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An Ultimate Guide for Nile Cruise

The Nile cruise is one of the biggest attractions for tourists coming to Egypt. The romantic view of the Egyptian desert, when the boat slowly passes over the river, and just relax. Back in the days, the cruise was one of the best ways to explore the beautiful monuments of the country. However, you have more options to explore the beautiful pyramids, but still a cruise over the Nile can be a mesmerizing experience.

Egypt Nile Cruise
Egypt Nile Cruise

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The trip, passing over the fertile plains and ancient monuments, can be extraordinary experience for you. Enjoy the slow ride, while the world passes idly.

Cruising over the Nile River – Expectations

Usually, the cruise starts from north, Luxor, passing over Esna, Kom Ombo, and Edfu ending at Aswan to the South. There are cruise itineraries start from Aswan and runs till Luxor, passing over the same destinations. Lasting around four nights, travelers can pick different vessels from old-school paddle steamers to luxurious modern boats. Each of these boats have their own charm and attracts a different set of crowds. Mostly the travel budget and preference would determine which boat you pick up for the voyage.

Most tours operators hire an Egyptologist for a guided tour. These experts help the travelers to uncover the beauty of the ancient marvels of Egypt. Food is often served onboard, and often tastes includes local delights.

★ P.S: Opting for an air-conditioned cabin during the summer months is recommended.

Feluccas and Dahabiyyas

Nile Cruise on Felucca
Nile Cruise on Felucca

Nile cruise on the Egyptian sailing boat or felucca were once the preferred mode of transport for the ancient people of the country. Slow and beautiful trip through the Nile on a felucca starts from Aswan moving northwards towards Luxor. Since most sailing boats do not operate till 8:00 pm, so most boat operators stop sailing post sunset and camp on the boat.

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On the other hand, Dahabiyyas are faster mode of cruising through the river and exploring the beautiful landmarks of Cairo. Some of the highly recommended Dahabiyyas tour operators include Lazuli, La Flâneuse du Nil, and Nile Dahabiya. Interested tourist can opt for personalized tours and good food in while on the trip.


While on the cruisers are available for a round on the Nile, and they usually pick up the same route like Feluccas and Dahabiyyas. Although, a bit shabby, most of these vessels have pools, a restaurant, air conditioning and some other simple pleasure of life.

Since the cruiser is one of the most comfortable modes of travel, it is often opted by travelers coming with kids. Unfortunately, these cruisers have a strict itinerary.

Best Boat to Take for a Cruise on Nile

With more than 200 ferry boats available for Nile cruise, here are some of the few key insights that can help you in finding the best rides for you:

1. For Romantics

The 19th century luxurious sailing boats, Dahabiyyas, are often recommended for a comfortable ride over the Nile. The name translates as ‘the golden one’, and are a fun ride for the tourists.

2.  Most Popular Ones

Stretching between Aswan and Luxor, this route is one of the busiest routes on the river. The boats are often crowded and passengers need to stand in a long line before boarding the boat.

3. Traveling for Adventure

One of the most beautiful boats on the heart of the Nile, the felucca, is an invitation to adventure. An open boat, passing over the river, an easy stroll down the river can be a memorable experience.
Nile Cruise Ship
Enjoy the Sunbath on Nile Cruise Ship

Important Tips while Sailing on a Nile Cruise

•  Best Time to Travel

Usually the summers, from June to August, are the hottest months of the year most tourists do not prefer to take a cruise. Hence the tickets cost the least. On the contrary, tourists’ traffic is slightly higher during the spring time. The busiest season for the Nile cruise runs during the holidays, especially during the Christmas and Easters.

•  When to Sail?

While few tourists prefer taking the night time ferry for the cruise, while others can book the day ferries for the trip. These trips are usually shorter, but surely beautiful to experience.

•  Where to Board for the Cruise?

Cruises starting from Luxor usually lasts a day longer than cruises from Aswan. In case you are worried about the cost of the trip or want to spend less time in Luxor, then starting off from Aswan is recommended.

A cruise on the Nile is often one of the favorite tourists’ activities. Floating on the heart of the Nile, watching the glorious monuments of the passing by can be an enchanting experience. If you love the experience and want soak in the beauty of the Nile, then a voyage on the heart of the river can be worth it.