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5 Best Cambodia Markets for Shopaholics

Shopping is an integral part of traveling. Anyone who takes an interest in traveling is sure to be a shopaholic on the move. Collecting the different varieties of souvenirs from the places one visits is an integral part of making memories and restoring them for the rest of life. Cambodia is one of the most popular choices these days when it comes to South East Asian destinations.

Thousands of people from across the world flock to this country of marvels every year for a perfect holiday. It is much-known for its rich flora, fauna, bustling cities, varieties of food and the happening Cambodian market places, from day through night, the streets of Cambodia remain lively and the markets sell varieties of products that you can enjoy shopping.

The prices surely vary from market to market. However, no matter where you are exactly stationed in Cambodia, a vibrant and lively market place is sure to follow you. Here are some of the best market places in Cambodia that make for shopping paradises for visitors. You can find a plethora of gift items and other products in Cambodia markets to carry back home as a memoir of your visit to Cambodia.

1. Central Market

The central market, located in the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, is one of the primary markets in Cambodia. People to come to Cambodia for a holiday or business never miss visiting this market. Besides the enormous variety of products it offers to the visitors, this place is also known for its vigorous vibes. The huge size of this market spread across four wings in four directions houses several shops, boutiques, and malls. The French design buildings that decorate the market make for its definite charm.

Quick Facts:

•    Location: Street 128, Phsar Thmei 1 Commune, Duan Penh
•    Visiting Time: 7 am to 5 pm daily
•    What to Buy: Gold, jewellery, food, snacks, T-shirts, postcards, Silk, textile, curios, cameras, etc.

2. Russian Market

When it comes to listing down the best Cambodian markets, the Russian market becomes a compulsory inclusion. Though the name seems a little foreign, the items sold here are pretty much local. However, the name surely has a pre-context to it. During the 1980s, many Russian people used to shop from this market during their visit to Cambodia from this market which is locally known as Phsar Toul Tom Poung.

As far as the statues, crafts, textile, and hand made products are concerned, you will hardly find a collection as elaborate as available here in any other Cambodian market. The best part about this market is that you can bargain for the prices and the atmosphere is worth experiencing as well. Though you will find this market more crowded than the Central market, it is the liveliness about the place that will make your visit, worthy.

Quick Facts:

•    Location: Street 155, Toul Tum Poung 1 Commune, Chamkar Mon District, Phnom Penh
•    Visiting Time: 7 am to 5 pm daily
•    What to Buy: Handcrafted statues, musical instruments, miniature buddha, silk and textile, clothing, products of western brands, etc.

3. Night Market

Owing to the typical tropical climate, the days in Cambodia might seem a little hot and sweaty to shop for long. If you wish to shop hiding from the sun, the best would be to opt for shopping from the local night markets, which define the nightlife of Cambodian market places. Surely after the dark, this place will not offer you as many expensive items as the day markets will do.

But, paying a visit to this night market will still be of worth as the night markets offer almost the same varieties of products as other Cambodian markets. Only some of the expensive jewelleries might remain missing from the offering. However, what will make up for these missing pieces is the extraordinary food sold by the street side in the night market. Tasting the variety of Cambodian street food can be another reason to reveal this market after the sunset.  

The highlight of this market is the daily necessities. The variety is mesmerizing, and the prices are reasonable as well.

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Quick Facts:

•    Location: Street 1, Wat Phnom Commune, Duan Penh District
•    Visiting Time: 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm daily
•    What to Buy: Low price souvenirs, gift items, street food, local food, local crafts, fresh vegetables, fruits, breakfast platters, etc.

4. Phsar Chas / Old Market

If you wish to taste the authentic flavor of local shopping, visit the Phsar Chas or the old market, where the locals come to shop. Surely this Cambodian market will not have much to offer as souvenirs as it primarily serves the locals. However, you will find plenty of items that will tell you stories about the lifestyle and culture of Cambodia. The small vendors sell almost every variety of daily necessities here, from groceries to fish. The prices are also reasonable here and you can find authentic Cambodian items here.

Quick Facts:

•    Location: Phsar Chas Road, Siem Reap
•    Visiting Time: 7 am to 8 pm daily
•    What to Buy: Hand-carved statues, food, meals, fishes, shoes, small souvenirs, etc.  

5. Orussey Market

This is another excellent Cambodian market that offers a variety of products and remains crowded throughout the year. You can find several items of interest here to carry back home as souvenirs.

Quick Facts:

•    Location: Street 182, Orussei 1 commune, Phnom Penh
•    Visiting Time: 8 am to 5 pm daily
•    What to Buy: Electronics, household items, motorbike, clothes, food, etc.

If you are planning to visit Cambodia, make the Cambodia markets a must place to see in your bucket list.

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