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Five Loved Vietnam Sunset Destinations for Shutterbugs

For shutterbugs, Vietnam is a destination with a lot of potentials. The country is well-known for its spectacular beauty, and gorgeous landscape. Apart from that, the breathtaking Vietnam sunset and sunrise view cannot be described in words. Overall, the country is a photographer's paradise.    

Covered in the blanket of green, Vietnam is a lot more than a war-ravaged country. It has ancient monuments, significantly old ports, and bustling streets that reflect life. If you are an old school romantic and have a flair for photography, then here are some of the destinations you must visit.  

Apart from being stunning, the places are especially popular among the shutterbugs for its sunset spots. Here are some of the popular Vietnam sunset destinations. Although this is not an exhaustive list, it is a start.   

1. Hоі An

Located in the Quang Nam Province, Hoi An, an ancient town with a lot of history, is sure the best Vietnam sunset destination. The city has been an important port city in the late 14th/ 15th century. During its peak, the city was visited by travelers and merchants from far European and West Asian countries. When talking about photography, the city has several subjects that are worthy of attention. Photographers feel Hoi An is an extraordinary destination, with its colorful streets and simple residents. Hoi An’s romantic aura is simply addictive and worth a thousand clicks.

Places to capture the sunset:

• Banks of the Thu Bồn River
• The Cua Dai bridge, close to the inlets of Cam Nam
• Co Hoa, at the end of the night market

Sunset View, Hoi An
Sunset view in Hoi An

Colorful Lanterns at Night

2. Phu Quoc Island

One of the popular destinations of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island is one of the preferred locations for capturing the beauty of the country. The pristine beaches of Phu Quoc attract travelers, who come with their camera and lenses to capture its beauty. Although a popular tourist spot, you will find certain pockets of the city, which have still retained its authenticity. So bring in your wide-angle lenses, and capture the beauty of this tourist-friendly place.

P.S: People are very amicable, and a few words of Vietnamese are enough to enchant them. Try to include them in your Vietnam sunset images, to make the composition more attractive.

Places to capture the sunset:

• Hon Mot Bridge

• Rach Vem, a small village on the coast of Phu Quoc Island

• Beaches of Phu Quoc Island

Charming Sunset View of Phu Quoc Island

3. Mui Ne

The diverse landscape of Vietnam will surprise anyone who is not familiar with its geography. Just 20 miles off Mui Ne are the White Sand Dunes, which offer a spectacular sunset view. Tourists will have to hire taxis to reach this place. Close to the magnificent Bau Trang Lake, the area is ideal for landscape photography. Even if tourists crowd sunsets at Mui Ne and White Sand Dunes, still it is worth a visit. Mui Ne attracts a lot of tourists looking for adventure. Apart from photography, you can go for quad biking or jeep safari for some adventure. The place is well-known for its water sports activities. Windsurfing and Kite Surfing come highly recommended.       

Places to capture the sunset:

• White sand dunes

• Bau Trang Lake

• Mui Ne Beach (less crowded in the evening)

Mui Ne Beach
Less People on Mui Ne Beach

4. Chаu Dос, An Gіаng

The Chau Doc is a tranquil village, located in the Mekong Delta, close to the Cambodian-Vietnamese border. Located in the An Gіаng Province, the town lies on the riverside of the enchanting Mekong Delta River; it is probably one of the popular destinations to capture the Vietnam sunset. From specific points, one can view the portions of the Cambodian landscape. The sunset view is spectacular and worth a million pictures. But that’s not all. The peaceful destination with its simple residents can make up as an excellent subject for any photography lover. Tourists who like to travel to offbeat locations, the Chau Doc could be an excellent destination.

Places to capture the sunset:

• Rice paddy field on the border areas

• Top the Sаm Mоuntаіn, with the view of the entire Mekong Delta

5. Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass

Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass, Vietnam’s mightiest mountain pass, is one of the most stunning places to enjoy sunrise and sunset. From the top of the mountain, one can have the panoramic view of the entire valley, and capture the ever-flowing Nho Que River. Located in the Ha Giang province, the mountain is the perfect place to bid goodbye to the day. According to many, the slow transition of light at the Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass makes it a suitable destination for landscape photography.  

Places to capture the sunset:

• Summit of the mountain

• West facing viewing points on the way to the summit

Honorable mention:

Although, the list contains some important destinations for sunset photography in Vietnam, here are some honorable mentions. Apart from the beautiful natural landscape, and stunning sunset views, places like Bai Xep are way less crowded than other popular destinations of Vietnam.

• Bai Xep

• Tam Coc

• Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge, Hanoi
Long Bien Bridge, Hanoi

Some things to remember while photographing in Vietnam

• Always carry versatile lenses, instead of bulky photography gear.

• People in Vietnam are friendly and helpful. Although a bit camera shy, they might willingly participate in your photos.

• The weather in Vietnam is a bit unpredictable, and it could rain during the photography expedition. So carrying ponchos and umbrellas, as well as waterproof bags for the camera gear, comes highly recommended.

• Instead of a crowded tourist destination, exploring the off-beaten tracks can have more fruitful results.

• Always be alert, or you will miss a spectacular opportunity photo-wise.

• Wear comfortable shoes.


Vietnam is an interesting country, colored with different shades of green. The panoramic view of the valley from the top of the Ma Pi Leng Mountain, or watching the shades of red during the sunset at White Sand Dunes of Mui Ne are some of the iconic locations of the country.  
Photography lovers won’t be disappointed with the beauty of Vietnam.