Top 5 Cambodia Night Markets

Cambodia is one of the places in South East Asia that hosts thousands of travelers every year from across the world. The varied landscapes, the authentic Cambodian cuisine and the lively Cambodian night markets attract several people every year to this place.

No matter if you are a shopaholic or not, visiting the night markets in Cambodia would be an experience in itself. Even if you stay away from purchasing, and the hardcore bargains, the ambiance of the market places will take you off your spirit. The best part about these markets is that all of these markets offer almost the same varieties of products.

Here are some of the popular night markets in Cambodia that you cannot skip during your stay in the country. You can buy plenty of local crafts, textile items, souvenirs, gifts, clothing, lacquer items, from these Cambodian night markets.

1. Angkor Night Market

Angkor night market is truly the shopper’s paradise. If you are looking for some authentic Cambodian clothing items or craft items, make sure that you visit this Cambodian night market to reveal the best of Cambodia’s craft. There are more than 200 bamboo hut shops that sell various handmade items in this market. Most of these shops are set up by the NGOs and the local people.

This Cambodian night market was founded in the year 2007 to lend economic sustenance to the local craftsman and to keep the traditional Khmer handicraft alive.

Quick Facts:

•    Location: Off Shivatha Boulevard, Siem Reap, Cambodia
•    Visiting Time: 4:00 pm to midnight daily
•    What to buy: Handmade jewelry, T-shirts, postcards, food, snacks, Silk, textile, etc.

2. Old Market (Phasr Chas)

It is one of those paces in Cambodia where the local people come to shop. Hence, you can imagine the authenticity of the products sold here. All the local items can be found here and at reasonable rates as the market primarily sales to the native people. Of all the Cambodian Night Markets, the Phsar Chas or the old market has a different charm. Mostly the products of daily necessities are sold here.

You will get more of hooked hanging fishes, peeled chicken, and other such stuff here instead of fancy items. However, to know the soul of the country, paying a visit to this place can be a smart choice.

Quick Facts:

•    Location: Phsar Chas Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia
•    Visiting Time: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm daily
•    What to buy: Fish, chicken, spiced frogs, rice, food, meal, snacks, etc.  

3. Made In Cambodia Market

Buying something marked with a made in Cambodia emblem always seems to be an enchanting idea when visiting Cambodia. The made in Cambodia market is one of the famous Cambodian night markets that sell plenty of crafts and other items made by the renowned local artisans. It is located opposite to the Shinta Mani resort in Siem Reap and is famous for the wide range of performances held here.

Though the average price of the products might seem to be a little higher than the other Cambodian night markets, the items sold here are definitely unique in every sense as well.

Quick Facts:

•    Location: Street 27, Achar Sva Street, Krog Siem Reap
•    Visiting Time: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm every Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday
•    What to buy: Clothes, cosmetics, jewellery, paintings, spices, toys, fruits, etc.

4. Angkor Handicraft Association

If watching the art on the making is on your mind, opting for this Angkor handicraft market would be the smartest choice. Besides shopping for some of the finest crafts made in Cambodia, you can also get to see the artisans working on their art here. If exploring and knowing the place is on your mind, this Cambodian night market can be a true guide.

Quick Facts:

•    Location: Road 60, Traing Village, Siem Reap
•    Visiting Time: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm daily
•    What to buy: Original handwoven silk, silverware, bronze statues, paintings, bags, etc.

5. Noon Night Market

The best and the unique thing associated with this Cambodian night market is that 10% of its profit goes to an orphanage. It is located between the Angkor night market and the Sivutha Boulevard and the walkways are covered with silk lamps and fans to keep the road comfortable. You can also find some of the authentic Khmer delicacies here.

There are plenty of massage parlors and restaurants available in this market where the visitors can unwind after shopping.

Quick Facts:

•    Location: Vithey Charles de Gaulle, Khum Slorkram, Siem Reap
•    Visiting Time: Midday to Midnight daily
•    What to buy: Local art, handicraft, jewelry, food, Khmer cuisine, clothing, textile, etc.

If you have plans to visit Cambodia for the next holidays, make sure that you have researched well about the night markets in Cambodia to explore the destination at its best. Besides sopping, the outstanding and enthralling experience that these market places will render you would be a lifetime memory.

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