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Feluccas in Egypt

The traditional wooden sailing boat, or felucca, is often a favorite among the tourists streaming down the serpentine Nile. Despite the presence of motorboats, often tourists can be seen lining up to board these vessels for a quieter ride.

The feluccas in Egypt have often been romanticized in numerous verses, and a ride on them gives you an up-close view of the Nile River. The traditional sailboats, powered by wind-energy are safer on the environment.

Usually, most of the Nile cruises on feluccas start from Aswan, passing on to Kom Ombo, Edfu, Esna, and often ending at Luxor. The tour operators often organize three to four-night trip, with overnight stay onboard.

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Since feluccas are not permitted to sail post - 8:00 pm, the boats stop sailing at evening. However, for the entertainment of the guests the ship’s crew often organizes stargazing and small parties depending on the passengers onboard.

What to Expect on a Trip?

With trip is mostly bare, minus the luxuries of the life. Guest often sleeps on the deck (visitors are expected to bring their sleeping bags), eating basic food during the trip. For shower and nature calls, guest need to head to support boat accompanying the main vessel.

How to Plan a Trip on Feluccas in Egypt?

Arranging a Felucca trip is easy, if you know the basics. If you prefer hiring a tour operator for arranging the trip, then it is always better to take the help reputed operators. But, organizing a felucca trip on your own is also possible, and often less stressful. Ideal for budget travelers, booking a Feluccas trip from reputed tour operator is often recommended.

Talk to the captains of the vessel, inspect the boat, before picking one for the trip over the Nile River. Usually, six to eight passengers can comfortably sit on the vessel. The tickets might cost close to LE250 per day for one person, but the rates are subjected to change. Also, nominal chares for registration is required to be paid up front. Food is often included into the trip, but is mostly basic - fava bean paste (fuul) and bread.

Some Important Tips for Tourists

1. Before boarding the trip, ensure that the trip includes food

2. Negotiating the price and getting on a sweeter deal is always recommended for the trip. But, make sure you do not haggle too much, or you might end up with a grumpy captain and basic food.

3. Many women travelers on ride on feluccas in Egypt have complaint about instances of assault and groping in the past. It is important to stay wary of the same.

4. Feluccas do come with no onboard toilets, so travelers do have to go overboard or wait for the vessel to stop at the port. Many captains now include basic toilet tents or accompanying supports for the trip.

Feluccas, the traditional sailboats of Egypt, have been sailing on the heart of Nile for ages. These boats, often romanticized by writers and poets, are smaller in size and often provide peaceful ride to the tourists. So, are you planning on boarding feluccas in Egypt? Let us know how the trip went.

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