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10 Best Restaurants in Mumbai You Should Never Miss

“There is no love sincerer than the love for food” correctly said by George Bernard Shaw.

Pull up a chair. Taste the food. Enjoy the moment. The love for food attracts people from everywhere surpassing the boundaries of religion, race, and cultures. Mumbai, the beating pulse of India, has a plethora of best places to satisfy a hungry stomach. The mouth-watering food and the melting taste takes your senses to a whole new level. Mumbai never disappoints when it comes to dealing with taste buds. It turns on your senses and makes you experience food on a whole another level.

The vibrancy of colored spices and the inextricable link with the taste of the Indian subcontinent makes the food of Mumbai extremely famous boasting about the fine dining experience to savor and fall in love with.

Here are the 10 best restaurants in Mumbai that will make you delight in the diverse food culture of the city. These places promise a starring experience and the taste of the city which you should never miss:

1. Table

One of Asia’s 500 best restaurants, the Table is one of the biggest culinary hits of our time. The black and white floors, green velvet architecture, silky curtains, and the sparky cocktails emanate a jazzy vibe that is appealing to the customers. The cuisine of the restaurant is simple and pure. The distinctive style of cooking of dishes such as lobster sliders, quesadillas with green pea guacamole, beet and mascarpone risotto makes this restaurant quite popular. The locally produced vegetables, meat, and fish create a vibrant menu for customers that is ingredient-driven. The modernization of traditional recipes inspired from all over the world is one of the qualities that makes it such a popular restaurant in Mumbai.

2. Wasabi by Morimoto

Wasabi is a traditional Japanese restaurant that offers a gorgeous view of the Gateway of India in Mumbai. The fiery interior decor that depicts cherry blossoms and traditional wooden Japanese joinery walls will give the feeling of dining in Japan. For all those who are not a very big fan of sake and sushi, this restaurant also serves vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan meals. The spices from Tokyo paired with the multicultural cooking technique by the staff make it a decent place to dine in.

3. Bastian

A modern two-floor restaurant that boasts of some of the finest seafood in the city, Bastian is on the list of 10 best restaurant in Mumbai and an Instagram worthy place that serves vegetarian dinners besides being a seafood-forward restaurant. This restaurant has an Asian-inspired setting that attracts Bollywood A-listers. You can’t skip the famous lobster roll, butter-poached lobster, and black-pepper crab. The snapper carpaccio, made with high-quality seasonal ingredients, is also popular among the customers.

4. The Clearing House

The Calicut Lane at Ballard Estate houses a 4000 square feet restaurant named The Clearing House, high-ceiling gastronomic extravaganza. This restaurant is divided into two sections: one is the area of the main bar with beige-colored circular booths that provide privacy to the customers. The outside section is lighted up by the natural light of the day. It is a quiet area and the eatery is split into the sunlight foyer that is ideal for a Sunday brunch and a more subtle and sombre chamber during the evening. The delectable food includes tacos, broths, salads risottos and the desserts include tarts, cookies, flans, panna cotta, and ice-creams.

5. O Pedro

For a slick restaurant and bar experience, this Portuguese-inspired upscale setting restaurant serves dishes such as Aunty Castro’s fish mousse, chorizo fry, green katana races with bhatura, and the popular dish called the poee, a house-baked sourdough that comes with a choice of four kinds of butter. Keep aside some space for the exotic desserts like the pastel de nata (warm egg custard tarts), chocolate and olive oil mousse, and bebinca that is worth gaining extra calories!

6. Yauatcha

Located in Bandra Kurla Complex, from its London roots, Yauatcha has spread its outposts all over the world and becomes one of the best restaurant in Mumbai. The restaurant has introduced the city to yum cha culture with its bite-size dim sums. The modern Cantonese eatery is quite familiar with the customers. The Chinese traditional flavour in dishes such as prawn Cheung fun and crispy duck roll cannot be resisted. The restaurant has a scintillating ambience and the combination of cocktail menu and desserts is a great experience for customers.

7. Slink & Bardot

Putting off the chaos and noise of the traffic of Mumbai, Slink & Bardot is reached by walking through the narrow bylanes. Do not be put off by the route, this place is worth visiting. It is a refurbished bungalow that provides the perfect elegance environment and tasty French food. This best restaurant in Mumbai is famous for its brie en route, a filo pastry that encases the cheese brushed with lavender honey. The vegetarians also relish the miso-glazed aubergine steak that comes with crispy okra, orange and brown butter and toasted almonds.

8. Britannica & Co.

Opened in the 19th century by the Zoroastrians from Iran, this magnificent restaurant is a vintage heritage eatery that is located in the genteel prescient of Mumbai’s Ballard Estate. This restaurant is the oldest symbol of the dying Parsi cuisine. This time capsule from the Mumbai’s past is a beautiful restaurant that boasts of its famous berry pulao with dhansak along with the creme caramel.

9. The Bombay Canteen

Housed in an old colonial bungalow, The Bombay Canteen is located amidst the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. The regional Indian dishes with a modern twist is served to its customers. It is a cafe and bar that presents the food from diverse regions of the country with familiar spicy flavours. The bar is also a great place to hang out which has a unique selection of classic cocktails with Indian roots.

10. Olive Bar & Kitchen

This best restaurant in Mumbai located in Khar is a flagship restaurant of the Olive Group and is famous for its celebrity sightings. This restaurant has its legacy for over 18 years with flavours that are clean, international, and hearty. The signature dishes are the house-cured meats, house-made anchovies and sourdough bread to suit different palates.

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