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10 Best Adventure Places in Mumbai

Mumbai and adventure kind of go hand in hand. The buzzing metropolitan with its rush and fast-paced lifestyle is a city that has it all - scenic horizons, mystic landscapes and for the ones who need some adrenaline kick, Mumbai’s curriculum vitae is envious. From treks to water rafting to paragliding, adventure places in Mumbai offer themselves with open arms to the thrill seekers and those who have a taste for the bitter.

Things to do:

1. Mud Rush – This is Asia’s first Mud Run with fifteen obstacle courses filled with Mud. The attraction of this 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) long track and obstacle race filled with ice, fire, and mud, comes down to the energy drink at the beginning and the beer at the finish line and of course, the barbecue. With the growing determination of staying fit, this challenge welcomes participants for charity purposes of all ages. Tickets are available online when there is an event. The venue and timings keep changing and it is advisable to get acquainted with it at the time of booking.

2. Smaaash – Held at the Kamla Mills at the Lower Parel region, Smaaash is a Star Sports initiative to combine the best of sports, music, and food under one roof in blissful harmony. Experience sports like Sky Karting, Bowling, Laser Battles, and Cricket with internationally famed cricketers, virtual reality games and many others. It’s a popular go-to adventure place in Mumbai with friends as well as with kids to let go and enjoy the unexplored side of your mundane everyday persona.

3. H2O Water Sports – The water sports park is home to a plethora of extreme water activities like Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Wind Surfing, Rowing, Cruising, Speed Boating and many more for the citizens of Mumbai and the tourists visiting the city. For the newbies, there are training instructors and courses to guide you along your favoured and chosen sport. It’s just opposite the Charni Road station, which is in the Girgaon Chowpatty area of the famed Marine Drive.

4. Flight Simulator – ‘Flight 4 Fantasy’ lets you live your wildest dream of flying an airplane, without the stress of a hijacking of course. You can either choose a domestic ship or a fancier commercial Boeing 737 from the menu of airplanes at your disposal. Located in the Phoenix Market City of Kurla, this highly sought after experience requires reservation beforehand as all the time slots are usually tightly packed. The costs of the sessions start from Rs. 1,000 and can go up to Rs. 3,500 for one hour. There are also a couple of celebration packages with extra addons for a hike in the price as well.

5. Let’s Play – This adventure sports and activities centre in Thane is one of the best adventure places in Mumbai among families with children where they can easily spend a good chunk of time, taking part in various indoor activities like dodgeball, trampoline jumping, wall climbing, slam dunk ring and a host of other challenges. The place ensures a thrilling and exciting, over the edge experience for kids and their families as well as friends. The charges are Rs. 500 for one and a half hours which may rise to Rs. 600 on the weekends.

6. Hakone – Located opposite the Nirvana Park in Powai amidst the Hiranandani Gardens, this place is most famous for Go Karting and Paintball fights, but also offers adventure activities like Bumper Cars, Bull Rides (not real ones of course) among other things. A perfect place to unwind your leisure evening or afternoon, this place is equally enjoyable for kids as well as adults, whether with family or friends. It’s open every day from 2:30 PM to 9 PM, with entry fees starting from Rs. 140. The place is well connected by buses and cabs and is one of the best adventure places in Mumbai for the youth of the city.

7. Essel World and the Water Kingdom – Together standing as the largest water theme park in India and one of the largest in Asia, these theme parks together make up for a must-visit adventure place in Mumbai for any adventure sports lover. The theme park offers rides and rollercoasters for adults and kids. From Shot–N–Drop, Top Spin, Hoola Loop and others for the adults to Kangaroo Hop, Boat Ride, Carousels for the children to virtual reality rides like Tunnel Twister, Copper Chopper and others for the families, this place offers nothing but a gala time with adrenaline pumped experience. Tickets for a combined one day tour of both the parks cost around Rs. 1,400 for adults and Rs. 950 for children. Gates open at 10:30 AM in the Gorai region of Mumbai.

8. Della Adventure Park – Located in Lonavala, it’s one of the popular adventure places in Mumbai for the inhabitants and visiting tourists. This place offers adventure activities and sports like Sky Cycling, Paintball Fight, Dirt Bike Racing, Zorbing, Buggy Rides and many others. The park also offers accommodation options in the lush green hills of Lonavala. From suites to adventure camps, you name it, and they’ll probably have it.

9. Paragliding (Kamshet) – Located approximately at a distance of 110 kilometers (68 miles) from Mumbai, this is an absolute must-visit for adventure lovers looking to warm up their thrill muscles. There are instructional training programs as well as pro paragliding experiences available as per demand, with prices starting from Rs. 2,500. Accommodation options are also available to spend a day in this isolated hamlet.

10. Kalsubai Trek Peak – Standing at the height of 5,400 ft, this is the highest peak of Maharashtra, and therefore is a hotspot among trekking enthusiasts from all over the country. The top offers a breathtaking view of the Bhandardara Dam, which is another popular adventure place near Mumbai. The temple of local deity Kalsubai is located at the top of the summit. The nearest railway station is Kasara and from Mumbai, one has to take a bus or cab to reach hear after getting down at Bari village, the base of this trek.
Mumbai with its modern lifestyle and increase in the young population has seen growth in the adventure sports and activities business. Mumbai and adventure become a wonderful match, offering a vast plate of adventure activities and sports and parks, but only for the ones who dare.

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