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Egypt Visa Requirements

To successfully get an Egypt visa, one has to meet the Egypt visa requirements and submit required documents like passport, application form, travel itinerary, etc. It’s crucial to check whether you have gathered all documents because missing any of them may result in a visa refusal. As Egypt issues visa on arrival and e-visa to tourists from dozens of countries, and consular visa to the rest countries, the Egypt visa requirements vary depending on which type of visa you want to get.

Application Requirements for Egypt Visa on Arrival

1. Passport valid for more than 6 months counting from the date of arrival and having at least one blank page.
2. A passport size photo, only for citizens from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal, providing they enter with a national ID card instead of passport.
3. USD cash: 25 dollars for a single entry visa; 60 dollars for a multiple entry visa. Remember that you had better take the exact amount of cash as it’s not convenient to make change at the border control points.

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Egypt e-visa Application Requirements

1. A fully completed online Egypt Visa Application Form.

Please sign up on Visa2Egypt, the official government website handling Egypt e-visa services. Then follow the instruction to fill in the application form. Do not leave any blank empty and make sure that all the information you input match with your current passport. No errors should be made to the application form, including spelling mistakes.

2. A scanned and digitized copy of the information page on your passport, which should be uploaded when completing the online visa application form.
The scanned copy should be in the format of JPG or PNG and not larger than 500kb. The file name should not contain any special characters or spaces.

3. A valid email address.
It is used to create your account on the website of Visa2Egypt. In addition, you can receive the payment confirmation email at this address. The most important of all, the e-visa Egypt will be sent to you via email after your application has been approved by the authorities. After you get it, you need to download the e-visa and print it out.

4. A credit card or a debit card.
Prepare a Visa Card or MasterCard, or other credit and debit cards to pay the visa fee online.

Note: Different from most countries, Egypt does not require a personal passport size photo when applying for the e-visa.

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Egypt Visa Requirements at the Embassy or Consulate

If you are not eligible for the Egypt visa on arrival or the e-visa, you must apply for a normal visa at an Egyptian embassy or consulate prior to your trip. It can be done at the Egyptian embassy or consulate located in your residence area. The Egypt visa requirements in different embassies and consulates may differ, but they should be mostly the same.

The Egypt Visa Requirements usually include:

1. Passport of your own which must be valid for no less than 6 months from the intended date of arrival and have empty visa pages for the visa stamp. The amendment pages and endorsed pages in the back of the passport do not count as empty pages. Besides, two copies of the information page are required.

2. Two recent color passport style photos which meets the following requirements:
•  Be taken within the last three months and printed on a glossy photo paper.
•  Be taken against white background.
•  Displaying your face in the middle with a non-smiling expression.
•  Eyeglasses and headwear are not allowed except for religious customs.

3. A completed Egypt Visa Application Form. You can find one from the website of the relevant embassy or consulate and complete it online. Then get a printout of the application form. The form has to be fully completed and signed, not leaving any blanks. (Click to see the sample of Egypt Visa Application Form).

4. If you are not applying from your home country, in other words, in a third country, you also need to provide the original and photocopy of your valid visa or residence permit in the country.

5. Proof of travel arrangements:
•  Two copies of round-trip tickets or a confirmed travel itinerary.
•  Hotel bookings.

6. Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. Applicants should provide such a certificate if they arrive from a yellow fever risk area or they transited through the area for 12 hours or more. The certificate is required to show to the immigration officer upon the applicant’s arrival in Egypt as well.

In addition, some other supporting documents may also be required for submission depending on your individual case, which may include a business cover letter from your employer, copies of school registration, marriage / birth certificate, and parents’ passports or ID cards. If you wish to use postal return service, you may also need to submit a self-addressed envelope. That's all for the Egypt visa requirements.

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