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Camel Ride in Egypt

Home to one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, Egypt is often included in the bucket list travelers. The scenic pyramids, serpentine Nile passing though lush delta, and beguiling desert offers a pleasant site to the eyes.

If you are in the country for exploring the pyramid, then camel ride in Egypt comes highly recommended. Often quoted as the favorite activity among the tourists, riding camels on the trip to the pyramids is a time-honored tradition. Although, during the summer seasons, riding a camel can be a bit overwhelming.

Egypt Camel Ride
Camel Ride in Egypt
But nothing can beat the charm of watching the Pyramids of Giza on a camel ride.

Camel Riding in Egypt

Exploring the pyramids on a camel ride is a quintessential experience for most tourists. Especially, the sunset rides are breathtaking. Although the ride is often bumpy, this desert excursion has its charm. Interested tourists can opt for camel safaris lasting for days and weeks, and explore uncharted territories in a ‘Laurence of Arabia’-style adventure. For shorter trips, approaching the Bedouins and local camel owners is recommended.

Why Book a Camel Ride?

First, let’s talk why you should book a camel ride. One of the biggest advantages of camel ride in Egypt is accessibility. More experienced camel handlers can help you in finding the right routes to the pyramids, often barred by the security. The possibility to ask questions and learn more about the Egyptian culture can enrich the trip.

The camel rides often start from the Pyramid of Khafre, and ends near Sphinx. However, the routes can be customized, for an added fee.

What to Expect?

Firstly, camel rides can be bumpy and rough – especially for people with no experience in riding animals. You might often have to get through a rough and bumpy ride. Often tourists, upon reaching the pyramid, are raced by tour guides and camel handlers, which is often an overwhelming experience.

Some guides, end up charging more than the quoted amount at the end of the ride. As a piece of advice, talk to the hotel concierge about the rates of camel torus before heading out – it can help in preparing for the upcoming situation.

Camel Ride in Egypt
Watch the Pyramids of Giza on a Camel Ride

Where to Book Camel Rides?  

The Giza, located close to Cairo, is home to Pyramids and camel rides. If you are a photography enthusiast, then the ride on camel is highly recommended. One can book camel rides in advance through local tour operators. Often the trip consists of camel ride around important landmarks of Giza, including the Pyramids and Sphinx.

Visitors, who do not want to include a tour operator in the mix, can book camel tours from the main entrance gate of the Giza pyramids. The camel handlers offer camel ride in Egypt for a fee, and cover almost all the important landmarks of place. Tourists even opt for authorized stables close to the pyramids for a comfortable ride.

It is recommended to fix the price to beforehand, to avoid issues later. The camels are often dressed up for colorful saddle and jewelry, making them look pretty against the monochrome desert background.

· PS: Remember to add on a tip or Baksheesh for the camel rider at the end of the trip.

How Much to Pay?

Post 2015, the government has taken a tough stance to cap the price for tours around the Egypt. As per the latest bulletins, standard rate for offer camel ride in Egypt ranges around 50 Egyptian Pounds for 30 minutes, excluding tip. Also, the tourism department of the country has set signages throughout the tourist places.

Best Time for a Camel Ride

Ideally, from March to October, early morning trips are recommended. The sky is clear and view is perfectly clear with minimal haze. However, during the winter months morning haze is common and can blur the view. Usually, the haze clears out by the noon – giving out a perfect view of the pyramids.

Overall, camel ride in Egypt can be a memorable experience. Do make it a point to explore the landmarks of Giza, and get the best view of the pyramids from the Panoramic Point.

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