Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Imagine flying over the lofty mountains and witnessing the greatness and unexplained beauty of nature. This stunning Himalayan country is definitely worth a Helicopter ride. Taking a helicopter tour in Nepal is a great opportunity to look its beauty as a falcon. The helicopter ride is best for travelers who are bounded and want to experience the best within a limited time. There are many options available according to the preference and requirement that a person has. The helicopter rides are also arranged for people who love traveling but their physical state doesn’t support any movable activities.

If you are a traveler who fantasizes about taking a bird view of the beautiful geography of Nepal, then these details are just what you need. Apart from looking at the geography of the region from an insane altitude, you also get to explore the good view of the beautiful mountain panorama, national parks, Himalayan glaciers, lakesides, lustrous green hills, and other things. The helicopter tour in Nepal is also a brilliant way to travel to the off the beaten tracks where most of the transport by road aren’t available easily.

There are several options people can choose from to celebrate different occasions. Here are some of the details for the helicopter tour in Nepal.
•    Emergency helicopter support
•    Helicopter tour Kathmandu
•    Birthday celebration on the Himalayas via helicopter tour
•    Helicopter tour Pokhara
•    Pilgrimage area helicopter tour
•    Mountain helicopter tour
•    Stepping on base camps by helicopter
•    Helicopter evacuation

These are just a few options to choose from, however, when you’re finally booking your package, check out the other important details about the trip.

If you are planning to step in Nepal for the chopper ride, then you must know some of the important reasons why you shouldn’t miss the helicopter ride. These five reasons will be more than enough to clear all your second thought if you have any.

5 Reasons Why You Must Try a Helicopter Ride

1. Experience the fantastic helicopter tour by bird’s eye view

This is the first benefit of taking a helicopter tour in Nepal; you get to witness the incredible beauty of nature and mesmerizing view of the lofty mountains together. The journey might have some hiccups but you will realize how the helicopter ride is totally worth it.

2. Luxury helicopter tour in Nepal

Trekking and mountain climbing can be really draining and time-consuming. People who want to explore the beauty of real Nepal but are extremely lazy to make it to the sites physically can go for a luxury helicopter tour. You will not have to compromise with the brilliant view as the helicopter tour will bring the best on your table.

3. Go forward with professional photography

You cannot miss the aerial view of the Himalayan Mountains and capture some of the praiseworthy pictures from the top. If you love photography, then this is a brilliant opportunity to capture some of the best clicks as your statement pictures.

4. Saves a lot of time

If you are in a hurry or have limited time to explore Nepal, the best option for you is the helicopter ride. You will love and enjoy every moment spent as the rides are quite affordable and provide brilliant safety for the tourists.

5. Exploring Nepal once isn’t enough!

It’s quite possible that exploring Nepal on foot, trekking through the trails and climbing the mountains isn’t enough. If you think you still need to get the bird’s eye view of this brilliant country, then taking a helicopter ride is highly suggested. You will never regret the decision as to the stunning and hard to describe the view from the top will be worth it.

If these reasons aren’t enough to surface the second thoughts of a helicopter ride, then communicate with some of the ex-helicopter travelers for an incredible review. There are a few tips to follow for the first time as well as experienced travelers.

Travel Tips for Nepal

No matter you are taking a helicopter ride or trekking through the mountains, you will need some of these tips to have a great journey.
•    Hire a tour guide
•    Get complete details for a suitable helicopter ride
•    Avoid shady dance bars
•    Be careful with your credit card
•    Get yourself vaccinated before visiting Nepal
•    Avoid Tap water
•    Carry some chocolates as a backup food
•    Carry cash and small denominations
•    Haggle while shopping at the market place
•    Eat right and avoid eating excessive street food

These tips will keep you focused and safe while you travel to the culture-rich Nepal. If you love exploring snowy mountains and stunning locations, then a helicopter ride is a must. You will love the thrill and nature’s beauty from a thousand feet against gravity.

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