°C / 23°F   -17°C / 1°F 07:44/ 17:48 57
Ismailia 19°C / 66°F 14°C / 57°F 07:03/ 18:11 74
Kharga Oasis
1°C / 34°F -6°C / 21°F 06:56/ 17:43 65
35°C / 95°F
18°C / 64.4°F
07:34/ 17:48