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Trekking in Cambodia: 7 Best Destinations for You to Go

Cambodia is the perfect trekking destination as it is home to magnificent mountain ranges, rare flora and fauna, vast jungle expanse, ancient temples, and a lot more. There is so much diversity when it comes to the picturesque landscape of Cambodia. Trekking in Cambodia can be very lucrative because of mystical mountain villages, as well as the vast expanse of tropical jungle full of wild elephants. If you are an avid trekker and soon you are planning a visit to Cambodia, then you must visit the below given seven trekking destinations to have the best trekking experience of life.

1. Cardamom Mountains

Trekking in Cambodia will remain incomplete if you do not visit the Cardamom Mountains. Be ready to lose yourself in the largest rainforest of South East Asia. You will get to experience the most thrilling and challenging hiking trail in one of the world's most important biodiversity hotspots. The intact natural beauty, remote hill tribes, magnanimous waterfalls, exotic flora, and fauna will give you the best trekking experience to date. Also, you will get to lodge in some of the coziest homestays in these fantastic mountain ranges. Ecotourism is on the rise here in this network of mountains, grasslands and rain forests. You will fall in love with the panoramic beauty of the region.

Duration: Hiking ranges between 3-7 days
Difficulty: Very hard

2. Phnom Kulen National Park (Kulen Mountains)

This national park got its name from Phnom Mountain, which means Mountain of Lychees. This mountain holds extreme religious values because King Jayavarman II established his Khmer Empire here in the 9th Century. Cambodians, Buddhists as well as Hindus consider this place as sacred. Not only the religious sites, but an ardent trekker will also be able to experience the immaculate hiking trails, gushing waterfalls, exquisite flora and fauna, trickling streams, and a lot more in this region. While your trekking journey, you will also come across the moss-covered stone statues of lions and elephants, remains of ancient temples, etc. amidst the jungle. The magical holy water of Kbai Spean helps a couple to conceive. Undoubtedly, trekking in Cambodia must include this region.

Duration: Hiking is typically 3-4 hours with tours being approximately one day
Difficulty: Moderately easy

3. Virachey National Park

While you are enjoying trekking in Cambodia, make sure you visit the Virachey National Park. Fitness level or busy itinerary nothing matters when it comes to the trekking trail of Virachey National Park. This region offers some of the top trekking opportunities to the hikers. While trekking, you will be able to immerse yourself in the panoramic beauty of Cambodia's untouched, breath-taking wilderness. You may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some of the rarest faunas of South East Asia – Sun bears, Gibbons, Wild Elephants, Giant Ibises, Leopards, Tigers, Hornbills, etc. While trekking in Cambodia in this region, you will also get the chance to interact with the local Cambodian community. You can gain some valuable insights into the details of local hunting, fishing, and farming techniques.

Duration: Hiking ranges from 2-8 days
Difficulty: A little easy

4. Mondulkiri Province

If you want to enjoy trekking in Cambodia, then make sure you take time out for the Mondulkiri province. The meaning of the name is the meeting of the hills. A trekker will fall for the majestic mountains, lush green forests, rolling hills, and traditional ethnic culture. The best part is that this region has so little population. That's why you will have one of the best trekking experiences here. If you take a local Bunong guide along with you, you will get to know so much more about the indigenous people and their day to day lives. Indeed, an enriching experience!

Duration: Hiking ranges from 2-4 days

Difficulty: Not-so-hard

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5. Kep National Park

Trekking in Cambodia finds its true meaning in the hiking trails of Kep National Park. This region is perfect for the beginner's level trekkers. The trails are not that much challenging. You will love the breath-taking beauty of nature. The enchanting pagodas will make your day. If you are someone who prefers the tougher trails, then you must try the "Stairway to Heaven." From here, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Cambodia's Bokor mountain range, the Sunset Rock, the Little Buddha, and a lot more. You do not even need a guide in these hiking trails.

Distance: Up to 8 km
Difficulty: Easy

6. Kirirom National Park

The major attractions of this national park are magnificent waterfalls, serene lakes, pine forests, a variety of flora and fauna, etc. There is an umpteen number of trekking trails in this region. If you are fond of bird watching, then this is the ultimate destination for you. Also, you can feel the thrill of listening to the call of Gibbons in the lush green forests. Kirirom means "Happiness Mountain," and the region aptly justifies the name. This national park is close to the country's capital, yet it feels so serene and tranquil. You can include this region in your itinerary while trekking in Cambodia.

Duration: Hiking ranges from hours to a couple of days
Difficulty: Easy

7. Ream National Park

For all those trekkers who want to take it easy, this place is the perfect trekking destination. It is famous for its breath-taking ocean views, rare flora - fauna collection, magnificent birdwatching experience, panoramic tropical scenery, intact beaches, offshore coral reefs, coastal mangrove forests, and much more.

Distance: Up to 7 km
Difficulty: Easy

If you are planning for trekking in Cambodia, you must try all the above-mentioned places. Undoubtedly you will have a splendid trekking experience in the magical country. Happy trekking in Cambodia!

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