Enjoy the Pride in the Form of Rajasthan Culture

If you ask where should I go to India or what to visit first, the answer is Rajasthan. You can witness the pure essence of Indian culture when you visit Rajasthan. From folk dances to the Pahadi Ragas, from delicious food to beautiful attire, from decorative showpiece to artistic jewellery, everything is unique in the ‘Rajasthan Culture.’ Let’s explore this cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

Folk Dances:

Folk dances in the Rajasthan are famous around the globe, which is a vital part of Rajasthani Culture. Along with the aesthetic presentation, performers narrate the story through it.  Rajasthani folk dance is very skillfull and captivating. People of any age can enjoy this traditional dance form. Several dancers around the world come here to learn this dance form.  In ancient times, these folk dances were presented in front of the King as an entertainment purpose. There are eight popular dance forms in Rajasthan:

Rajasthan Folk Dances
Rajasthan Folk Dance Show at An Open-air Restaurant

1. Ghoomar:

Ghoomer is the vital part of Rajasthan culture, but it is also famous and one of the popular folk dances in India. This dance form is introduced by the Bhil tribe and also accepted by the royal communities, including Rajput. On special events, Ghoomer is performed by women. Don’t miss the chance to witness this form of dance.

2. Kachchhi Ghodi

Kachchhi Ghodi is a dance form to showcase the tale of local bandits. It is performed by men and was started by the region of Shekhawati. By ridding puppet horses, men show mock sword fights. Enjoy the music of flute and know about the unknown history of brave kings.

3. Kalbeliya

 Kalbeliya is UNESCO accredited dance form, which is also known as snake charmer dance. Men play music by using khanjari, dholak, and pungi. Beautifully dressed women in traditional black costume perform a serpent-like dance.

4. Bhavai

This is the most challenging and intricate dance form, which takes years to practice and perform. Bhavai is a ritualistic dance which performs by women from communities like Meena, Bhil, Kumbhar, Kalbelia, and Jaat. In Bhavai, women balance eight or nine earthen pots on their heads.

5. Chari

This dance represents a ritual of collecting water, which is another ritualistic dance. This form of dance belongs to the Saini community in which women carry brass Chari in their heads with a lighted lamp. It is performed on special occasions like the birth of child and marriage.

6. Kathputli Dance

This ancient form of puppet dance which is performed with wooden dolls. Kathputli performs stories from Indian mythology. Puppeteers control these puppets by using strings. Don’t miss this happy moment on the Rajasthan trip.
These are the most famous folk dances of Rajasthan. Ghoomar and Kalbeliya dance forms from Udaipur and Jaisalmer respectively have received international recognition. At the time of the cultural fair, performers present these dance forms on the street. Also, you can attend dance shows organized by locals to enrich your experience.

Folk Music:

Rajasthani folk music enchants you by its words and rhythm. Melodious combination of meaningful lyrics and mesmerizing rhythm binds your ear till the end. Rich Rajasthan culture involves the most popular folk music. Every part of Rajasthan can treat you with diverse musical variety.

Along with music, there are interesting musical instruments too. Pahari, Maand, and Pabhuji ki Peach are the most famous and internationally recognized musical forms in the Rajasthan.


As you know, Rajasthan is the statue of King. So, a few hundred years back, various kingdoms were in the country, and every Kingdome had its language. This is the reason why Rajasthan is augmented with different styles. Currently, Hindi is the primary language in the Rajasthan, followed by multiple dialects.

Rajasthan Attire
Traditional Rajasthan Attire
Here are four major dialects of Rajasthani language:

1.  Marwari

2.  Malawi/Malvi

3.  Mewati

4.  Jaipuri / Dhundhari

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Rajasthani traditional attire has a unique identity in the world, which shows colorful shades of Rajasthan culture. The high texture of traditional Rajasthani attire shows their rich culture with grace. Ghaghra, the floor touch skirt with beautiful embroidery and choli, the intricately designed upper body-wear, are widely wearable attires for Rajasthani girls and women. Also, Ghunghat (a piece of cloth that hides the face) is a traditional identity of Rajasthani attire. In the past time, a woman used these ghunghats to save them from sun rays. Later on, it becomes their tradition. For men, dhoti and Rajasthani pagri are the newest attires.
Rajasthan is the pride of India and cultural heritage to the world. By reading about Rajasthan, you will know about its culture, but to feel these ‘Rajasthani vibes’ and to gain this fantastic experience, you must visit Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is all ready to welcome you with a warm hug and saying ‘Padharo Mhare Desh,’ which means visit my country! So, fly for India and visit Rajasthan. One more tip to explore the most unique and colorful Rajasthan culture. Carry one extra bag, because Rajasthan has a lot more to give you.

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