Top Things to Do in Japan

Top Destinations in Japan

1. Tokyo

Tokyo, located in Honshu, is the capital and the country’s political, economic and commercial center. Tokyo is a modern international city and one of the world’s leading tourist cities. It has many places of interest and famous places for international activities, for example, Ginza, Imperial Palace East Garden, Akihabara, Kabukiza Theater, Ueno Park, Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Tower, and Disneyland.

2. Kyoto

Kyoto in the Kansai area is the soul of Japanese culture and Yamato People. It was the capital city in ancient times. Kyoto has so many quiet temples and shrines. The amazing density of ancient buildings makes it one of the world’s most cultured cities. However, Kyoto do not lack the energy and vitality of modern cities, you can wander among the bookstores, coffee shops, tea houses and specialty shops. The best time to visit Kyoto is spring and autumn. In spring, you can enjoy sakura; in autumn, it is comfortable to admire the beauty of chrysanthemums, higan bana and maple leaves.

3. Osaka

Osaka is famous for food and shopping, especially food. It is abounded with eating culture. For shopping, Osaka boasts the two most prosperous Kansai business districts - Namba and Umeda. You can enjoy sakura in spring and maple leaves in autumn in the city as well.

4. Hokkaido

Due to geographical and historical factors, Hokkaido is very unique for Japanese. A lot of beautiful love movies were conducted there. You can go skiing and walk in snow in winter and enjoy flowers in summer. Taking hot spring bath is also a good choice.

5. Nara

Nara, located between Osaka and Kyoto, has a long history. It is not only the cradle of ancient Japanese civilization, but also the birthplace of Japanese Buddhism art. 1,300 years ago, the capital was constructed here imitating the layout of China’s Chang’an in Tang Dynasty (618-907). Later, the capital was changed and Nara is preserved as an important religious city. Nara has a large number of ancient shrines and historical relics. The famous Buddhist building Toshodai-ji Temple was designed by Master Chien-chen who spread profound Chinese culture to Japan. Today, Nara’s sign is a group of deer in the city and they gather in Nara Park which is the most attractive place in Nara.

Top Attractions in Japan

1. Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the country’s highest mountain with an altitude of 3,776 meters (about 12,388 feet). It is located in the south of Honshu, 80 km (50 miles) from Tokyo, covering an area of 91 square kilometers (35 square miles). According to records, it erupted 18 times with the last time in 1707, and then it becomes a dormant volcano. The best time to visit is March and April.

2. Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower, built in 1958, is Japan’s tallest tower. Imitating the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it is the second highest building in Tokyo City with a height of 333 meters (1092 feet). Standing on the observation decks inside the tower, you can see the panoramic view of Tokyo. Aquariums, restaurants, shops, and cafes can be found around the tower.

3. Kiyomizu Temple

Kiyomizu Temple, built in 778, is the oldest temple in Kyoto. In 1994, it was recorded in the World Cultural Heritage List. In front of the temple is pendent Kiyomizu stage which is a national treasure surrounded by green trees. You can enjoy sakura and maple leaves respectively in spring and autumn. You’d better visit the temple in the morning because there are so many visitors crowding here. Entering the temple, you will pass by Niomon Gate, West Gate, triple tower, Kaisando (Founder’s Hall) and other buildings.

4. Universal Studios Japan

It is a large-scale theme park based on Hollywood movies. You can enjoy a variety of thrilling rides and watch the wonderful shows to experience the movie scenes, such as the stunts of the Spider-Man and Jurassic Park dinosaurs. The Harry Potter’s Magic World theme park attributes to the popularity of Universal Studios Japan. It not only highly restores the original scene, but also provides many high-level recreational facilities as well as the street performances in “Hogwarts” magic school. You can buy a lot of related fine goods.

5. Ginza

Ginza is Tokyo’s most famous business district, as famous as Paris Champs Elysees Avenue and New York Fifth Avenue. It is known for high-level shopping malls, and gathers top flagship stores, upscale department stores and a variety of century-old stores. Ginza has eight main streets. As a synonym for high-end consumption circle in Japan, many visitors linger. With more and more common brands landing, Ginza gains more popularity nowadays.

Food in Japan

Tempura: consist of deep-fried eggplant, squash, sweet potato, shrimp, fish and other vegetables
Sukiyaki: broiling beef on the spade, with soybean curd and vegetables
Buckwheat noodles: a mixture of buckwheat noodles and eggs
Others: Sushi, Shabu Shabu (Hot Pot), Unagi (Eel Rice), Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza), sashimi (raw fish), and ramen

Special Activities

While visiting there, tourists can join in many local activities, such as teaism performance, kabuki performance, skiing, and hot springs bath. In addition, if you visit there in autumn, maple leaves in Kyoto shouldn’t miss. Sumo matches and concerts Tokyo Dome City are also recommended.

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