Bangalore Weather

Mother nature has blessed Bangalore very pleasant and a very moderate climate. In this place, neither you tremble in the cold during winter, nor you feel drenched in sweat in summer. Bangalore weather boasts of cozy cold winters and warm summers. Located in southern India, this capital city of Karnataka State is also known as the “Silicon Valley of India” or “IT Capital” with numerous world-famous IT firms.

Bangalore weather is favorable throughout the year, which makes it a tourist attraction in India. Bangalore temperature rises up to 38℃ (100℉) decently warm summer and drops to 10℃ (50℉) during winter with fog-filled early mornings. Being in the southern part of India, monsoon hits early between June to August with an average rainfall up to 970 mm and a humid filled temperature up to 25℃ (77℉).

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Bangalore Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Winter (December to next February)

Bangalore weather is very peaceful and pleasant during winters that start from the end of November and lasts till February. On an average temperature range between 12 to 31℃ (53 to 87). An excellent time to explore the city with numerous options like Bangalore Palace (4.2/5 star), Bannerghatta Biological Park (4.2/5 star), Cubbon Park (4.4/5 star) are recommended to visit.

Bangalore climate being generous leads us to try out outfits on our own. Best clothes to wear in Bangalore in winter are jackets, shrugs, sweaters, woolen cardigans, thermals, sweatshirts, long overcoats.

Tip: Trip to Bangalore in the winter season can be a bit cold than usual season, so do not forget to carry woolen clothes.

Summer (March to June)
Temperature reaches the peak level in May and June. In the day, you can visit some indoor attractions and go outside in the early morning and at night. Sunscreen is one of the most important necessities for you to travel in summer, and you should better take other sun-protective products like sunhat, parasol and so on. In general, it is not very recommended to travel there during this period.Gujarat weather is too hot and dry in summer. On an average, Gujarat temperature at daytime is 41℃ (105℉) in summer and 29℃ (85℉) at night. This arid weather in Gujarat creates difficulties for tourist to travel around the state. Still, as the state has full of climate diversity, you can visit Saputara, Bhavnagar, Patan, Marine National Park, Palitana, Diu, Thol Lake bird sanctuary in summer. In summer, you must keep your sunglasses and plenty of napkins with you. Also, while travelling, avoid wearing full sleeves and skin-tight clothes. Cotton made clothes, shorts, spaghetti, knee-length cotton dresses, loose shirts are the best clothes to wear in Gujarat during summer. Travel tip for summer is that always carry water cooler bag with you.In Bangalore, summer starts from March and stays till June. During summer weather in Bangalore goes up to 38℃ (100) in a day while the temperature drops down by 20℃ (68) at night, which makes it pleasurable stroll around. MG Road (4/5 star), Lal Bagh Botanical Garden (4.4/5 star), Wonder la water park (4.5/5 star).  

Men can try out some cool and trendy cotton printed shirts to comfort heat and shorts or tracks with t-shirts, chinos with loafers, sunglasses, hats, etc. whereas women are pooled with plenty of options from tank tops, maxis, palazzo pants, kurtis, leggings along with sneakers, sandals, and sunglasses are best and comfortable to carry.

Tip: Stay in central business districts to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams.

Monsoon Season (July to October)
Average rainfall in Gujarat varies throughout the state. Day temperature in monsoon decreases to In Southern India, a monsoon hits first, and in Bangalore, it starts by the end of June and stays till October. Bangalore weather during monsoon reaches around 28℃ (82.4) in a day, and 19℃ (66.2) makes it a pleasing night. During monsoon, Bangalore receives an average of 970 mm.

Some of the famous and beautiful places to visit during monsoon are Nandi Hills (4.4/5 star), Skandagiri (4/5 star) and Savandurga (3.8/5 star). Water-resistant jackets, sneakers, shorts, tracksuits are some of the best outfits for men. Women can try shorts, knee-length skirts, capris along with sneakers. Also, they can carry sunglasses and umbrellas during their travel.

Tip: Never forget to check the monsoon forecast while planning for trek for any unpredictability showers. in the night. Few times rain causes a flood-like situation in some cities. While desertic areas remain dry most of the time, in monsoon, you can visit the Statue of Unity, Gira Waterfalls, Dandi Beach, Wilson Hills, Taranga Jain Temple, Parnera, Valsad, Saputara, etc. While travelling, avoid wearing floor touch dresses. It is more recommended to wear dresses that can dry quickly after becoming wet, such as silk, synthetic and semi cotton clothes. You can wear dark colour pants of 3/4th length, t-shirts, skirts. Also, keep rubber sandals and flip-flops with you.