Jaipur in Summer: 5 Tips to Beat the Heat, Places & Things To Do

“Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Desh” - this line says it all about the grandeur and warmth the “Pink City of India” - Jaipur flaunts off. At the same time, the city also reels under very intense heat waves every summer. The Palace City attracts scores and scores of tourists from all over India and abroad as well. All love being welcomed by the charming city but the sweltering heat drives everyone crazy. During this time of the season, many water brinks can be seen all over the city for comforting the tourists. Let us have some knack to handle this heat as well.

Jaipur - Pink City of india
Jaipur - Pink City of india

City Palace of Jaipur
City Palace attracts Many Tourists in Summer

Here are the 5 tips to beat the heat while you have things to do in Jaipur in summer:


1. Say No to Dehydration:

While you are travelling in Jaipur, most palaces and forts are to be walked and seen. And this would definitely drain one’s body so make sure you have a water bottle along with you. Get yourself juices also wherever possible. Keep a check on your food chart as well, greasy and oily food with less water intake would make you feel very tired and restless.

Drink Bottled and Sealed Water
Have Bottled Water along with You

Wear Sunglasses in Jaipur Summer
Wear Sunglasses in Jaipur Summer

2. Umbrella and Sunglass are Must Things:

Take back the memories of the beautiful city and not strain and dark circles in your eyes. The burning sun of summer holidays in Jaipur would have a heavy impact on your eyes and body. Please ensure you have an umbrella to save you from the direct sun rays and a UV - protected sunglass to keep your eyes moist and fresh. Often, we forget these small things which make our trip a slumbering one! And, yes a combination of a black wayfarer and a colorful umbrella set against the beautiful backdrop of Jaipur Palace would fetch an awe-struck picture to gaze at forever.
So, in the greed of a nice picture please do check these things before you set out of your hotel room. They will help you survive in the harsh weather of Jaipur.

3. Love Your Skin:

A sunscreen bottle and a packet of wet wipes would not take much space in your bag. In addition to some beautiful pictures, do you want a tan and rough skin back home? The answer should be no, of course, because of the pain and efforts that are involved in removing the tan will take away all your hangover of the trip.
When spending summer holidays in Jaipur, the heatwaves will tear your skin and make them look like a dead one. Sunscreen and wet wipes are a savior in this case. Any sunscreen with the SPF starting from 30-50 would be good to go thing. Never rub your face with a towel, rather pat it gently with a wet wipe. This would not only make you feel fresh but also keep your skin moist and soft. And this is not specific to a woman only but to each and every one who cares for one’s skin.

4. Feel Light:

Light Clothes & Sunhat in Jaipur Summer
Light Clothes & Sunhat in Jaipur Summer
Like every other traveler, our bags also weigh a ton which consists of nothing but our clothing. When you are on holiday in summer in Jaipur, please make sure you plan your dress days accordingly. It is good to be well-dressed but one has to be smart-dressed even.
Make your bag as light as possible, as it becomes easy to commute from one place to another. When you know, you are going to be sun-kissed very badly, choose all light colors which do not retain heat much. Try going for simple denim, with ruffle or kalamkari designed tops and flats. Do not forget to try out floral prints frocks, cotton would work amazingly.
Go for pink, yellow or white as these colors would provide you comfort and looks also. Now, if we are going on a lighter side, let us make our make-up light as well. They say, “Make the most with least”, lightweight foundation with some shade of pink lipstick would do wonders on anyone. For men, 3/4 pants with light shades t-shirts would make a swag style any day. A pair of loafers would add to the swag.

5. Take It Easy:

Make your summer holiday in Jaipur as comfortable as possible. The world is not ending right away that you have to rush to each and every place. Make all the arrangements in such a way that there is a time gap in each of your movement. Traveling in summer in Jaipur means one does not want to welcome heat-stroke, so in order to avoid it, choose the best ways to travel to Jaipur and also choose the right place to stay. Make a list of all the major attractions you would be covering in a day, it should not be more than 5 depending on the distance between each of the places. Plan it easy and enjoy the most.
The holidays in summer in Jaipur will be fun as now you know how to survive heatwaves! Have a pleasant stay.

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