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6 Wow Vietnam Destinations

Long associated with backpackers and that enjoyable river activity known as ‘tubing’, Vietnam has always been known as a budget destination getaway. Whether you eat at a market or your hotel, the food and produce in Vietnam is fresh, healthy and definitely delicious. Don't forget to taste the traditional pho soup for breakfast, or find out what fruit is in season! Try banh mi on the native shores to know the real taste of Vietnam!

The country is a hotbed of amazing spas. How about trotting over pebbles on a shallow pond, and relaxing into a coconut oil massage with warm suction cups!

Do we need to say more to establish how diverse Vietnam is in terms of attractions? Here’s a list of Vietnam destinations you cannot miss:

1.  Muong Hoa Valley, Sa Pa, Lào Cai Province

Rice Fields, Mu Cang Chai
Trekking in Sa Pa Rice Fields

Sa Pa has the biggest market in the province but is famous for the splendid beauty of the terraced rice fields. The fields are located in the steep area and stretch towards the Hoàng Liên National Park. The trekking tours in Sa Pa have organized trips to these rice fields.

Apart from the poetic beauty, Muong Hoa Valley has been the must-go destination of Vietnam because of the mysterious ancient rocks located among the greenery and rice terraces. To indulge with the ethnic minorities here is also one of the loved parts of the journey. Sprawling across more than 4km (2.5mi) long, 2km (1.24mi) wide, there are close to 159 rocks maintained in mysterious patterns and is the rendezvous of many research scientists who study about the geological condition of the area. In fact, the ancient carving area is named as the national relics, as it embodies the unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese people. Ban Pho Village has almost all of populations of the ancient rock field. They are filled with beautiful carvings which expresses unique meanings. Most of scientists evaluate that this is a great heritage of mankind, which transcends the aesthetic value and is more significant in terms of spirituality.  Many starts the Sapa tour when they set foot on the wonderful valley.

Why go there?

Enjoy an overnight stay with the locals. For solo travellers, this is one of the finest options for an adventurous trip. Above all, the spectacular views of the nature around ensure an unforgettable experience.

2.  Pongour Waterfall, Dalat

Pongour Waterfall in Dalat

Known for its romantic landscapes, rich with valleys, lakes, springs and Pine Hills, Pongour Waterfall is one of the lesser known destination of Vietnam with a wow factor to it. Pongour is surrounded with a huge unspoiled forest which makes it one of the most picturesque parts of the country. It is about 40m (44yd) high, 100m (109yd) wide and has polished steps that give the look of a natural amphitheatre! A stream of water powerfully plunges down these seven staircases, and as and how you come closer to the falls, the air starts filling with a loud sound.

Why go there?

The waterfall is imposing, but not frightening. You can nothing but praise this poetic beauty. Not just the tourists, the locals are also love visiting the place to enjoy the serenity.

3.  Son Doong Cave

Son Doong Cave

Ready to explore the biggest cave in the world? You might have seen images of the cave or heard from peers about cave tourism, but unless you visit the place, you will not understand how deep it is. To put it into perspective, this destination of Vietnam is almost a 40-story building with 9 km length. Inside the cave, you can find a jungle and a river. People call the jungle Garden of Edam for that monkeys, foxes and other lovely creatures live here. You can also find fossils ageing three hundred million years old and cave pearls aging over a hundred year. Interestingly, you can see new species of flora around the river and waterfall.

Why go there?

Be one of the first timers and take the unique chance to discover this seldom-visited place on Earth.

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4.  Hoi An

Japanese Bridge in Hoi An Ancient Town
Well-preserved Japanese Coverd Bridge

Located on the coast of the South China Sea, this destination of Vietnam is a UNESCO approved World Heritage Site. Apart from being an important historical place representing a Southeast Asian culture of 15th to the 19th century, this is also one of the best places for the visitors to delve in the natural beauty of the region. You can explore the well-preserved sites such as Elephant Bridge here.

Why go there?

White sandy beaches and a warm climate, it has attracted European tourists for a long time. Did you know Hoi An is also renowned for producing silky lanterns?

5.  Ban Gioc

The panoramic cascade marks the border between the two countries. Originally, the two waterfalls get divided into several smaller plunges because of the topographical design. It is the fourth largest waterfall after Iguazu, Victoria, and Niagara Falls, and marks one of the national borders.

Why go there?

A lot of endemic plant species defines the greenery of the place.  The double waterfall is best valued from the Vietnamese side but also can be reached from China.

6.  Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

The bay on the border with China is punctuated with thousands of limestone pillars distending from the water body. It is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most stunning natural wonders. Ha Long means “descending dragon'' in Vietnamese. This unusual looking karst landscape inspires not just geologists, but artists, science, and painters to frequent this region. Its picturesque scenery has attracted filmmakers for a long time.  Accessible by motorbikes, bus, taxi, ferry, hydrofoil, you can get a direct transfer from the airport. Kayaking, swimming, cave tourism are the common points of interest for visitors planning to stay for longer period.

Why go there?

Visitors can explore the site on the boat tours. There are also caverns and floating fishing villages that add up a unique charm to the location.