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Travel Advice for Hurghada

As one of most popular tourism destinations in Egypt, Hurghada is noted for its scenic landscape, all-year-around temperate climate, natrual beaches and an abundance of watersports. The travel advice for Hurghada that travelers can keep in mind are:

1. Beaches & water parks are the gate to the absolute excitement and fun

Hurghada is famous for its beaches and water parks. Tourists must not miss the water parks and must plan long beach days, to enjoy and rest by the waters. Hurghada lies in a warm area and usually receives the warmth of the sun, all the year round. The February is the coldest month of Hurghada, when the water cools down to 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 ℉) to 20 degrees Celsius (68 ℉) and the temperature of air remains 23 degrees (73.4 ℉) Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius (77 ℉) . the hottest month in Hurghada is the month of August when the temperature of the water reaches to 28 degrees Celsius (82.4 ℉) or more and the air temperature rises to 35 degrees Celsius (95 ℉) . One can escape the winters and enjoy the warm beaches of Hurghada all year round.

2. Visits to historical religious monuments complete the trip

Another travel advice for Hurghada is going for the rich historical heritage. It is advised to plan a visit to the religious monuments that Hurghada beholdsTourists must visit the mosque named after Abdul Hassan Al Shazli. The mosque lies in the old part of the city and is a treat to ones’ eyes.  It was built with light stones and is a beautiful architectural monument. Monastery of St. Anthony, Monastery of St. Paul, and the Mons Claudianus are worthy of visit too.

3. Walking is best way to discover the city's charm

The travel advice for Hurghada for the visiting tourists is being ready for some romantic walks in the city. The city has many popular alleys which are colourful and vivacious. The decorated lights accompanied with the colourful fountains set the mood of the visitors. The picturesque alley and the music are refreshing and enjoyable. The district of Sahl Hasheesh is perfect for such endeavours.

4. A cultural trip to the Bedouin settlements is an unforgettable experience

Travellers must plan a visit to the Bedouin settlements that lies 30km (18.6 mi) away from Hurghada. Though the journey to the village might be tiring but the experience will be special and unique. Tourists can experience the rural, rustic lives of the local people. Tourists are allowed to spend evenings in the village and enjoy the wholesome food prepared by the villagers. The most interesting part of the trip can be the camel rides and tourists can also collect some local souvenirs from the local artisans.

5. Do not miss the desert safari 

Hurghada is also the owner of the beautiful natural treasure of Egypt. Tourists and travellers must enjoy the beauty of the deserts, while the sea gives enough scope for exploration. There is a travel advice for Hurghada for tourists: to try the adventure sports such as quad biking and camel rides while enjoying the beauty of Hurghada. One can also plan a ride of just 12 km (7.5 mi) to Gebel Shayeb El-Banat - the second highest mountain of the country.

Travel Tips for the Travelers

•  Travelers must try to drink bottled waters available in different stores. They may face problems with the water available, due its alien taste.

•  The standard European style sockets are available in hotels. One can ask for an adapter or buy one from a local store.

•  The easiest and affordable way to make long, international calls is to use street phones. They use a special yellow card, which is easily available in every stores.

•  One can use national currency to pay bills and to buy stuffs- but there are various restaurants that accept international cards and U.S dollars and euros.

•  The tourists planning for a visit to the discos must note that the discos charge an entry fee, while that includes the drink charges.

•  There are various car rental services. One can get a car after producing their international driver’s licence and a credit card with the deposited money. Someone under the age of 25 and drivers with less than a year of driving experience will not get a car.

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