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Egypt Taxi

Egypt, home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, is one of the most easily navigable cities in the world. You can find cabs in almost every corner of the country. And surprisingly, the Egypt taxi is budget-friendly and efficient. In Cairo, tourists can find two variants of black and white cabs. While old cabs are mostly black, with a streak of white, and newly added taxis are entirely white with black strip.

These ‘mostly’ black cabs passed their prime. And unfortunately, these cabs do not run on meter. On the contrary, the newly added mostly white cabs come with a meter, and are a far safer ride for the tourists. These metered taxis are highly recommended for tourists commuting between short distances. With dirt-cheap fares, visitors can always add in extra change as tip or Baksheesh.

Two Variants of Egypt Taxi

In Egypt, mostly in Cairo, visitor can find mostly two variants of cabs – mostly black or mostly white. While the black ones are old and ancient cabs, without meters, and riding them can be an adventure in itself. The new white ones come with a meter and air conditioning, and are a much safer ride.

Another variant of cabs found in Egypt is the radio taxi in yellow. These are expensive, and need to be hired via cab companies.   

Taxi Fare and Paying the Cab Driver

In Cairo, hailing a cab is easy and affordable. Usually, the base fare of metered cab in Cairo is around EGP5 for two kilometers, with the fare increasing around EGP2.50 per kilometer. The waiting charges for the cab can range up to EGP20.

However, beyond the city borders visitors might experience some differences in the fare due to unreliable meters. Often passengers feel overcharged by the trip, on the other hand drivers can charge higher than usual fare in case they feel underpaid.

Unfortunately for the cabbies, life is often less glamourous and the pay is worse. Typically, they earn around LE20 per hour. And often, they do not own the car and have to pay out the rent to the car owner.

While it is not recommended to pay an exorbitant amount for a small ride, you are always welcome to haggle the fare and add in a baksheesh at the end of the ride. A happy cabbie ensures you have a fun-filled and entertaining ride.

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Insider’s Insight on Egypt Taxi

Here are the few pointers on Egypt’s cabs that can help in making the ride better for the passengers.

1.  Fare

You can find metered cabs in Cairo, but in the rest of the country these are a scare sight. In Cairo, the base fare of cabs start from EGP5 for two kilometers, and increases by EGP2.50 per kilometer.  While the locals are aware of the cab fare, tourists are often felt overcharged for the ride. Before boarding, the passengers can follow up the local taxi rates. It is important to remember that the fuel prices and taxi fares are subjective to change.

2.   How to call a cab in Egypt?

Just on the side of the road, raise your hand in style, and chances are – the Egypt taxi will come hailing you. Remember to tell the driver where you are going and decide on your fare, before getting into the cab.

P.S: In case you are boarding old mostly black cabs you won’t find running meters in them. Also, incase, you board the white cabs, remember verify the meter is running.

3.  Bargaining and negotiating

For short trips, fixing the price beforehand might not be the best way to proceed for the visitors. But for the longer hauls, negotiating the prices might be right way to proceed. Remember, few drivers tend to renegotiate the deal upon arrival. To stay safe, it is better to conform the deal before starting the ride.

4.  Paying the cab fare

For the unmetered taxis, it is always the best policy to fix the fare before starting ride. The cab drivers might show theatrics about the fare, but try to stick to the deal. However, a small tip at the end of the ride can be much appreciated.  

5.  Sharing the ride with the someone

In Egypt taxi, sharing the ride is common. If you do not mind sharing your cab with others, then sit in the front seat (recommended for men, women usually sit in the passenger seat).

Common Terms You Can Use While Talking to the Cab Drivers

While talking to the cab driver, try to include the following phases for a maximum impact:

a.  Ana Ayiz Aruuh = I want to go to
b.  Inta Arif ...? = Do you know…?
c.  Khosh Shemalak = Turn/go left
d.  Ala Tuul = Straight
e.  Khosh Yemeenak/Shemalak = Turn right/left
f.  Shukran = Thank-you
g.  Lil Mataar = To the Airport
h.  Hena Kwayyis = Stop here (here is fine)
i.  Mashi = OK
j.  Min Fadlak = Please

Egypt taxi is cheap and easy to find, until you think on deciding upon the fare. But overall, the ride can be fun and exciting for a traveler.

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