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Egypt Visa Application – 7 Steps

While the citizens from nine countries and regions are exempted for an Egypt visa, there are still tourists who need to apply for an Egypt visa. If coming from the designated countries and visiting for tourism and business purposes, they may get a visa on arrival or apply for an e-visa online in advance. If not, they may need to visit the overseas Egyptian embassy or consulate in person to make the application. Because of the unsecure approval result of Egyptian visa on arrival, eligible citizens are more recommended to apply for an e-visa online. Here are the 7 steps you need to go through during the Egypt visa application.

1. Check whether an Egypt visa is needed.

Before making the Egypt visa application, it’s necessary to check whether you require it. If you come from one of the below countries and territories, you don’t need a visa for Egypt and can stay there for as long as three months:

Bahrain, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macao, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia

In addition, there are conditions that citizens from other countries can enjoy visa-free entry to Egypt. For instance, tourists from eligible countries can enjoy a visa-free entry to Sinai Resorts if they only visit there.

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2. Decide the way to get the visa: visa on arrival, e-visa, or in-person application at the Egyptian embassy or consulate.

After making sure that you require a visa for Egypt, you need to decide how to get it. At present, Egypt has loose visa policies, so that citizens from many countries are eligible for the visa on arrival and e-visa if visiting for tourism and business purposes.

Countries eligible for Egypt Visa on Arrival: All European Union member states, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Malaysia, Norway, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and United States.

Countries for Egypt e-visa: All European Union member states, Albania, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, North Korea, North Macedonia, Norway, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, and Vatican City.

As the Egyptian e-visa is applicable to the majority of overseas travelers and more secure for a smooth trip, the following steps are mainly for obtaining the e-visa.

3.  Sign up on the Egyptian e-visa portal.

Generally speaking, you need to do the online Egypt visa application at least seven days before your intended date of entry into Egypt. Search “Visa2Egypt” on the internet and locate the right website for applying for the Egypt e-visa. Then create your own account on the website. Your name, up-to-date email address, and password will be asked for signing up. If you are travelling in a group, one individual can make the Egypt visa application on other’s behalf, in this case only an account in required.

4. Fill out the Egyptian Visa Application Form online.

After you completed signing up on the e-visa portal, click “Apply Now” to initiate the Egypt visa application process. You will need to first fill out the application completely without any mistakes (click to see the online application form). On the first page, you can choose “Single” or “Group” as the application type depending on your own case and truthfully put your travel date, visa type, entry type, etc. The next page mainly asks for your personal particulars, at the bottom of which you are required to submit a scan of the bio-info page on your passport. Remember that your passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival. Only JPG and PNG files are accepted. Make sure that the scan is under 500kb. On the last page, you need to fill in the information about your inviter, which should be a company or an individual. If you booked a tour from a tourist company, you can fill in the company’s information. Backpackers may fill in the information of the hotel they will stay in.

5. Make the payment online.

The website accepts payment by Visa or Master Card and other credit or debit cards. A single entry visa costs USD 25 and a multiple entry visa costs USD 60. Since the charge is in US dollars, you had better use a US or Canadian card to avoid the transaction fees. If you are not using the official website, you may be charged higher than expected. After completing the online payment, you will receive a confirmation email.

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6. Receive the e-visa sent to your email box.

The processing of Egypt e-visa is incredibly quick. Usually it may take only a few minutes or hours. After your visa application has been approved, you will receive the e-visa sent by email.

7. Get a printout of the e-visa.

Download the attachment file on the email, ie., the electronic copy of your e-visa. Then print it out for future use. When you arrive at the border control of Egypt, you are required to show the printout. Then you can start your travel in this amazing country.

Further Reading:

How to get an Egypt visa at the Egyptian embassy or consulate?

If you need other types of visa or you are not from the countries eligible for Egypt visa on arrival or e-visa, please visit the Egyptian embassy or consulate to make the application. You will need to complete an application form first, and then get your supporting documents ready, which may include passport, two recent color passport-sized photos, hotel bookings, and round-trip tickets or confirmed itinerary. (See detailed Egypt Visa Application Requirements). Next, go to the embassy or consulate to submit your application. Appointment is not compulsory for most embassies, but you need to check the official website to confirm it. Normal application turnaround is between 5 and 10 days, but if you are from one of the countries whose nationals are required to get a pre-approval, the visa wait time will be 6 to 8 weeks.

List of Countries Required to Get Pre-approval:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bosnia – (of Egyptian Origin), Burundi, Cambodia, Chad, China, Congo, Cyprus, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Laos, Lebanon (aged between 16 and 50), Liberia, Libya-(men aged between 16 and 60), Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Moldova (female aged between 15 and 35), Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine (men aged between 16 and 40), Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tunis, Turkey (Male and Female aged between 18 and 45), Yemen

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