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Did You Explore the Vietnam Cave - the Largest One in the World?

There’s no doubt about the beauty of Vietnam and its diverse cultures. But have you been to the mind-boggling caves of Vietnam? Tourists are often in a world of their own after returning from the cave tour in Vietnam. Do you want to know why? Well, let’s find out. You will come across five of the most incredible caves of Vietnam, along with the largest cave in the world. Doesn’t that make you curious? Because the list of inquisitive visitors is growing every year, last year alone this region welcomed over 3.9 million visitors as an attraction to explore the “land of caves”.

Let me list down five caves including the world's largest cave for you.

1. Son Doong and Hang En

Explore Caves in Vietnam

This Vietnam caves are said to be the world’s largest caves which stretches across 38.5 million and 1.6 million cubic meters. However, Hang En is comparatively larger than it was thought to be. Surprisingly, even Son Doong cave is so big that it also has its own jungle inside. Tourists are taken in the batch of six to 10 to have a four-day trek experience, the most visited time of the year is from January – August each year.

There is so much to do that there is no room of being bored. Tourists can thoroughly enjoy by trekking across the cave each day, they can go ahead to explore the inert part of the Son Doong Cave with the help of harnesses. In some of the remote parts of the Hang En Cave, there are places you can experience an underground river swim and enjoy some of the Vietnamese cuisines. The cave journey will undoubtedly be one of the incredible tours you have had.

2. Hang Va and Nuoc Nut

Let’s describe this tour in a much-simplified way possible. In your way to the Vietnam cave of Hang Va and Nuoc Nut Caves, you will come across a long stretch of caves to trek on and brilliant underwater river where you can easily take a swim. To add more excitement to this cave journey, you will also have a place to camp inside the cave.

It’s not wrong to mention that this cave journey will get better as you move along. On your journey in the Hang Va and Nuoc Nut cave, you can hike through the thick jungle, traverse through the subterranean rivers, and climb over rocks to have an adventurous and memorable experience of the cave tourism.

3. Paradise Cave

Vietnam Cave

Another beautiful location that can be explored is the Paradise Cave within the Phong Nha Ke Bang National park. This location was discovered in 2005, and soon after the consent of the British Cave Research Association, this Vietnam caves was opened for travelers. Since then this place is frequently visited by hundreds of tourists every month. For tourist's convenience, the cave is open for two types of visit. First, for a one-kilometer walk through a wooden stair network, second, an overnight excursion of the seven-kilometer hike, which is definitely an elaborate trip.

Pro tip- Always consider the seven-kilometer hike to experience the complete beauty of this cave. This place is sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

4. Tu Lan Cave System

This Vietnam cave system has a realistic back story of fame because after the blockbuster movie Kong-Skull Island, the tourism of this place hyped. The set-up is a wonder to look at and all the campsites are near the waterfalls which make this cave brilliant for all the right reasons. This place is compiled of ten different caves which can take around four-five days to explore.

The most popular being the two-day excursion which is through Hang Tien. This cave was named after the enchanting rock formation which resembled the terrace rice cultivations. Tourists also have the chance to go through dry caves and jungle trek. For cave lovers who wouldn’t enjoy swimming, these dry caves will be a perfect gateway.

5. Sung Sot

Sung Sot

This place is very famous for its incredible limestone islands that peak out of the water along with many caves. Sung Sot is the most surprising cave of all which is located in the Bon Hon Island; and it was discovered by a French explorer in the year 1901. It’s a very spacious cave which is around 10,000 square meters. There are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites which often take the shape of flora and fauna. To keep the travelers entertained, there are a lot of folklores surrounding the shape of the flora and fauna which makes the journey even more interesting.

If you sign up for a boat tour, then it is sure to include the Sung Sot cave. The tourists are taken to the entrance and left on their own to explore the area for a few hours.

Safety Tips

Apart from the perfect location of caves to explore, you will also need some important tips to keep you safe. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, or an experienced cave explorer, sticking by some basic rules can always prove to be a savior.

•    Remember to stay with the group
•    Know the limits for remote cave exploring
•    Wear safety helmet, knee and elbow pads for safety
•    Stay warm to avoid hypothermia
•    Be careful while swimming

These points are important to remember because it says a lot about preparation before you hit the road for exploring the Vietnam caves. To stay safe from any unusual or unwanted situations, know that caves have a hard surface, slippery bedding, steep descents, and cold temperature; these details are enough for you to prepare your backpack accordingly. Safety comes first if you want to continue exploring the breathtaking beauty of Vietnam caves.

Undoubtedly, these stunning caves are an incredible discovery of Vietnam and there are many more yet to be discovered. If you love exploring the beauty of closed caves and magnificent rock formations, then Vietnam is the place to be. Follow the safety tips and make good use of every minute you spend inside the caves.

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