The Story of Window Seat Rail Journey from Nepal to India Train

India and Nepal, the neighboring countries, are frequently included in the South-East Asian tour packages. Both the countries have a rich diverse culture, exotic locations, and a dynamic landscape – making them a tourist favorite. A huge number of countries have a diplomatic treaty with both the nations, making it possible for the tourists (hailing from these countries) to get a Visa on arrival.

There are several border checkpoints between India and Nepal that is used for transit between the nations. However, travelers on a shoestring budget could opt for a Nepal to India train journey. The overland journeys are quite taxing and time consuming. With some preplanning and advance bookings, visitors can completely avoid overland journeys and opt for an international flight.

From Nepal on Train

Home to the mighty Mount Everest, Nepal is often the first destination among the tour itinerary of several tourists on a Nepal-India tour. According to the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship, Nepalese citizens are not required to apply for an Indian Visa to enter the bordering nation. According to the bilateral treaty, a Nepali citizen in possession of Certificate of Citizenship issued by the Nepalese Government or a Nepali passport can enter the India without a Visa.

Apart from that, following documents like:

•  Voter’s Identification Card
•  Photo-identity certificate with limited validity stamped by Nepalese Missions in India

Foreigners coming to India from Nepal, have to apply in advance for an Indian Visa to enter the country. Travelers planning on getting an Indian Visa should submit the following document:

1. Original passport with minimum validity of six months. Also, the passport should have more than two blank pages.
2. Recent passport-size color photo showing the full face
3. Proof of residence
4. Proof of Profession

Nepalese Railway

The Nepal Railways Corporation Ltd, a state run corporation, maintains and runs the railway service in Nepal. This corporation runs two railway lines in the nation - Jainagar–Janakpur and Raxaul–Sirsiya.

1. The Jainagar–Janakpur Railway Line

The Nepal to India train line running from Janakpur (Nepal) to Jainagar (India) is a 35 km (22mi) long route and would start at Bardibas, Janakpur, Jayanagar, Kurtha, and end at Bijayapura. This route is under the last leg of construction.

2. The Raxaul–Sirsiya Railway Line

The Raxaul–Sirsiya line connects Indian and Nepali cities on the opposite side of the border. This route is often used for freight transport. 

Apart from these routes, the Nepal Railways Corporation Ltd is planning on running the following Nepal to India train lines

• Bhairahawa (Nepal) - Nautanwa (India)
• Kakarbhitta (Nepal) - New Jalpaiguri (India)  
• Biratnagar (Nepal) - Jogbani (India)
• Nepalganj (Nepal) - Nepalganj Road (India)  

Other Modes of Transport from Nepal to India

Apart from Nepal to India train, there are several other options for reaching India.

1. Via flight  

The Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, is the only international airport in Nepal. Several air operators run regular flight services from Kathmandu to Delhi. The trip usually takes around one hour forty minutes. Some of the airlines operational between Nepal and India are
•    Royal Nepal Airlines
•    IndiGo   
•    Air India
•    Bhutan Airlines
•    Buddha Air
•    Druk Air

2. Via bus

Apart from Nepal to India train route, the government of India has launched several bus routes between nations. The Delhi Transport Corporation and Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation run regular bus services. These trips are easier on pocket, but most of the times very uncomfortable.

Things to Remember While Travelling Between Nepal to India

a. Carrying necessary documents

Nepalese citizens are not required to Indian Visa to enter the country. However, foreigners have produce necessary documents to including a valid Indian Visa to enter India.

b. Restricted articles

Flammable objects like acids, match-boxes, fluids, poisons, inflammable, compressed gas, or explosives are forbidden by law to be carried into Indian Territory.   

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