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3 Best Elephant Sanctuaries in Cambodia to Visit

Cambodia is famous for its giant elephants. Travelers from all over the world flock into Cambodia to enjoy a ride on these huge animals. Tourists consider their trip to Cambodia as incomplete if they do not experience an elephant ride.

Trivia about Elephants in Cambodia

•    Number of captive elephants in Cambodia – 75
•    Number of elephants which provide elephant rides in Angkor Wat temple – 14
•    Number of wild elephants in Cambodian forests – 400

Mondulkiri is the hub of elephant sanctuaries in Cambodia. The two significant types of elephant attraction in Mondulkiri are elephant sanctuaries and community elephant projects. There are three main elephant sanctuaries in Mondulkiri region:

•    Mondulkiri Project
•    Elephant Valley Project
•    Mondulkiri Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary
Elephants in Cambodia

If you are in Cambodia, then definitely, you must visit the above three elephant sanctuaries. You will create some memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Following are the in-depth details of elephant sanctuary Cambodia:

1. Mondulkiri Project

•  It is a registered N.G.O. Cambodia Elephant Rescue Organization manages this elephant sanctuary Cambodia. The founder, Mr. Tree, is passionate about forest protection. He also works towards protecting the Asian elephant population.

•  In this elephant sanctuary Cambodia, Bunong elders have stopped logging. This, in turn, will preserve the forest for the next 30 years.

Income for the Local Community

The Bunong people serve as the staff in this elephant sanctuary Cambodia. This leads to income generation for the local community. They also earn with the help of wild honey, forest herbs, and resin. The earnings coming via jungle treks and elephant rides are also helpful for the local community.

Jungle Lodge, Cambodia
Jungle Lodge

Best Timing for Visiting Mondulkiri

The months of November to April are the best for visiting this elephant sanctuary Cambodia, as this is these months comprise the dry season. Avoid a visit here during the rainy season.

Things to Keep in Mind

•    It is better to carry a cardigan or jacket as it gets chilly during the night time.
•    Preferably, you must take malaria pills.
•    Use a good quality bug repellant.
•    Do not forget to use mosquito nets while sleeping


In this elephant sanctuary Cambodia, a beautiful and cozy Tree Lodge, welcomes you amidst the mountains and jungles. You can enjoy both the western and Khmer cuisine here in this Tree Lodge. The unique attraction of this lodge is a terrace that offers a panoramic view of the sunset. Travelers can spend quality time on this terrace drinking fruit shakes, relaxing, chilling, and enjoying the serene surroundings.

The accommodations are very rustic, yet they appeal to travelers because of their simplicity. There is a lot of greenery all around these bungalows. At night, the sound of the jungle life soothes you and lets you have a peaceful sleep.

There are five elephants in this elephant sanctuary Cambodia – Happy, Lucky, Sophie, Princess, and Comvine. They roam freely within the protected forest region. They need not be afraid of the poachers. Neither do they face the risk of habitat loss.

Tourist Attraction

•    You can feed, swim with, walk along, and wash the huge elephants.
•    Enjoy a peaceful stay in the cozy Tree Lodge.
•    Facility for a full day trek, visit a cave, and some waterfalls, along with the help of hill tribe guides.
•    Delicious tribal food, rice wine, and campfire.

2. Elephant Valley Project

•  E.L.I.E. is a registered NGO RUNS THE Elephant Valley Project. They aim to bring improvement in the health conditions and situations of the captive elephants. They also support the local Bunong people.

•  Simple and organic set up in this elephant sanctuary Cambodia - no riding, no shows, no tricks, and hence no stress for the elephants.


The stay offers panoramic views over the surrounding forest region. Birdwatching is possible here. Travelers can unwind their chaotic minds in the lounge or dining area. The sounds of nocturnal forest creatures will excite you as well as soothe your mind. Bungalows are simple and have comfortable furnishings. There is backpacker's bungalow, group bungalow as well as private bungalows.

There are Ten Elephants: Darling, Doe, Hen, Sambo, Ruby, Pearl, Mae Nang, Ning Wan, Gee Nowl, and Easy Rider.

Tourist Attractions

•    Hiking out to experience the natural beauty as well as enjoy the sight of elephants roaming free.
•    Walking alongside these friendly and playful giants.
•    Learning about the stories and history related to each elephant.
•    Interacting with the local Bunong people and getting a glimpse of their daily life and routine.

3. Mondulkiri Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary

The L.E.A.F. Cambodia sponsors and runs this nonprofit elephant sanctuary Cambodia. They work for environment protection by running programs like ecotourism programs and conservation tours.


You will get to stay at the jungle lodge. You can relax and chill there. After a long tiring day, you can rest in this jungle lodge. Travelers get to enjoy traditional Bunong dishes like vegetable soup, rice wine, B.B.Q. chicken or pork. There is a suitable arrangement for enjoying a campfire, and hammocks are there, allowing you to sleep under the open, starlit sky.
There are five elephants: Chepril, Happy Lucky, Chetuit, Mr. Pon, and A-home.

Tourist Attractions

•    Jungle trekking
•    Elephant day visit
•    Overnight tour

All those travelers who are planning a visit to Cambodia must take out time to visit an elephant sanctuary Cambodia. It will be a fantastic experience to witness the huge elephants to roam around freely in the lush green forests.

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