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13 Most Popular Things to Do in Hurghada

1.  Boat Excursions and Snorkelling at the Giftun Island

A visit to the Giftun Island is a must thing to do in Hurghada. The island attracts tourists from all over the world, while it executes most famous boat excursions and snorkelling. The island showcases the beauty of the Red Sea. The coral reefs surrounding island shore are excellent treasures of the Red Sea (See also Things to Do in the Red Sea) and one can enjoy the beauty even if they avoid scuba diving. One can enjoy snorkelling or paddling near the shore or just enjoy the coastal beauty while on the beach. Tourists can spot a beautiful location on the beach and enjoy the warm sun, while relaxing.

2.  Enjoy Sunset, Café & Restaurants at Hurghada Marina

This is a beautiful addition to the central district of Sigala. It is the town’s major dining destination and it is a modern addition to the town. This area attracts tourists and travellers while the sunset touches the town. The place is perfect for a walk while enjoying the sunset and this place also offers a number of cafes and restaurants for the tourists. Tourists can head for a café or restaurant for a comforting meal. The dining experience with the beautiful view of the stretched Red sea can be a unique experience.

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3.  Wreck Diving at Straits of Gubal

On a trip to Hurghada, one must try the interesting sport of wreck diving. Strait of Gubal is a famous and a renowned spot for its wreck diving. Strait of Gubal is a narrow strip of water sandwiched between the Red Sea Coast and the Western shore of the Sinai Peninsula. This interesting part is easily accessible from Hurghada and is one of the most major diving site. For centuries this strait and its coral pinnacles have been tricky matters to the various seafarers, and presently it is one of the renowned diving spot for wreck diving.

4.  Strolling along the Beaches

Hurghada is famous for its pristine beaches and enjoying the warm beaches is an important part of the things to do in Hurghada list. Most of the sand patches of Hurghada have been claimed by the shore side resorts lying along the coasts. Even non-guests are allowed access to the shores, during the day time. Tourists must try to find a perfect resort for themselves to enjoy the beauty of the beaches and the comforts of the beautiful resorts. One must plan a few nights stay in such resorts to enjoy the extravaganzas of the beautiful beaches. The best beaches lie on the south of the main town and on further excursion to the south, one will come across an area known as Sahl Hasheesh, which is famous for its Red Sea coastline beaches and resorts.

5.  Sindbad Submarine

This is an experience, whereby a non-swimmer can experience the deep sea coral and fish life. Even one can avoid scuba diving or you don’t have to wet a toe to experience this submarine ride. This is the only operating tourist submarine working on Red Sea. These trips are usually an hour trip and the submarine takes the passengers down to a depth of 22 meters (72.2 feet) under the water. Though the submarine doesn’t go deep to the better coral or aquatic space, but this still offers enough opportunity for non-swimmers.  

6.  Jeep Expeditions & Quad Biking

Tourists must plan some jeep expeditions and quad biking while planning things to do in Hurghada. The most famous on-ground things to do while on this trip is quad biking, jeep expeditions, and dune buggy trips into the sand dune hinterland. The Eastern dessert and the wadis (valleys) sandwiches between the red mountains, which portrays enough scopes for such activities. One of the popular way to enjoy the desserts is to plan the 5-hour quad bike safari, which includes a visit to the Bedouin village and camel ride.

7.  Bedouin Dinner Tours

This is one of the most interesting activities for travel foodies. These dinning expeditions are planned to experience the rural and real tastes of Egypt. The Bedouin dinner tours are often offered by various resorts. The tour heads forward to nearby Bedouin restaurants to try the local, homemade food dishes of Egypt. This is a memorable experience where tourists enjoy the setting and the exceptional foods, which are usually not included in restaurant menus.

8.  Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites

These sites are the must visits to experience the underwater remains of shipwrecks. The diving are lies on the north of Shadwan Island, about 65 kilometres (40.4miles) southwest of Hurghada. The dead remains of the ships lie under the water and the wreckage itself attracts interested tourists. One can submerge under the water with five shipwrecks to explore and can even spot pipefish, triggerfish, and lionfish among the wreckage. The two popular wreck dives of this area showcase the remains of the Carnatic, a UK cargo ship that sunk in 1869 and the German Kimon M that sunk in 1978.

9.  Gota Abu Ramada Dive Site

Scuba diving is one of the most interesting things to do in Hurghada trip. Gota Abu Ramada Dive Site also known as ‘The Aquarium’ is one of the most popular dive sites. This site owns a rich marine treasure and is often chosen by various dive operators as a try-dive site for novice and trained scuba divers. The large variety of marine animals include Triggerfish, lionfish, and clownfish.

10.  Hurghada Aquarium

The Hurghada aquarium, known as Ad-Dahar is one of the most popular places to visit in Hurghada. The aquarium lies on the northern part of the town and attracts tourists and travellers for the showcasing of the Red Sea marine life. The aquarium requires an update but it still holds its own charm, while non swimmers can encounter and gather knowledge about the Red Sea fish life on a visit to this aquarium.

11.  Snorkelling in Hurghada

Hurghada has a beautiful, colourful world that lies underwater and every tourist must visually experience this treasure. While diving is not for all, one can also opt for snorkelling. One can experience the same beauty of the marine life on a snorkelling trip, and can also relax on board while on a trip.

12.  Camel Rides

Camel rides can be a unique experience on the list of things to do in Hurghada. There are various resorts who offer these camel ride trips along the beaches or for a longer one or two-hour ride into the desserts. This is a great entertainment for children and it could be a relaxing experience for all. The ride and the camels are managed by Bedouin camel men, therefore it is completely safe. The longer trips usually included longer rides on the desserts while halts at the Bedouin settlements. The trips are usually planned near the town but one can comfortably enjoy the dessert landscape from the high camel backs.

13.  Night Tours

This is one of the most attractive attraction for the visitors and tourists. This night time endeavours includes astronomical night tours, where the start studded dessert sky is the main attraction. These tours outside the city are unique and the complete experience is enthralling and will surely add shining memories to a Hurghada trip.

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